SCCM 1602 available now!

Hi SCCM experts, As you might have seen, SCCM 1602 has been released on March 11th 2016. You will find the official announcement here: SCCM Official Blog Annoucement You will find details about what’s new in SCCM 1602 here: What’s new in SCCM 1602 To install the 1602, the prerequisite is to have SCCM 1511…

Windows Update for Business explained

* UPDATE * For more details, please visit the official Technet page about Windows Update for Business. Hi Windows lovers and IT pros! Today I want to make a quick jump of what a lot of us was waiting for: Windows Update for Business (WUfB). To be clear, WUfB is not a WSUS in the cloud….


How to upgrade Windows 10 edition using provisioning package?

Hi everyone! In this article, I would like to explain how to upgrade easily Windows 10 edition without reimaging the computer. To do this, we have to use the new Windows 10 feature: provisioning package (PPKG). To get more information about provisioning package, I let you visit the TechNet page about it. Just to explain…