Surface 3/Pro 4/Book updates available in WSUS!

This news will be a very happy one for IT Pros managing Surface devices in a corporate environment.


You might already know that until now, you had only 2 choices to manage drivers and firmware updates for Surface devices:

  1. Download and install from Microsoft Update
  2. Download the MSI version of the drivers/firmware update and deploy it either manually or by another management tool (like SCCM)

WSUS wasn't part of this equation because we were using a detection mechanism for Surface drivers that was compatible with Microsoft Update but not WSUS.

Things have recently changed and you can finally see those Surface updates in WSUS and deploy them that way! Those updates only concern Windows 10.

Microsoft Update Catalog

For any update to appear in WSUS, it first needs to be available in Microsoft Update catalog. To sync those updates to WSUS, we need to know their product and classification.

To verify that the Surface updates are available in the Microsoft Update catalog, navigate to this URL. If you search for the word "Surface", you will see updates listed as below:



We see that Surface updates appear under:

  • Product: Windows 10 and later drivers; Windows 10 and later upgrade & servicing drivers (you can select either one)
  • Classification: Drivers


Now let's enable those product and classification in WSUS.


Then you just need to sync WSUS with Microsoft Update. Once the sync is finished, you can search in WSUS for the word "Surface" and you will see those Surface updates appearing in WSUS.


Happy management of Surface devices!!



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  1. Henrik says:

    Will this be possible via SCCM ? I don’t have the driver classification.

    1. For now, it’s unfortunately not possible. SCCM (even in its latest version 1602) doesn’t offer the “drivers” category. I hope it will be possible in the future but until then, you should continue deploying Surface updates using the MSI package.

  2. Tanya says:

    I followed these directions and sadly downloaded over 60,000 driver updates (that I don’t need).
    Can you assist with removing all these driver updates? Of course, un-checking the box doesn’t delete the updates or free up the space they took up even after running a clean up

  3. Corey says:

    Has anyone been able to get this to work? I can see the “Microsoft driver update…” when I search WSUS but there’s hundreds of them. Nothing appears for Surface devices in the All Updates or Drivers section of WSUS. Does WSUS not track which update is needed for specific clients?

  4. tim Viiridian says:

    Can you cheat your uefi from rt to pro2?

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