Announcing Availability of Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2013 Database Tool

We’ve released the update for Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2013 Database Tool as of February 21, 2013!  You can now download the Database Tool:

 Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2013 Database Tool


 For more information on this update, please see the knowledge base article.


Thank you,

The Microsoft
Dynamics CRM Team



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  1. Eduardo says:

    We only have one SQL Server that has 2 BCM2010 databases for about 10 clients.

    The server has BCM Database Tools for 2010.

    I wanted to test the new 2013 Tools but I could not install it because 2010 version was already in.

    My guess is that if I uninstall the 2010 version, all 2010 clients will not be able to connect to their Databases.

    Is there a way around it other than installing another SQL Server?

  2. @Eduardo

    You can only have one version of the Database Tool installed at a time.  But the Database Tool itself doesn't host the database, so your 2010 users will still be able to use the 2010 databases even if you uninstall the 2010 Database Tool and install the 2013 Database Tool.  If you install the 2013 Database Tool you can create 2013 Databases to share with users of Outlook 2013.  Your 2010 databases will not be affected unless you migrate them to 2013.

  3. Isaac Fankhauser says:

    Why cant we just have 2 versions installed? Especially if they work with different databases?

  4. I have installed this tool on the server that hosts our existing 2010 BCM database.  When i start the tool and select the migrate option, the tool finds the sql server, but does not find the existing 2010 database.  I receive the error 'No compatible databases found on this server'.  Is there a an instruction document or help file that tells us how to migrate a database?  

  5. So in a followup to my previous post (for those who need a soln), i was able to use the 2013 DB tool to do a backup of the 2010 shared database.  I then created a new 2013 database, and used the DB tool to restore the 2010 data to the 2013 DB, which performs the migration.  I was then able to share the 2013 database and connect to it with the 2013 BCM and all of the previous data was there.  

  6. Erik says:

    Just out of curiosity, is there someone at Microsoft whose job it is to make using the products a nightmare?  I just installed Microsoft Outlook 2013 on my computer, and am trying to somehow find a way to bring the Business Contact Manager for Outlook on-line, which apparently I have to download separately despite the fact that it's advertised as a function of the Home and Business version of Office.  But I can't find a standalone product for Outlook 2013, I just keep finding this database tool and/or the upgrade for Outlook 2010.  Since I'm already peeved about my outlook contacts not making the trip from my old outlook, I'm beginning to think the whole experience is calculated to flip the bird to those of us who haven't switched to Apple or another system.  The reward for continuity? A run-around.  I can't believe that the Apple programs run better, update faster and are easier to use ON A WINDOWS PRODUCT.  

    Sorry, very frustrated.

  7. Marian says:

    I have installed the BCM 2013 Database Tool and created a Shared Database.

    When starting BCM on my workstation and performing the wizzard configuration I can't connect to the remote database. I receive the error message that on the server (using the ip adress) where the BCM database is running -> there are no existing shared BCM databases.

    Any ideas ?


  8. I have been using business contact manger from the start. I currently have 2010 with BCM. Now with laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones I would like to have my outlook with business contact manger on a server or use it with 365. I have called in to the sales dept and they can't give me a straight answer if I buy 365 will I be able to use the outlook business contact manger????? Con someone please tell me how I can have BCM from all my devices????????? Please anyone???????

  9. Isaac says:

    @DashaM You can use the sync with contacts in the options section of business contact manager. that will sync the contacts, but none of the data associated with them. BCM is not an online service. If you want to have CRM data anywhere, youll have to check out a different solution. There are many.

  10. m says:

    Will the tool support sql 2012 soon?

  11. Marian says:

    I am facing a problem when creating a new database with the BCM DB Tool.

    The error message is: "Cannot create a new database. The operation has been rolled back. Please make sure the database service is running".

    The DB Service is up and running and the SQL Instance name is MSSMLBIZ.

    It's a new server installation: OS – Win Server 2008 SP1, MSSQL Server 2008 SP2, Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP,

    Please help

  12. @m says:

    It does already. I created the BCM database using the tool. Make sure the SQL service on the server is set to use Local service or the creation stage will fail

  13. Suzanne says:

    I have installed this and it doesn't work right.   I would like to talk to a human being at Microsoft (not in a foreign country) who can tell me what is happening.  I keep dealing with Custom UI Runtime errors every time I open and window in Outlook 2013 (along with a host of other errors).  I am getting that Microsoft wants to push us to this Dynamic CRM "solution" which costs A LOT more and is dumping BCM.  That is the message I am getting from this experience.  So far I have not had a good experience with this "update."  FIX it or help me find someone who can fix it.  I have questions and there seems to be NO one with answers at Microsoft (at least not honest ones).

  14. Nishir says:

    Good morning. Using BCM & Outlook 2013 will I be able to sync my contacts & calendar across all devices. I use an iPad, Android Smartphone with / without using an additional software.

    Thank you.

  15. Macker says:

    Christ on a bike.   All I have is two questions:

    1. How do I get BCM??  I currently have nine Office Home and Business 2010 Licences (3 purchases of a 3-user licence package).  I did not use BCM before but did own previous versions of office.  I am willing to purchase Office 2013 if I can get BCM.

    2. Do I need a server for BCM or can I use it stand alone on my laptop?

  16. I am in the same boat as Marian.  I have installed BCM 2013 database tool on a SQL Server 2008 R2 but I cannot attach to at bcm database on the server.  My question is how do I install a bcm database on a sql server 2008 machine?

  17. forteller says:

    Hallo. My question is : How to create database for BCM2013 in slovak language ? BCM2013 database tool in slovak still does not exist however BCM2013 is working good.

    Thanks in advance.

  18. Kevin says:

    Does anyone know if there is a way to universally limit e-mail auto-linking to only link to the sender's contact and NOT to all parties (contacts) copied?

  19. charles trovillion says:

    is bcm 2013 really an upgrade to bcm 2010 or just a optimzed for outlook 2013  In other words I have bcm 2010 withmy outlook 2010 and am wondering what benefit I get if I upgrade to 2013 on both.

  20. Chuck R says:

    What is the recommended way to migrate a client based Outllok 2010 BCM database from a Windows 7 system to Outlook 2013 on a Windows 8 system. Last time I tried, I lost all the follow up flags and don't want to have that problem again.

  21. Don says:

    I have been using BCM local db for a couple years and now I want to use a remote db.  the server is not on my network, but is accessible through the internet.  how do I make a secure connection?

  22. kflorian says:

    This looks like a dead blog but on the chance that somebody at MS is reading it and knows how to fix the problem documented in this thread a bunch of people would be grateful.…/c29dd4dc-4eea-4612-88a2-6f6df51fd325

  23. Adam says:

    Having a huge problem with BCM 2013 and how the database is aligning content with field names. The database following migration seems to move all content down one field, so business phone is now aligned with home phone and the first name isn't lining up properly. This means when syncing with a mobile device everything is completely amok. This needs to be addressed ASAP please!!!

  24. SVanmoerkerke says:

    Also, since migrating to bcm 2013, we cannot open mail messages anymore in the History of an account!

    where can we get some support for these issues?

  25. Austin says:

    Is Microsoft coming out with an update for BCM for outlook 2013 to fix the field errors? Also, it would be nice to be able to run more custom reports. Thanks

  26. Ben says:

    BCM 2013 is too buggy to be useful. As mentioned there are several field label problems with phone and address fields. Also, BCM causes Outlook to crash and restart if you click on an email link filed under client history.  I am returning the product until it is ready for prime time.

  27. Paul says:

    I am running BCM 2013 with the database on an HP Micro Server and I am finding the experience far from satisfactory. I have tried using Salesforce instead but this just doesn't meet my requirements. Theoretically, BCM is ideal for my needs. It would be even better if it were cloud based. I considered eCRM, but I want something that I could potentially replicate for clients and eCRM is FAR too expensive for that.

    I am experiencing nearly all the bugs mentioned above and my productivity is suffering seriously as a result. Are there any plans to fix these problems or will I be forced to move something that is a significantly poorer match for my requirements, but works? Would it help if I moved the database back to the main workstation and worked locally?

  28. Nan says:

    Okay, our institution is currently utilizing BCM 2007 and since the school is migrating to Office 2010; the techs are telling us that BCM 2007 is not compatible with Office 2010. Is this true? As I read on your website, I am finding that there seems to be two options:

    1. a download for upgrading BCM 2007 that makes it compatible with Outlook 2013 located here:…/details.aspx


    2. A download called "Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2010" located here:…/details.aspx

    I am not sure why our techs are having difficulty and would like to come back with a detailed resolution for them-straight from BCM/Microsoft.  Could the issue lie with the version SQL server we are running? Please help me understand the complications and potential solutions I can offer our techs.

    Many thanks!


  29. DAV says:

    As a business we have used Goldmine in the past for a CRM.  We shut it down as for normal e-mail and use it for history.  Now we use only Outlook company wide and I am looking at Business Contact Manger for replacing the Goldmine system.  Or going to a system like Sales Force, Dynamic or others like Tour De Force.  We will not be attaching it to our ERP system and I believe the latest Business Contact Manager will do everything we have had and will use.  Can you tell me if a company with 35-45 users could use BCM 2013 or newer as an effective CRM with mobile iPhones?  

    We are cloud based for Outlook.


  30. Vinai says:

    Ever since we have strange Outlook and BCM behaviour.

    1/ when we open a contact, all the fields are mixed up


    – Field email address, when selected "email 3", label changes to "work", this label belongs to address field.

    – Field address, when selected "home", label changes to "work" that belongs to email field.

    – Field Phone Numbers, when selected "work", label shows "home"

    How can i FIX this problem?

  31. TechDoctors4work says:

    This is a known bug supposed o have been fixed – Microsoft should just KILL the product and say they don't want to do anything – 8 months without a fix!  TERRIBLE!!!!!!

    I am recommending all my BCM customers look at Insightly and Google and abandon Microsoft just like they abandoned their BCM users.

  32. Katie says:


    I’ve scoured the internet and all of the BCM support forums (both sponsored by Microsoft, and by general users) and I cannot find the answer to my questions. Is the BCM a program / system that receives any attention at all from Microsoft support? Everything I’ve come across that involves any Microsoft support is well over 3 years old.

    I am working on Outlook 2010 and Business Contact Manager version 4.00.11308.00 at a company with one location. We have 25+ users who use the BCM. I am an administrator.

    1.) Is there a way to AUTOMATICALLY link all emails sent to the history of each contact? I already know that it defaults when you have a group of users on the database that you have to manually connect the emails, but this is counter-productive. We’re using email for business, and we want anyone who is a contact within the Business Contact Manager to automatically link their emails. The same goes for any NEW contact who is added to the BCM. I need to override the system and set it to allow any email sent to/from a BCM contact to automatically file into the database.

    2.) With that said, as we’ve had to manually upload/link the emails to each contact, we are experiencing duplicate emails being added into the email history of each contact. For example, if the contact is sent an email by an employee, and other employees are CC’ed on that email, when they each go to upload their recent emails to the BCM, the system will upload the same email communication multiple times. How do we prevent this? We do NOT need the same email (with no additional information) added to the contact record.

    3.) Several of my staff members have asked about email attachments automatically being added and accessible by any BCM user within the email history records. Is this possible?

    Thank you for your help and prompt answers to these questions.

  33. Julieanne says:

    I have created a BCM database on my desktop which is a Windows 7 and using Outlook 2013.  I want to now share my BCM with others in the office and so I downloaded the database tool onto the server which is Windows 8.

    I have successfully downloaded and installed the application, as far as I can tell, and when I run the application the wizard gets through and dumps me into choices of Creating, Migrating, Sharing, Backing up, or Restoring a database.  Of all the choices, only creating a database allows me to get past the selection of  the database server instance list.  The task completed successfully message appears and when I click next, I get the message 'Cannot create a new database. The operation has been rolled back. please make sure the database service is running.'

    I am so frustrated…

    Can someone point me in the right direction to verify that the database service is running and then how to proceed from there?

    I have checked the programs on the server and verified that it has SQL Server 2008 R2 and the Service Pack 2.  I am not sure what more I can do.

  34. Gregg says:

    I am new to BCM.  I have already screwed up with synchronization by duplicating my list five times.  I think I finally fixed that.  Two questions please:

    1)  If I have different named lists, must I create a separate database for each or can I have one database with separate lists in tabs?

    2)  I have created one database and used the default name.  Is it possible to rename the database in "Create or Edit Database"?

    Thank you

  35. emilberger says:

    I need help with BCM2013 – Whe I try and edit a form I get totally different forms than that I am working within.  For example when I am in "contact Management" and working on a LEAD.  I open the form and then select the Form Layout too.  IT THEN OPENS THE LEAD-Journal Entry Form and that I cant edit either??????

    Can someone help with this?

  36. Wes Carmichael says:

    Buggy, very buggy release of BCM especially when using Outlook 2013/365.

    When looking at your contacts the labels for phone numbers, addresses and email addresses are all over the place and do not correspond to the actual value selected using the dropdown lists.

    Notes suddenly have 3 empty menus/toolbars at the top which, with the limited chrome of the standard dialog means you don't see more than 2 or 3 lines of your Notes (under the standard Outlook Notes items).

    Crashes regularly.

    Outlook 2013 can automatically block BCM from running – so you have to go to File > Options > Addins and the COM add ins.  If you select both BCM for Outlook and the loader Outlook crashes.  You have to select only BCM loader.  Some times it will start BCM on relaunch, but sometimes you have to go back in to File > Business Contact Manager > Enable for things to run.  Then you cross your fingers that it won't kick you out.

    When scrolling on the list of names or other items using your mouse wheel or similar, and not using the scroll buttons, Outlook crashes sometimes.

    There are a great many bugs in this release (or the combination of O365 & BCM) that could be addressed.

    Apart from that, this is actually a very useful and appreciated tool.

    Is there some way of submitting suggestions or crash reports/screen captures to the BCM team?

  37. Wes Carmichael says:

    Would Microsoft consider releasing this as open source and allowing the community to work at fixing?

  38. Ben_922 says:

    Microsoft just released an update to BCM on Nov 7th 2014.  Unfortunately, Microsoft technical support tells me it does not fix the lable issues that have plagued this software since its relese in january of 2013.  

  39. Kerry Castonguay says:

    Here's my string on MS Community- they suggested I try this site:

    I'm running Windows 7 64 bit, Office 365, Outlook 2013 with Business Contact Manager adin.  Outlook is synced with using Exchange ActiveSync. My Business Contact Manger data base is synced with Outlook and Business Contacts appear in Outlook folder, but not I'm trying to get my Business Contacts (at least name and phone number) to appear on and my Iphone but to no avail. Anyone?


    Hi Kerry,

    Thank you for posting in Microsoft Community.

    I understand the inconvenience caused. I will be glad to help you with the issue.

    To synchronize contacts from Outlook 2013 contacts folder to account you have to configure account in Outlook 2013 and copy the contacts from Outlook 2013 to account configured in Outlook 2013.Let me assist you with the issue.

    I suggest you to follow the Windows help article…/manage-people-contact-list, that will help you import contacts to


    Hi Arvind,

    Thank you for your response.

    My contacts from Outlook 2013 are in sync with, no problem.

    The issue is with Business Contact Manager (BCM) Business Contacts. I can turn on sync from the file menu and a folder appears in the folder in Outlook 2013 labeled "Business Contacts- Outlook Data Files", but they do not appear online at

    I exported Business Contacts from BCM to a pst file to import into, but there is no tool to import pst files in which uses the ost file format.

    I exported Business Contacts to csv file but when I tried to import into the data fields didn't mesh (error message states invalid format).


    Hi Kerry,

    Thank you for your response.

    I suggest you to post your queries in the MSDN forum link given below, who will be able to help you fix the issue related to Business Contact Manager account.

  40. Mark Ingersoll says:

    I'm trying to stand up a shared database on SQL Server 2008 r2 and permit connections throughout my company.  The issue is BCM clients can't connect, yet I can connect just fine from sqlcmd client.

    I checked the traffic with wireshark, and from what I can tell, BCM ignores connecting via TCP/IP (port 1433) and insists on using ports 445 and 139 (blocked by our IT firewalls), ostensibly to use SQL Server shared pipes.

    I've spent the last three days trying to figure out what registry setting or configuration file BCM uses to connect to a shared database.  All I need to do is get BCM to use the TCP/IP connection and I think I'd be all set, or at least log what it's doing.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  41. Chance Duff says:

    I'm having the same issues.  However the TCP/IP port is whatever port the instance is configured for and can be specified in the connection wizard in BCM as SERVERINSTANCE,PORT.  The 445 and 139 are for the Named Pipes protocol which are also blocked on our Enterprise Servers.  I have found a workaround that you can try on the server…I have not tried it yet but it may be worth checking out.  It involves creating an Alias……/839269

  42. BarryM says:

    Dear Sir, Madam,

    We're using your product since shortly.

    I'm from the Netherlands and using BCM in outlook 2013 (version 4.00.12929.00) in a server environment. Besides a lot of problems in translations en typical differences in country (for example the adresses), the real question:

    I've made a User Defined Field in Accounts to enter the Chamber of Commerce number in the Accounts "KvK-nummer", type number shortened. But when I enter- for example the number 57721149, BCM displays and saves 57721148 (Notice the last number). It does so whit a lot of numbers.

    Strangely the import (from another CRM) is saved correctly.

    57.721.146 turns BCM into 57.721.144

    57.721.147 turns BCM into 57.721.148

    57.721.148 stays 57.721.148

    Also a numeric field 811654679 appears into 811.654.656

    Do you know what the cause is, and even better, how to solve it?



  43. Bill Mortimore says:

    Here is my question.  Currently I use Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2013 (Windows 7).  This runs on SQL Server Express 2008.  I would like to upgrade the database to SQL Server Express 2014 to take advantage of the 10Gb size.  Has anyone done this?  If so what advice do you have for me.  I would like to test this before I actually upgrade my live database.  

  44. Wolf Oemler says:

    Hi Bill, Barry & Co….

    Don't wait for helpful answers here. I think MS dropped BCM, and won't develop it any further….

  45. Slava says:

    You do not need Express 2014, 2008R2 Express has already 10 GB limit und i used it with BCM without any problems. Now i am using 2012 Express – it works.

  46. Chris says:

    Hi Slava, Your comment sounds promising. Can you explain how you got it to work ? Thanks, Chris

  47. MARK HUNTER says:

    Will Business Contact Manager be supported in outlook 2016?

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