Announcing Availability of Business Contact Manager for Outlook Compatibility Update

We’ve released an update for Business Contact Manager as of January 2013!  You can now download the Compatibility Pack for Business Contact Manager for Outlook:

 Update for Outlook 2010 users

If you’re currently using Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2010, you can download and install the smaller update:

 Download the Business Contact Manager for Outlook package now.


Full download for Outlook 2007 and newer users

If you’re using Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2007, you MUST download the full installation from the links below as there is no upgrade path for your Business Contact Manager V3 database to a Business Contact Manager V4c database.

All other users are welcome to download either version, above or below. If you are currently using Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2010, you’ll have to uninstall that before running the full installer.

 Download the Business Contact Manager for Outlook package now.


For more information on this update, please see the knowledge base article.


Thank you,

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Team

Comments (49)
  1. Diane Poremsky says:

    When will an updated database tool be released? My db is on a shared server.

    I wanted to take a look at this new version but I'm getting a lot of errors and crashes and ends with an error: "cannot create database". SQL is running.  I'm using Windows 8/ Outlook 2013 64bit.

  2. Jürgen Werner says:

    Thank you, very much!


    Jürgen Werner

  3. Scott says:

    Diane – maybe you did as I did and installed Office 2010 and then BCM to set up a new company to test with. If so, the 2010 install puts on SQL Server 2008 without any service packs and will not run under Windows 8. I applied SP#3 to SQL and then I got past the could not create database error. I then uninstalled BCM 2010 and installed the new version. Everything appeared to go okay but none of my existing sample data was moved over nor can I create any new BCM records. Saving any type of new record results in:

    "The operation failed. The messaging interfaces have returned an unknown error. If the problem persists, restart Outlook."

    Restarting Outlook does nothing.


  4. Scott says:

    Is anyone successfully running BCM in Outlook 2013 yet?

  5. Scott says:

    I fixed my previous issue by running a repair on Office 2013 – apparently installing Outlook 2010 changed some things.

  6. Mike says:

    Any timeline for a patch to add SQL Server 2012 support to the database tool?  All of our production apps run great under SQL 2012 – except BCM.  BCM is blocking our SQL Server 2012 upgrade.

  7. Paolo says:

    Ok, BCM run in Outlook 2013. Thank you.

  8. Ace says:

    I installed a fresh version of Office 2013 and then the new BCM.  I get the same 'cannot create database' error when I try to create the new BCM database.  Not off to a good start here!

  9. Thomas says:

    I have sucessfully installed BCM for Outlook 2013. But, there are no new features…. It´s exactly the same like BCM 2010!  Is a new version planned for the next few months?

  10. Jamie says:

    @Thomas @Paolo Can you describe the steps you followed?

  11. PFM says:

    Thanks. Works well Windows 8 Pro (64) / Office 2013 Pro Plus (32). It's good to have BCM back but I'm also curious about plans for new features.

  12. Rob says:

    OK so I am running MSOffice (including Outlook 2010 and BCM).  I am eligible for theupgrade to Office 2013.  However, the installation instructions relating to BCM 2013 are baffling me a bit.  Should I:

    (i) uninstall BCM 2010 before or after I upgrade to Office 2013?

    (ii) uninstall BCM 2010 only after I have upgraded to Office 2013 but before I install BCM for Outlook 2013?

    (iii) uninstall BCM 2010 only after I have upgraded to Office 2013 AND after I install BCM for Outlook 2013?

    (iii) do something else!!?

    Maybe someone at the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Team can help with this, please?  Thanks.

  13. Joel Kuder says:

    Wann wird BCM für outlook 2013 verfügbar sein?

    Oder bin ich gezwungen auf den neuen PC's mit windows 8 und office 2013 nun noch office 2010 zu installieren?

    When BCM will be available for Outlook 2013?

    Or am I forced to install on the new PC's with Windows 8 and office 2013 office 2010 now also?

  14. BCMTeam says:


    I am not sure which instructions you are looking at. If you have BCM 2010 you don't need to do any uninstall. You just download the "patch" update and install that on your existing BCM 2010.

    On the other hand if you have BCM 2007 then you will need to go through uninstall, and then do a full install of BCM for Outlook 2013.


    I don't quite understand your comments. However, my guess is that you currently have BCM 2010. And, you want to install BCM 2013 on new PCs. In that case you can install BCM 2013 using a full install that is meant for users of BCM 2007 (who cannot patch their existing install). The full install does not need any existing install of BCM or Office 2010 or 2007.

  15. Amritpal Singh says:

    Installed the compatibility package. BCM now appears in Outlook 2013. However, all my  business opportunities just appears as Outlook tasks. The information in the overview seems to be correct but when I want to edit an entry it just appears as a task. Anyone who knows how to correct this?

  16. Paul R says:

    I too am unable to figure this out, and cannot get anything to install or work!!

    I have a fully working install of BCM2010 on Outlook 2010 using a shared database on an Server 2008 R2 install. Everything works perfectly.

    I have a new laptop running Windows 8 and Office 2013 Pro. It has the BCM 2010 install, and cannot connect to the database. BCM sees the database but the connect button is greyed out.

    I have tried to install the update, which refuses to install saying that there is not a valid install of the required product. I have also tried the update from BCM2007 which also does not work.

    Ive looked only for the Database Tool for 2013 but the Windows update site just gives me the 2010 version which does not allow me to upgrade the database to 2013.

    Much help needed? I cannot be on my own here??


  17. Rob says:

    Great!  Thanks very much.  I was getting myself confused about what I needed to install but you've cleared that up.  Now looking forward to using Office 2013 😀  Thanks again, and thanks for responding so quickly- appreciate it.

  18. Eduardo says:

    This Microsoft page says that the Database Tool for 2013 is available, but the download link takes you back to the 2010 tool.…/manage-your-business-contact-manager-database-on-a-server-HA101810395.aspx

    Any idea what is going on?


  19. BCMplusOutlook And ManyManyFolders says:

    I installed clean Windows 7 64-bit and Office 2013 64-bit. Added BCM. It seems the old problem with lot's of folders and BCM is still there.

    I get "Cannot expand the folder. There is not enough memory available to perform the operation."

    Can I presume this is not something that's going to get fixed?

  20. Mika says:

    The "Not enough memory" error is caused by "use cached exchange mode" option in Outlook.…/2494570

    Still, you have to use cached mode to be able to use BCM.

  21. PaulR says:

    Nice to see the BCM Team are reading their blog!

  22. Any word on an upgrade! says:

    Will there be a BCM 2013? In other words an upgrade to BCM 2010?

  23. DanielP says:

    Does anyone know if the serial letter as a marketing campaign problems have been fixed in the bcm update?

    I try to create a letter campaign but there are huge problems with the salutation/title field. It does not even appear in word when I start a campaign. And all other address fields are named different. I am angry that this are features that are offered but not working smooth causing me many hours to fix. Also i dont like that you can not update contact information in the list view like you can do in outlook. Is that fixed also?

  24. @DanielIP. As far as I can see there are no "new" features or bug fixes in BCM 2013, so if you've a difficulty in BCM 2010 it'll still be there in BCM 2013.

    That said, I have no problems with Mailmerge in BCM. Use the "Direct Mail Print" option in "Marketing". Note that you first create a template file in Word with the "edit/Browse" button. Once you've done that the "Launch" button places you in the Word Mailmerge Wizard. You can click on "Insert Merge Field" to see the fields available from BCM, so you can do "Dear <<First_Name>> for example. The Address Block and the Greeting Line items all work as expected for me.

    It's also easy to change any of the views to allow editing. Display the list view you want, then go to "View" tab on the Ribbon, Select "View Settings", "Other Settings", and select the box named "Select in-cell editing". This will allow you to edit the items in the list without first opening the record. I find it best to create new views rather than customize the existing BCM views. Views are an aspect of Outlook that BCM makes extensive use of. If you understand how to create custom views in Outlook you'll be able to create many new views in BCM.

    Stuart Burningsuit

  25. Which version of Office 2013 has BCM 2013?

    I had an Office 2010 with BCM 2010.

    I purchased the Office 365 family premium 1 year subsciption but BCM 2013 does not seem to be included.

  26. Luke Henderson says:

    Hi guys,

    I am having a problem with syncing business contacts with outlook contacts; is anyone else? Whenever I turn on syncing outlook freezes and closes. This feature was working fine with outlook 2010. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  27. @CedricM As far as I know, BCM is NOT bundled with any copy or licence of Office 2013. It appears the only way to get is is to download the "Business Contact Manager for Microsoft Outlook 2013: Full Installation for Upgrading from Business Contact Manager 2007" from the Microsoft Download centre. That said there aren't any restrictions on who can download, so anyone with a copy of Office 2013 can run BCM, no matter what Office 2013 licence they have.

    Stuart Burningsuit

  28. @Luke, this is probably not what you want to hear, but synchronising works fine for me! You may have a problem with your contact folder. What happens when you turn off syncronising and turn it back on with a different Contact Folder ? – Use File/BCM/Syncronize/Change Settings to select a different Contact folder to Sync to. Also how many contact are you syncing. Admittedly I've only tested on a small BCM system with onlu a few hundred contact.

    Stuart burningsuit

  29. Luke Henderson says:

    Thanks for your response Stuart. Unfortunately, changing the folder did not help. I probably have about 300 contacts. Everytime I have sync turned on outlook freezes and closes. Any other suggestions would be apprecaited.

  30. Ace says:

    @Luke, I had the same problem.  I almost went crazy.  The only way that I could fix the problem was to do a fresh install and then import my data from business contact manager.  It did not work when I restored from back up.  Then make sure you set up a NEW contact folder to sync to.

  31. @Luke Henderson

    What type of Contacts folder are you syncing with (ie.. a Contacts Folder on an Exchange server for example)?

    Also, could you try synchronizing the sample database  with an Outlook folder and let us know what happens?  That could help in narrowing down the cause of your issue.

  32. Jamie says:

    It is impossible to use BCM 2010 on Outlook 2010.

    It is unacceptably slow and when we try and disable email linking on any of the installs there is nothing there. Why is BCM so buggy and why has Microsoft not sorted out so many of these issues after such a long time? I need some help!!


  33. Nigel says:

    We are using BCM2010, but moving to win8 and Office2013. The compatibility pack seems to enable BCM 2010 to work in win8/Outl;ook 2013 – correct? when is BCM 2013 going to be available (with a fix so that you don't have to have non-syncing duplicate contacts) or isn't it?  Can I install office as  x64 or should I install x32? Any SIP dialler planned? thanks.

  34. Nigel says:

    @Luke. We have been using BCM2010 on Outlook 2010 exchange (local users, local BCM database, and Cobweb host) for 18 months – seems OK – any idea why its slow for you?

  35. Luke says:

    @BCMTeam. Yes, it syncs with the sample database. It seems that the new outlook is not liking some of the customized forms that we use… That's the conclusion I have come to. The solution we've reverted to is not syncing our business contacts with our outlook contacts, however this is not an ideal scenario for us.

  36. kph says:

    Schade! Habe den BCM zu Outlook 2013 installiert und aktualisiert. Leider führte dies zu wiederholten Problemen mit Outlook, die bis zum wiederholten Hängen des Programms führten. Gestern wurde nun der BCM vom System wg. der Proibleme deaktiviert. Wäre toll, wenn der BCM demnächst tatsächlich umeingeschränkt mit Outlook 2013 funktionieren würde.


  37. Matt says:

    I'm a O365 customer and have Office 2010 installed on my computer. Can I use BCM in this situation? I understand it will not sync with mobile, web, etc. I'd be happy if it was only accessible on my local machine.

  38. After studying BCM with enthusiasm, creating projects and moving tasks, I've just realized that tasks generated in Onenote are absent from the BCM views. They're stored as vanilla Outlook tasks. They can be associated in the ribbon via business > Link to Record, but they're effectively absent from the decision-making context.

    A trace to Onenote is a trace to the context in which tasks arise, which often contains the business rationale for the task. I can still paste the trace manually, but the automation enabled me to capture tasks in meetings without missing a beat.

    Is this on the radar, or likely to be fixed?

  39. I'd love to know where to provide more formal feedback.

    The "Linked To" filter in the Project Tasks report doesn't work. This is a shame since it's the only field directly associated with a record (account or contact) outside the task itself.

    I'm using a category for the time being, but that's not sustainable.

    Is this also on the radar, or likely to be fixed?



  40. Having the column width preference saved with a report would be terrific. It's a nuisance to widen the task column for legibility every time the report is opened.

  41. A saved report doesn't include the report name in the table or chart view. The report name in the heading would be very helpful.

  42. In the advanced filter in project tasks report, applying the "Begins with" comparison to Category retrieves only some of the records.

  43. datekk says:

    Followup flagging does not work!!!

    If you select Followup from a Contact Record form, the flag will not be set to follow up.

    Please fix it sooon!!! It´s a importatant function!

  44. CarolG says:

    I have recently upgraded to 2013 and found that links to records from calendar have been lost, not all of them but certainly the last year. this is a major pain. So for each business contact I appear to have a record of their emails still but no appointments. Any idea folks?

  45. Laura says:

    I have Outlook 2013 and downloaded BCM for 2013.  Am trying to send a mass email, but when I click on Marketing, then Mass Email, just a task form comes up.  On the "Show" tab, there is not a "General".  What could be wrong?

  46. John Brewster says:

    There are so many problems with the 2013 version, that otherwise worked very well with 2007 version. We have been using BCM for years and in the past it worked fine for us, but it took us several weeks to get the 2013 version working on Windows 8 and we still have to find workarounds. The most annoying are:

    1. The follow up facility does not work. So we now have to go into general view of all contacts, search the records to find the contact details and then right click to enter a follow up date. A time consuming task with over 30,000 records on our database.

    2. With the previous version, when an email came in from a contact, one simply clicked on the email address and their record would open to allow any updating. Now it doesn't.. The only way we can shorten the process, is to press reply to the incoming email, copy the email address in the "To" section, close down the email and then search for the client contact. What a waste of time and so unnecessary. If anyone has a solution to these issues, it would be much appreciated.

  47. MichaelR says:

    I am having trouble installing BCM into a 64-bit Windows 8.1 and Outlook 2013 environment.  When click on the executable it creates an endless loop of saying it needs to restart and then reloads the installation wizard all over again taking me through the same installation sequence ad naseum.  What am I missing or doing wrong?  I have never used BCM in the past so this is a fresh install meaning I downloaded the full version found when searching for "Business Contact Manager for Microsoft Outlook 2013: Full Installation for Upgrading from Business Contact Manager 2007" which is around 368mbs and is called BCM2010-BCMSetup-x64-en-US.  The messages I get on screen are as follows:

    System is setting up a restore point

    Setup is installing Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express (MSSMLBIZ)

    While the progress bar runs left to right a DOS window flashes up on the screen and immediately closes.

    Then I get to the end of the setup and get a screen that says You need to restart your computer in order to continue setup.  Restart Now.

    I do so and it brings me right back to the Business Contact Manager installation screen with only the choice of Install or Customize.

    This repeats endlessly.

    What should I do to get BCM installed?

    Michael Rowe

  48. JamesH says:

    Trouble migrating BCM data to Outlook 2013.    I have been using Outlook 2007 with BCM (Windows Vista Business SP2) for the last 4 years and now have to migrate to a new PC.   The new computer (Windows 7 Professional SP1 64-bit) has Office Home & Business 2013 with BCM installed and running.

    I cannot get my old BCM data into the new installation.   I tried using the standard backup/restore tools and all of the contacts showed up (ca. 1800),  but something is wrong with the field names for the telephone numbers  (ie. select Fax and get the data for private; select private and get the data for mobile …..)

    I tried using the BCM Database tool,  but it does not find any database to migrate/restore.

    What is the prober method for migrating older data to a new BCM installation  (standard single computer-single user installation?)  

  49. Problem after getting Office 365 subscription says:

    Only after installing Office 365 on my office machine 'A' was I told BCM was not supported – and so I lost my calendar and contacts which I had spent years building up.  I have an extant version of BCM on another computer, 'B' but never used it.  Now I want to use it by restoring backup of calendar and contacts on 'A' but can't change the ownership or share the db as BCM has vanished from computer 'A'.  Now desperate – how to get the backup over and working on computer 'B'?

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