Frequently Asked Questions for Database

I have Business Contact Manager 2007 Integrated with MOA in a sharing scenario on Small business server with SQL 2005. One of the shared user changed windows password and now cannot access the database.        SQL Database should be set to log on as local system account In a shared scenario, files that are linked or…


How to Change BCM Polling Interval?

This post explains how one can change the polling interval in BCM. Please note that this is suggested only for advanced users and for the environment where BCM is used in shared mode. What is Polling Interval? When BCM is used in shared environment, all BCM clients poll the server machine to see if there…


Automate BCM Database Backups

Backing up your business data on a regular basis is critical.  Below are instructions to help you schedule regular automatic SQL backups on Windows Vista and XP (scroll down to see the instructions for Windows XP). It is recommended that you create your backup folder on a secondary hard drive such as an external USB hard drive. …


First Half of Year 2007

Well, the time flies fast. We are almost in the second half of year 2007. We just wanted to take this opportunity to reflect back on what BCM product team has achieved since 2007 release. After we released BCM for Outlook 2007, we wanted to address direct customer needs by doing some smaller releases. Our customers…


Frequently asked questions for Sharing

The video demo for sharing business contact manager has been published on office online, you can find it here: Troubleshoot for sharing issues Q: I have two computers in a Workgroup with same user account and sharing doesn’t work. A: Please refer to the demo for how to share a BCM Database at  …


Database Tool Released

We are pleased to announce the public availability of Database Admin Tool.  This tool allows administrators to host Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2007 database on a computer on which Microsoft Office 2007 and Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2007 are not installed. Once installed on a server, this tool will allow user to: Create…


Database Deployment Whitepaper revised.

We have revised BCM database deployment whitepaper to fix some typo in SQL commands and edit the contents for RTM build. This document is available here. A quick update on database tool. Product team has finished the work and it’s in deployment pipe. It could be out on site any day. We will add…


What’s coming up for Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2007?

  Business Contact Manager product team is working on few things that will be released over next few weeks. Business Contact Manager Database Tool: Our customers have requested an easy way to deploy Business Contact Manager database on server without installing Office and BCM. We addressed this request by releasing a Admin Tool back in September….


Restoring Business Contact Manager Database After Upgrading XP to Vista

When you upgrade from XP to Vista and try to restore previously backed up BCM database, you might see permission related error.  This is caused by mismatch between the user information stored in backup file and actual user account after upgrade to Vista. In BCM, a back-up database can be restored by the user who…