Microsoft Intune (standalone) device policy refresh interval

Just wanted to share a very recurrent question I’m hearing about Intune standalone.


What is the device policy refresh interval for each platform?


  • iOS - Every 6hrs
  • WP – Every 8hrs
  • Win - Every 24hrs
  • Android - every 8hrs

PS: this information is true as of today. I will try to keep that information up to date.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What is the refresh interval when integrated with SCCM – is this configurable?

  2. Yes if Intune is integrated with SCCM, then the policy refresh interval will follow the "Client policy polling interval" settings in the "Client Settings" in SCCM (default value is 60min).

  3. FYI, mobile devices only use the "default" client settings and not any custom client settings.

  4. Bindertech says:

    Do you have any documentation regarding this? For cloud-only in my case.

  5. Unfortunately I don't think it's documented anywhere on technet…

    My article is about cloud-only for your info 😉

  6. Cloudy Singh says:

    Great Article Hammoudi !

    I have also found a technet link for this:…/dn743712.aspx

  7. Thanks for pointing the Technet link! It has been recently updated apparently (2015/9/29)

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