Tools for a Web Service World…

I’m in the process of preparing a Web Service “hands on” workshop. Therefore I was going to consolidate my favorite WS-tools. Here we go:

·        SoapScope 3.0 
sniffing SOAP messages and analyzing WSDL

·        OmniOpera 1.5
creating, editing and viewing WSDL

·        SOA Editor
creating, editing and viewing WSDL

·        XmlSpy 2004 Home Edition
for all the XSD work

·        WsContractFirst v0.2
proxy and server code generation (a replacement for wsdl.exe)

·        WS-I Testing Tools
Analyzing WS-I BP 1.0a conformance of WSDL and SOAP messages


Missing your favorite tool? Pls let me know!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    .Net WebService Studio 2.0 is great for testing soap-only webservices.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Any tool for generating the ASMX from the ASMX.CS files? That would be really nice to have too!!! Another thing I was thinking about is the ability to extend VS2005 to generate WS projects with separate interface files and implementation files (to help enforce this standard). I guess this can be done even now with enterprise templates?



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