BCM 2010 Customization 101: Form Customization

Hi, again! I’m Chris Heydemann, Senior Program Manager on Business Contact Manager, back with more information on BCM.

One of the most important features in BCM 2010 is Customization. Being able to fit BCM to your specific business needs is a key to BCM’s flexible design.

Since our Office 2003 release, users have been asking for a more complete customization experience. We took some steps in the right direction in Office 2007, but with Office 2010 we’ve really stepped it up!

I’ll cover Customization in several posts. In this post, I’ll talk about modifying forms to reflect your business. In subsequent posts, I’ll talk about creating new record types and custom relationships between them, report customization, and finally scripting BCM.

Those familiar with BCM for Office 2007 will remember that you could not remove any fields from BCM forms, that you could add fields only onto the bottom of default pages, and that you were limited to 40 custom fields. BCM 2010 addresses these limitations and more.


Here’s what you can do in BCM for Office 2010 that was not possible in BCM for Office 2007:

  • Complete form customization: Business Contact, Account, Opportunity and Business Project forms can be fully customized.
  • Extended field support: Add up to 300 user defined fields (300 max across all record types).
  • Visual form designer: Click and drag to rearrange fields and groups anywhere on the form.
  • Multi-page support: Create and name up to 7 form pages: Overview, Details, Interests, Specifications… What you name each page is up to you.
  • User defined record types: Define your own user-defined record types: Vendor, Cardiologist, Charity, Professor, Student … whatever works for your business. (I’ll talk about this capability in detail in a subsequent post.)

Form Layout

You can launch the form designer from the Backstage view, or by clicking the “Form layout” ribbon button on the form you want to customize. In either case, you’ll open the form in design mode:


This is where you’ll do all your form customization. There is no coding, no careful aligning of labels and fields. Everything is click and drag. Put groups and fields where you want them, and BCM will align them for you. Name them what you want, and remove those that are irrelevant to your business.

All changes made to any record type (say, Accounts or Business Contacts or Vendors) apply to all forms of that record type, and all users, including users who might be sharing the database, will see the new forms. And to prevent unauthorized changes, you do need to be a database administrator to customize forms.


In the image above, the “Source information” group is highlighted. With a quick drag of the mouse…


…we can place the group wherever we like. Cool, huh?

If a particular group of fields is not helpful to your business, hit the Delete key, and the fields are removed from the form, though the data in those fields is still in the BCM database.

To add an entirely new group, hit Add Group on the ribbon, give the group a name, and the group appears at the current cursor location.

You can also make groups “wide”, which means they take the entire width of the form. While this is most useful with groups that contain tables, it can apply to any group.


To add fields to existing or new groups, select Add Field. Name the field and select its data type (say, text, currency, drop-down list), and the field appears on the form:


And you’re done. Save the edits, and all Business Contact forms, including those of users sharing your database, will now look like this. Flexibility made easy!


Another topic I’ll cover in the future is the personalization of the desktop. For now, I just want to point out that the “Bike configurations” group we created above can appear in the reading pane. No need to open the individual record to get information you need:


BCM 2010 goes a long way towards satisfying the needs of our customers. Our users now have complete form customization, up to 300 custom fields, a visual form designer, support for multiple pages within a single form, and user-defined record types.

You’ll learn a lot more about all of these capabilities, and how they’ll help your businesses, in subsequent posts.

And don’t forget to keep the feedback coming!

Thanks for your time, Chris

Comments (139)
  1. PineHut says:

    With the death of MS Accounting, I now find myself once again with a complete disconnect between the accounting side (Expenses, AR, etc) of my small business and the resource managment side (customers, suppliers, etc).

    Is expense tracking coming to the business contact manager?

  2. Stelth says:

    I really hope there will soon be a addon for windows mobile phones, the one for BCM 2003 and 2007 is rather crappy when used on a HTC Touch HD, also will the old ppc addon work with BCM 2010?

  3. mrwaxingmoon says:

    I have enjoyed watching this product mature.  The 40-field limit in previous BCM releases was just too limiting.  I am sure for some 300 is not enough but for my clients it will be.  

    I am curious if you could post some thoughts about reporting.  Now that we can stuff 300 more nuggets about each contact in their record how granular will we be able to get for reporting?  Suppose you just want a report that shows contact name and maybe some of the values from your user-defined fields.  Will this be possible?

    I am assuming BCM2010 DB will be hosted by SQL express or SQL server.  Will the schema be available as well?

    Keep up the progression.  Many thanks.

  4. mania112 says:

    With regard to business contact customisation:

    is there a way to link a contact to their scanned documents on my network, basically linking to a folder in windows explorer.

    I don’t think it’s possible, only if i have sharepoint services and link to a URL (by way of adding a new field as URL in BCM)

    is this the only method?

    Many thanks

  5. mcclain072 says:

    under my tab section in contact manager; none of the filter’s are saving I’m inputting.  I can set up new tabs and filters..it works great but once I exit outlook they don’t save and I have to keep re-doing.

    Is there a save setting I need change??  If so, where is it.  I believe I’ve tried looking everywhere but haven’t been able to find. thx

  6. TheCRMpassion says:

    the big question?

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM or BCM 2010?

    Can somebody tell me what the important differences (limitations)are between BCM 2010 and Dynamics CRM?

  7. ofp says:

    unfortunately I did not have the chance to check out new features, but since it is a beta version I want to let you know what are my expectations in BCM 2010 :

    1. Is it possible to add simple calculation tables, or some how do calculations using the values in the fields. ( as you see my aim is recording and reporting expences so simply and if you decide please make it reportable both based on project and Firm )

    2. In the fields I have created can I avoid multiple entries. ( like the "Project Name " field in BCM 2007

    3. It would be really cool if we can add some Aplication buttons some where in the form. Calculator, Word, Excell etc.

    4. In project, contacts and other folders "List View" ( when you click on folder screen you get with the list ) must be customizable permenantly.

  8. bcmteam says:

    Hi ofp,

    My answers to your questions

    1. You can always create a custom field, then create a report out of it. Once you have the report, export it to excel and do all the calculations you want.

    2. You can now customize the forms and add or remove fields except few required BCM fields.

    3. This is good idea and we may consider this for our future releases.

    4. Yes, now we have something called, tabs which is completely customizable.

    Hope this helps.

    Vinit [MSFT]

  9. ofp says:

    Hi Vinit,

    thanks for the answers, especially during holiday. ( I was not expecting any response till 6th Jan).

    In the 2nd question  What I want to say was in any of my custom fields can i avoid values added more than one time in all projects. For instance, I had a project number field or account number field, and each of these numbers in this fields can be assigned for only one project or account.

    if i write  project’s number when creating an other " beeeep, this value has already taken " can i do this on my own fields.

  10. ofp says:

    One more question, is it possible if i can assign a folder to a project from my documents and instead of adding files to "project history" one by one BCM would add and update all file in it. ( because i have some very old but indispensible- fellas in my firm who are barely able to use Windows Explorer and Microsoft Word. )

  11. jspeciner says:

    Is it possible to create a query in a custom field…  for example, I’d like to create a custom field that would display a client’s age as of the day I’m viewing the Business Contact.  I’ve input the information for Birthday in the standard form..  Anyway to use that information to display age in another form?

  12. jspiriti says:

    IN BCM 2010 beta, the new customization is great… An issue that I have is that you have customization to rename accounts and contacts.  Why did you not allow for the same customization for projects?  Would love to be able to rename projects as well, so that we can customize seperate project forms under each new individual name… As it stands, we have to make one big "generic" project form.  Let me know if this is gonna be corrected or if there is a bypass..


  13. jspiriti says:

    Currently, we see that the max size of a BCM Database seems to be 4.0 g.  Is there any way to increase this size and if so, how.  Second question is, how many different BCM Databases can be created on a server?  Is there a limit?

  14. bcmteam says:

    Hi jspiriti,

    This is a restriction by SQL Express and it hasnt changed in SQL 2008.

    Yes you can create as many databases as you want on your server, there is no restriction on that from BCM atleast.

    Hope this helps


    -Vinit [MSFT]

  15. jspiriti says:

    We are running SQL 2005 full.  How do we increase the size of the bcm database from 4gb?  Is that possible with full sql 2005?

  16. jspiriti says:


    IN BCM 2010 beta, the new customization is great… An issue that I have is that you have customization to rename accounts and contacts.  Why did you not allow for the same customization for projects?  Would love to be able to rename projects as well, so that we can customize seperate project forms under each new individual name… As it stands, we have to make one big "generic" project form.  Let me know if this is gonna be corrected or if there is a bypass..


  17. TexasGuru says:

    Form customization is wonderful for groups and fields.  I have 3 computers sharing the database and forms are updated corrected.  Is there a way to create the Contact Management tabs (advanced filter settings and tab name) and share with all computers?  So far, I have to update on all 3 computers with every change.

  18. bcmteam says:

    Hi TexasGuru,

    We are glad you are liking the form customization capabilities in BCM 2010. So, in your question above, are you trying to have the same contact managment tab view ( for accounts, business contacts and lead)for all the users?

    If thats the case, it has be designed so that each machine can have their own tab view and filters. Hence, you’ll have to export the filter by right clicking each tabs, selecting Modify tab, Filter and then saving the filter.

    Easier way would be to export the customization to a .bcmx file ( Import/Export in Backstage) and share it with other computers.

    Let me know if this helps


    -Vinit [MSFT]

  19. BCavanagh says:


    If you customize a form on a computer running BCM 2010 and share that form with a computer running BCM 2007 will the form transfer correctly?

    Kind Regards

  20. mertoman says:

    Hey Y’all,

    Will BCM 2007 or 2010 do this?

    I want to add fields in the User Defined Field section and have them show on a shared form in the format below:

    7 Columns wide by










    To ensure data integrity, each field is a dropdown. All column fields are the same in each row. Some fields will only be one (1) character. For example:

         Column1     Column2 Column3  etc.>>

    Row 1 T[hickness] W[idth] H[eight]

    Row 2 T           W       H


    The goal is to sort by field data and then mass email and fax based on the sort results using Outlook Contact email and fax numbers.

    Should I be looking a Microsoft Sharepoint v3 Templates, MS Dynamics CRM or another application?


    John Schmidt – [Hyper-V Virtualization & Workflow GURU]

  21. pcqueen97 says:

    I would like to add a jpeg image of a business card to a contact so it shows up in the contact record and not as an attachment. Will custom fields in BCM 2010 support and image data type?

    I don’t want to use the electronic business card field as that field does not allow full display of the jpeg instead it reduces the size to something unreadable.


  22. bcmteam says:


    We support business cards the same as the standard outlook contact form.  We currently do not have an image data type for our forms other then the standard contact picture, and the business card fields.  However, you could add the picture to the comments field.


  23. bcmteam says:



    Business Contact Manager can not share databases between versions.  2007 will not connect to a 2010 version of the bcm database.  So no, the form will not be seen in 2007, nor will any of the other data in the 2010 database.

    –Jerry [MSFT]

  24. bcmteam says:



    BCM Customization doesn’t allow more then two columns of fields.  For your needs, you might be better server with Sharepoint or Dynamics CRM.

    –Jerry [MSFT]

  25. lhnina says:

    Inside the account we have the related contacts.

    Is it possible to choose the fields for the columns?

    Because I prefer to have the mobile phone instead of having the Business Phone

  26. AvaSim says:

    Hi Team, I would like to be able to track my time in a business project. How can I do this? I would like to use the Timer function.



  27. Pablomorete says:


    I have a question, how can set decimal quantities in the lists of products and services? It lets me put decimal numbers or numbers greater than 1000

  28. Chris777 says:

    Hi to all BCM/SQL geniuses! I want to a make mail-merge letter in word or a report in excel and therefore I made a SQL connection to BCM databse computerMSSMLBIZ – works fine! The standard fields also works fine e.g. Opportunityfullview, but where and how can I get the user defined fields of e.g an opportunity form. I just learned that I get the right field names in the db “MSSmallBusiness userfield definition” but I need the content, is it stored in “MSSmallBusiness Entityuserfields”? Moreover, it is supposed to be in the binary format. So, how do I do this exercise to get the content in the right data type resp. format, Macro? ?

    Is it possible or is it too complicated, I am more a user/designer than a programmer:-)

    By the way i found this: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb267998%28v=office.12%29.aspx

    But I to am not able connect that thread to my problem in word or excel , any help are appreciated!

    My plan B is to export every time a report from BCM wenn a new Oppounity is made and then get the data in word from the excel table but this is more an awkward way then a fine solution:-)



  29. mania112 says:

    Chris777 I had the same problem.

    The only way i found to use user-defined fields in mailmerge is to execute a Mass Email in BCM, find the document you want to use then ‘Launch’.

    Before you send the email from inside Word/Publisher you can edit the fields – and amazingly – the user-defined fields will now be in the list.

    hope this helps.

  30. pasandmanusa says:

    I installed BCM 2010 Beta today and the install went smooth. When I tried to configure to an existing database, it connects to the server that hosts the database but the database is grayed out in the window and when you select it, the connect button isn’t active. My question is I have an existing BCM2007 database on this server. Is it compatible with BCM 2010 Beta? Do I need to install the BCM 2010 database tool and try importing my existing database?

  31. ian_hammersley says:

    Can you duplicate opportunities in BCM 2010?

  32. Greg says:

    Help.  What versions of Outlookk 2010 have the BCM?

  33. voodoo says:

    Can you change the dropdown menu for addresses for Accounts in BCM 2010.  For example, the current dropdowns are Business, Home and Other.  I want it to be Business, Shipping, and Billing.  Help!!!

  34. Chris Heydemann [msft] says:

    voodooo, unfortunately, you cannot change the types of addresses, because BCM uses the same fields as Outlook for the types of addresses. However, it's a good point, and we'll defintely consider that for future version.

  35. Chris Craggs says:

    The timer function for phone calls is great, but can we use it for other types as well?And when reporting it would be great to be able to look at all events types (phone calls, appointments, business work) and the time it took to complete.

  36. Thibault Magné says:

    I'm currently developping an Outlook add-in to check entered data validity in BCM. I was wondering if there were a way to "highlight" or identify some fields incorrectly filled in BCM2010 in the current opened form. Don't know if this is the correct place for this question, so feel free to redirect me 😉

  37. Jim Rendant says:

    Can you link One note to a BCM project and or contact?

    For smaller proejcts would it still be  better to use MS project? BCM tasks get entered automatically into your task within office 2010 whereas from project they do not.

  38. dhirp says:

    how to manage e-mails which arrive in inbox? if inbox is being tracked e-mails are linked to the business contacts. This way inbox keeps accumulating e-mails. if e-mails are deleted from inbox then only a 4KB header is kept in history.

    before BCM I would keep e-mails in inbox till I have dealt with them and then move these to a PST folder or delete.

    But now with BCM what sbest way to manage incoming e-mails.

  39. JimO says:

    Where the F***K are the  "You’ll learn a lot more about all of these capabilities, and how they’ll help your businesses, in subsequent posts." ( last line).

    You people  unemployed?  Lost?  Uninterested?

  40. Tukker says:

    We have been using BCM 2007 Now for a while and are considering migrating to BCM 2010. The goal that BCM 2010 has been improved on customization capabilities is one of the main reasons for us to migrate, however after some initial testing there is still some functionality that seems to be missing or that is not documented. Could someone please help me to understand if and how I can achieve the following functionality with BCM 2010:

    1) We often get a list of contacts in a spreadsheet from an external party that we would like to send a mailing campaign out to. We would like to establish a way where we could use this spreadsheet to update a selection field in our existing BCM contacts or create a filter so that we can send out a mailing to this selection of contacts in BCM.

    2) We have a number stored in a contact field in BCM that we would like to use as part of a URL to jump to an external website. So is there a way (eg using scripting) to create a URL field that automatically gets a value based upon another field?

    3) When sending out a mailing campaign we would sometimes like to use a selection field from an account. This is currently not possible as we can only access contact fields and no account fields during a mailing. Is there a solution for this?  

  41. Tukker says:

    We have been using BCM 2007 Now for a while and are considering migrating to BCM 2010. The goal that BCM 2010 has been improved on customization capabilities is one of the main reasons for us to migrate, however after some initial testing there is still some functionality that seems to be missing or that is not documented. Could someone please help me to understand if and how I can achieve the following functionality with BCM 2010:

    1) We often get a list of contacts in a spreadsheet from an external party that we would like to send a mailing campaign out to. We would like to establish a way where we could use this spreadsheet to update a selection field in our existing BCM contacts or create a filter so that we can send out a mailing to this selection of contacts in BCM.

    2) We have a number stored in a contact field in BCM that we would like to use as part of a URL to jump to an external website. So is there a way (eg using scripting) to create a URL field that automatically gets a value based upon another field?

    3) When sending out a mailing campaign we would sometimes like to use a selection field from an account. This is currently not possible as we can only access contact fields and no account fields during a mailing. Is there a solution for this?  

  42. Tukker says:

    Sorry for the post twice, I didn't realize it was posted already

  43. Oldlaxr says:

    is there any integration with Access?

  44. Chipkill says:

    How to use calculate in BCM ?

    Eg: We have a field "Revenue", now I create 2 UDF: factor and real_revenue with real_revenue = factor*Revenue


  45. VIk says:

    There are many pre-defined field in BCM many of which are not on the forms – how do you access these to place them on forms and to input/update them. Using the customisation route and add-field does not make these available! e.g Account Classification

  46. PeterO says:

    Is anyone else trying to add dropdown custom fields to Opportunity Records in BCM 2010? We added them to the Details page just as we have done in previous versions of BCM, but when we go to print the Opportunity Records, none of those fields that are defined as dropdown appear.  Text, number, integer all appear correctly.

  47. JoshDR says:

    I'm trying to make BCM work for a real estate office as a prospecting database, i need a way to have Account to contain Full Name etc, and Business Contact to act more as a property field (multiple properties (business contacts) per contact (accounts)

    Is there any way to do this? or a workaround?

  48. JoshDR says:

    Just to add to my above post, trying to make a Full Name field does not work on Account as it is already the primary field in Business Contact, the same goes with trying to make an address field the primary in Business Contact instead of Full Name.

  49. Mazza1976 says:

    Hello all,

    Looking for a bit of basic advice

    I am currently looking to move from Salesforce.com to BCM – is there an easy way of doing this as I am currently having to export all data to a CSV file and then re-import. I can do this for Accounts, Contacts and Leads but not for Opportunities. As we are a small/medium organisation (and growing rapidly) there are quite a few opportunities at the moment.

    Any help/advice would be most appreciated.



  50. blynn says:

    Can you tell me how to set up a new tab in the area where I have Accounts, Business Contacts, that  can take current  business contacts and categorize them so you have a tab for "Active Clients", "Prospects", "vendors" etc.  If so, what is the easiest way to set these tabs up. I recently upgraded my 2007 to 2010 and I have my Business Contacts in categories and would like to set these categories as tabs for easy access.  Could you send me a demo or instructions on how to set this up?  Thank you.

  51. Jerry says:

    Hi blynn,

    In 2010, you can add tabs for a given entity type, like accounts, contacts, or thier clones.  The easies way to create the tabs is to click on the tab of the folder view you want to add it too.   That should open the create a tab dialog, here you can pick what entity to show, and also give it a filter.  So for active Clients, you would give it a filter using the filter dialogs to show only active clients.  If it's not on the first tab of the filter dialog it would be under the advance tab.  

    –Jerry [MSFT]

  52. PDS says:

    Product is just magnificent guys. Amazing work, best Desktop app Outlook 2010 + BCM.

    I live in it now. Thank you.

  53. BLA says:

    How to share created filter tab in Contact Management tabs (advanced filter settings and tab name) between administrator computer and another shared computer?  Thanks.

  54. Chris [msft] says:


    From the Filter tab, save the filter to a .bcmq file, mail or otherwise transfer it to the shared computer, then open it there, again from the Filter tab. This will apply the filter to the current tab.

    Hope this helps,


  55. Aron says:

    I have a quick question (we;re running the beta and about to buy 2010)

    We have some 1076 business contacts and growing. When scrolling through 'all business contacts' the list pauses every 3-5 seconds for 2-3 seconds. Is this a problem with a) BCM b) Beta BCM or c) my server which hosts the


    Are there measures I could take to stop the 'lag' – we're currently running Outlook and BCM 2010 beta on Microsoft Exchange.

    Many thanks


  56. Chris [msft] says:

    Aron, it's a problem with Beta. Please upgrade, then let us know that all is well.  Thanks, Chris

  57. Comm says:


    Im trying Business Contact Manager 2010 and would like to ask how can I create simple invoice without MS Accouting software. Is it possible?



  58. Djoh says:

    Hi Chris,

    The "form layout" is grayed out, I cannot modify anything. Same thing with my other install.

    I'm on a shared database, but can't see any option in the Tool on the server.

    Thanks !

  59. drinbkk says:

    I am see where you can edit a lot of things but I want to actually delete entire record types.  We want this mainly for a contact mgmt solution and do not need all the CRM stuff.  So I want to delete the Opportunties and Lead sections entirely.  I see how I can modify but it will not allow me to delete the entire section.

    Can I?  How?


  60. tee says:

    I have uploaded office 2010 and now the BCM will not work.  As u might expect I have done all of the usual things and nothing.  Need help

  61. Masha says:

    can a phone log be customized? I would like to replace/add/delete fields.

    Please advise


  62. Jerry says:

    HI Masha,

    We don't support customization of activity forms.  The Phone log is an activity form, and thus can not be customized.

    –Jerry [MSFT]

  63. bbarker says:

    My current employer is now using BCM 2010 and is almost finished with the data entry. Eventually all of our branches will have BCM 2010. My question is, how can I limit each branch to view only the contacts designated to their markets?

    Please Help!



  64. Andy says:

    With BCM 2007 I originally had a database of about 300mb

    When I upgraded to BCM2010 the database migration took it to 1GB…

    Is there a reason for this?

    The database is shared and on a SBS2008 server



  65. Jerry says:

    Hi Brian,

    BCM doesn't have row level security, so you won't be able to limit access for each branch if they use the same db.  

    You can setup views/ and filters for each branch to use, but they will have access to all data in the db.

    –Jerry [msft]

  66. Jerry says:

    Hi Andy,

    This is normal as upgraded a db will cuases the creation of many temp tables.  Sql grows the db to handle the new temp tables, but doesn't clean up the newly added space.  You can run this command to free up the unused space.


    In our testing the file size on the db grew from 10% to 50% in size.

    –Jerry [msft]

  67. Andy says:

    Jerry, could you give me more of an explanation of how to run the command (exactly, as if I had never done this before… ever)

    Am I creating a file? entering the info into command prompt?

    Thank you

  68. Jerry says:

    Hi Andy,

    There are two ways to run this command,  one is via the command tool sqlcmd the other is through the sql management studio.

    I think you will need admin rights to sql to run it.

    You can learn how to run it through the management studio via this link:msdn.microsoft.com/…/ms190757.aspx

    For sqlcmd, ( it should be on the path, so you can just type sqlcmd /? from a command window to see the help)

    sqlcmd -S <YourServerName> -E -d <YourDatabaseToShrinkName> -c "Select FileID from sys.database.files"

    This will return you a file ID to use in the next one:

    sqlcmd -S <YourServerName> -E -d <YourDatabaseToShrinkName> -c "DBCC SHRINKFILE (<FileIDFromAbove>)"

    *note replace all of the <xx> from above with your info.  

    One thing on the size, it might be 1 gb, but it isn't using all of it.  This isn't a bad thing, as sql is setting itself up for later as your db grows in size.  Unitl it gets that new 1 gb full of data it won't need to execute it grow methods.

    -Jerry [MSFT]

  69. Andy says:

    That's really helpful Jerry, thank you

    I found the "tick and click" option woth management studio easier…

    I have noticed that BCM 2010 is slower to respond than BCM2007 was (both running from a server)

    Can anything be done to the database to maintain it


  70. Bob says:

    It appears that BCM 2010 defaults to 4 pages (out of 7) shown in the "Show" section of the Business Contact ribbon.  Is there a way to show all 7 pages in the "Show" section of that ribbon?  I've renamed the 4 User Defined Pages using Form Layout, but I can't find any way to increase the number of page icons in the "Show" section.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  71. Herbert says:

    Hi Andy,

    sorry for this duplication, but I have not seen any answere in the web for this question:

    "There are many pre-defined field in BCM many of which are not on the forms – how do you access these to place them on forms and to input/update them"

    When I want to import data to bcm then I need more fields, but the pre-defined fields from the dialog in the overview in the lists do not all appear in the dialogs when I want to import the data, ONLY 9 fields! Please bcm is my solution but I need this also….THX!


  72. Barbara says:

    How can I run a report in BCM 2010 that represents just the contacts in one of the Tabs I created?

  73. Anja says:

    Is there a way to create recurring opportunities for monthly revenue? I collect the same amounts each month and need to manually re-create the same opportunities each month. It would be great if there was a way to easily copy the opportunity or let the system create them automatically on a specific day. If there already is a way to do this, please let me know 🙂



  74. Jack Feyes says:

    How do you get a custom field textbox to be multi line?

  75. Pedro Coutinho says:

    How can i display the Bussiness Country/Region field  or the 2nd Email fields directly in the Accounts or Bussiness Contact Form?



  76. Ashley says:

    We just converted from ACT! to BCM–we are thrilled with the change, but there are a few things we would like to do:

    Is there a way to create a button in the ribbon as a 'shortcut' to a template, say to create a PO?

    In the History page for a Business Contact, all of the entries seem to sort at random. We would like the default sort to be by date created, without having to a click the tab for 'Created/Due'. How can we do this?



  77. Tom says:

    We have just migrated from Act 2010 to BCM 2010, we are wanting to customize the fields in opportunity reports, for example, we would like an opportunity sales funnel report that allows the customer name to be included.  Another example would be to include gross margin in the opportunity by contact report.  Is it possible to generate a custom opportunity report that includes a selection of fields that we want, the fields are in the database, but we would need to combine the fields available in multiple reports, all the fields are not available in any single report that we have found.

    I appreciate your feedback on these issues.



  78. Jason D says:

    How do you get custom fields for relationships to show up in reports?  I have created a custom field that links a business contact to a business project but when I got to add the custom field in the report it does not show up to select.

  79. V. Mitchell says:

    I have a client using BCM 2010 and creating custom forms.  Once he has customized a form, he cannot print it.  Previous to customizing it, he can print it.  Any suggestions?

  80. Morris says:

    We created a shared database on our server so now cannot do any customizing from our three pcs – this feature is greyed out.  Do we need to open BCM on the server in order to customize or is there some way to give that option to one user?

  81. Is it possible to have more than one Sales Activity checklist?  I work in the Real Estate Industry, and being able to have multiple checklists that could be assigned to sellers and buyers would be very helpful.

  82. Jim Sims says:

    Probably a dumb question, but is there a way to bring up BCM 2010's project management forms in Outlook when one clicks on "Tasks"?  Can we export BCM forms and have those be default forms for Outlook's Contacts and Tasks forms?  Thanks!

  83. Jerry says:

    Hi Jim Sims,

    No question is stupid.  BCM forms will only work on systems with bcm isntalled.  We don't support replacing outlooks default forms with the bcm forms.

    –Jerry [MSFT]

  84. Jerry says:

    HI Phoenix559

    BCM only supports one "Sales Activity" checklist on the forms, sorry.

    — Jerry [MSFT]

  85. Jim Sims says:

    Thanks, Jerry.  A follow-up:  I have BCM installed and configured in Outlook2010.  Is there a way to customize the main Outlook ribbon so that, while I'm looking at my Inbox, I can easily open up a BCM task form?

  86. Jerry says:

    Hi Jim,

    By BCM Task form, which do you mean?  There are several "Tasks" in bcm, phone logs, project tasks, business notes ect …


  87. Stevey says:

    BCM is a disaster! We're running the shared version with only five users and lost the "convert to" function for any of the records… Simply does not work. So, if you want to "convert" a business contact to a "lead" or another type of custom defined contact, you must re-enter all of the data into the new type of contact… Many hours spent with the "tech" support…. only to be told that it's a known bug and to wait for the first "service pack"…. If my company created applications this bad, we'd be out of business in a week… Fuc* you billg. Oh, yeah don't even think about importing a "bcmx" customization file… it will just dup the fields and record types, even if you select to "update", and create a complete mess of your database, which you cannot delete!!!!

  88. Chris [msft] says:

    Stevey, can you post a case number so I can follow up with support on your case? Also, if you have an email address, I'd like to work with you to get this resovled. BCM should convert exactly as you expect.

    Thanks, Chris

  89. Paul Bockmann says:

    I would like to customize the "Project Task" section to allow for additional fields – Is this possible?

    I can not seem to find any information about this specific section.


  90. Jerry says:

    Hi Paul,

    When you say the Project Task Section, are you talking about the form or the view?  The form doesn't support customizaitons, but you can add exisiting fields on the project tasks to the view by hit the view button  in the ribbon, and then hitting the view settings button there.


  91. Paul Bockmann says:

    Last post did not make it apparently.  The Project Task I am talking about is of course the form.  I would like to enter some fields specific to our business.  Each task would end-up becomming a history of service tasks performed at the associated Business Project.  The Notes section in the Project Task form would be far too cumbersome and would not allow for further operations on its content like summarizing, counting, or sorting.

    Is it possible for someone to add further fields into this form via code or is it possible to replace the default form with a custom form?


  92. Vici says:


    Please tell me in BCM 2010 how add a custom field in Business Contact  with name ( for exemple: Project Details ) and data type multiline ( like notes ) ? I don't found this option. I have: text, number, percent, drop-down etc..

    Thank you !

  93. charlene says:

    i've been doing it for years. it's so easy..capitalwestadvisers

  94. optimist says:

    can you duplicate opportunities that are basically the same then make changes to individual opportunities?

  95. annemari says:

    Is it possible to assign individual user permissions to the BCM database?  For example,  we have some users who only need read-only permissions to view data.

    Thanks in advance for any info

  96. Jeff says:

    Are there any special settings or permissions required to Customize the Form Layout?  Are there any steps you have to take or modules that need to be installed in order to enable this button?

    I would like to make some changes but the button is greyed out and disabled so I cannot change anything!

    Does anyone have any suggestions pls?


  97. Ray says:

    Is there any way to customise the Business Contact section of the Accounts page to include, for example, mobile number?

  98. Ton says:

    Is it possible to add a field to the " Related Contacts " section in an BCM 2010 account ( ie add the mobile phone nr ) If yes , how ?



  99. Stuart says:

    I have the same issue as Paul, I need the ability to modify the Project Task form, add new fields etc.

    I want to be pull some detail from the parent project & display it on the task form. I can of course use VBA to gain the data I need but I need to then display this on a customised Project Task form.

    If not can I build a custom form that opens instead of the standard Project Task Form when a project task is clicked in the list view.



  100. Pat P says:

    I'm trying to create custom and ad hoc BCM queries using SQL Server's Query Analyzer.

    I created 2 new User Defined fields for contacts in BCM:

    Shoe Preference (text)

    Hat Preference (text)

    The values for these fields appear in the UserFieldDefinitions.FieldName column as expected.

    I then populated values for contacts:Oxford and Wingtip for Shoe Preference; Fedora and Stetson for Hat Preference

    By searching the DISTINCT CAST values of the dbo.UserFields table, I am able to determine that these Shoe and Hat Preference values are stored in UserField6 and UserField8, for example.

    Is there a way to create an ad hoc query, executable from Query Analyzer, that joins these UserFields.UserField values to their corresponding UserFieldDefinitions.FieldName columns?

    In other words:

    If the database were completely empty of any contact related data (Oxford and Wingtip have not yet been entered for any contacts), how can I tell from Management Studio/Query Analyzer that UserFields.UserField6 is used for the UserFieldDefinitions.FieldName value of "Shoe Preference" within BCM?

  101. Maz says:

    I need to know how to make all changes made to the BCM database as Administrator can be set so that it carries over to ever user.  Most of my concerns are within Contact Management.  (2) things in particular- Category assignments colors & setting the tabs with the filters.  I have this all set up in BCM as administrator but it does not carry over to each user.  

  102. Karen W says:

    How do I get the time (actual/total) I enter on a Project task to show up on the project reports?  When I use the the customize/field chooser to add Acuta/Total Time, it always shows 0.

  103. Karen W says:

    My question is in reference to BCM 2010 Project Tasks & Reports.  This worked in my previous version of BCM.

  104. Mark R says:

    How can I deploy the Business Contact Manager Customizations to all the users..only admins can import it..made custom tabs etc..

  105. Heather says:

    I have been trying to add more columns to the employee table in the Accounts form, but cannot access this table to customise it. Please let me know if this is possible? Thanks

  106. Jerry [MSFT] says:


    The employee table (or any contact/account grid on a form) is not customizable.

    @Karen W,

    The Acutal/Total Time is shown a a project task reprot only, and it based off the values on the details tab of the project tasks.

    –Jerry [MSFT]

  107. MikeO says:

    Can a new field be added with a drop down file, which would be imported from an outside source?  I'm trying to assign an Inventory Item to an Opportunity and want to use my Accounting based Inventory file.  I'm not even using BCM 2010 yet but hope to soon.  Thanks.

  108. Matt [MSFT] says:


    I think you're asking if you can have fields on a form that are coming out of some file you have that lists your inventory?     If that's the question, the answer is no, since the fields on a form are all mapped to the record (eg. the opportunity) and there's not a way to associate it with something in an arbitrary file.

  109. Diane says:

    The 'design this form' tab on the call list form is greyed out.  Does this mean I can't modify this form?  I wanted to add a check box to call status saying 'emailed'.

  110. Jerry [MSFT] says:



    BCM doesn't support customization on the activty forms.

    –Jerry [MSFT]

  111. Seb says:

    Hello, BCM is great and exactly what i'm looking for but only one thing miss me : inside one job, I need to enter several lines with time worked on job. And I need, at the end of month to report those times by job and day. I tried with task but report always mention 0 days (I need minutes units), I tried whitg professional note but i cannot report them… I tried with fields but one field can have only one value on one job… please, can you give me a tips to realise that ?

  112. Karen says:

    Can I manually select from the business contact list and then narrow the lsit to only the selected names?

  113. Amber says:

    How do I set the "File As" field to DEFAULT to First Name, Last Name?

    Right now it defaults to last/first, and I will be going in and manually changing each contact to first/last, but I've noticed that, any time I open a record and close it, it goes back to last/first, unless I think to change it again.

    I know there *must* be a way to do this, but, for the life of me, I can't find it.


  114. Todd says:

    When you add a Field with a drop down, is there any way to get rid of the "Edit this list"?  We have a shared database and I  would like to prevent a user from adding their own option to the drop down list.


  115. Lor says:

    Can you customize the "Details" page?

  116. Raphael says:

    Is it possible to customize a form by placing a button which links to a project folder in the windows explorer?

    Or is it possible to place a text field in the form and every time someone writes sth into it the text becomes a hyperlink?

  117. Glen Kershaw says:

    i am currently trying to add a field from a differnet form within the create a new field however this is greyed out can someone please help.

  118. Randy B says:

    Can a user-defined field be flagged as a mandory input field?

  119. Sarah says:

    hi this is really helpful. is it possible to increase the height of an open text field, so that it can act as more of a notes field.  there doesn't seem to be a template for this on bcn, nor the capacity so create from scratch. any help appreciated.

  120. Kevin says:

    A few people have asked the same question and I have yet to see an answer:

    Is it possible to add a text field of multiple lines? Add Fields seems to only produce a 1-line box.

  121. Stanley says:

    im trying to customize bcm 2010 forms, what i have found, it is limited in what im trying to accomplish. Is there a way to create sections like the one "Comments" in the lead tab? I guess what i'm trying to ask, can i resize the fields and place a second or third field next to each other? I also turned on the devolopers tool, but it does not work in BCM, only in outlook. Please help.

    Thanks in advance

  122. Is it possible to use the Map It option within a form, ie have an organisation record with a location map displayed within the form?

    Second question: is it possible to have a multi-line text field?

  123. sjo550 says:

    I have multiple contacts in BCM that work for several different companies. How do I edit the fields in BCM so that when one piece of data changes (such as selecting from a drop down box) in a single record, so does the information pertaining to that criteria, such as business address, title, company name etc.?

  124. Dom Polegubic says:


    We are looking for advanced MS BCM support for a migration to BCM 2010 and to resolve some issues within BCM ie links.

    Happy to pay hourly rate



  125. Andy says:

    I am in a business project standard form. I would like to know if the columns that are under the Project Tasks Information Section can be removed or added? Under the custom field i don't see the columns to add or remove. Is this possible.

    Thank you for this it has proven very useful.


  126. Mark R says:

    Hi – Is there anyway to remove the default map to fields ? There are so many I will never use when importing data . I know you can add from the in this case excel file but it make mapping so time consuming ? Please respond. Thanks !!!

  127. Margaret M says:

    I need to create a second notes-type field for my contacts so that two different users of the database can both enter notes for the same set of contacts and then sync later without having to overwrite one or the other.  Is there any way to create custom multi-line text fields at all?  Thank you.

  128. MDC says:

    I have a lot of the same exact questions people have been asking for months with no reply.  Am I wasting my time posting on here?  I just convinced client to migration from ACT 2010 to BCM 2010 and we centralized the DB on a central SQL server only to find out there's no user level security and custom fields from 22,000 existing contacts in Outlook don't migrate….what a disaster and egg on our face with our client.

  129. Brett from Rocklin says:

    I just upgraded to Outlook and BCM 2010 from Outlook w/ BCM 2007.  I had defined about 12-15 User Defined Fields in BCM, 99% of which are for the Accounts, versus the Contacts; but that's probably not critical.  I had used the BCM automatic process to back up my Outlook/BCM 2007 database to MSSmallBusiness (577Mb file, backed it up using Mozy – so the previous data is secure).  I'm unclear on the disposition of the application/the field definitions, and/or locations. Two things are happening.  The database isn’t loading into BCM 2010, because it’s a previous release/version.  But more alarmly, the new 2010 version of the BCM application doesn’t include any of my User Defined Fields.  How do I correct this?  Thank you.

  130. Harry says:

    Is it possible to get BCM Business Contact fields to appear in the Inbox Message List? I'd like to know if a message has been linked to a Business Contact. I can't find the right fields in Field Chooser and can't seem to add Business Contact forms to the list so I can choose them.

  131. Tony says:

    Yes/No fields in BCM 2010 have the option of being set to Icon, Yes/No, True/False, On/Off etc. However regardless of whatever setting I choose, if I export records they always default to TRUE/FALSE. Likewise if I try to import from a spreadsheet or CSV file, it only successfully imports to such fields if they are set to TRUE/FALSE – any other settings fail the import, so I'm not sure why have the options of they are all defaulting to TRUE/FALSE. I assume this is a bug? Has anybody else experienced this?

  132. JC says:

    In BCM 2010, how do I create a field in the accounts record type and then have the value of that field appear in a field in the business contact record type?  For example, in the account record, populate a field that has a contract renewal date. Then in the business contact record, reference/display the value of that field?

  133. Katie says:

    I have the same question as JC above (and many others), but I will re-explain for clarity:

    In my case, I have Contacts within an Account. I want to assign a salesperson to the Account, and then have that salesperson "filter down"/automatically populate within the "Assigned To" field of the Contact form.

    We want to enter information once into the Account form and have it filter down into the Contacts forms of those who "live" in that Account.

    For me, I'd love to be able to get rid of the "Assigned To" within the Contact form altogether and avoid the confusion, but since the BCM reporting will not allow me to pull data from the Account category and Contact category at the same time, I need to have the information in both places.

    I've researched for hours about this on the internet and there's no information about this. I think that this functionality requires a macro or back-end coding of sorts within the BCM, but I can't find information on how to do that, nor do I have the skills to do that.

    If you can provide further clarity on how to achieve this,  I would appreciate it greatly!


  134. Remco Peters says:


    BCM 2010 is a great tool to work with CRM in Small business but also the somewhat larger businessess.

    The call list feature is something I love to use for my cold calling. Absolutely perfect to load a list of contacts and call them one after the other.

    One question however:

    I use call lists per industry. So for example I make a call list for retail stores in our region. It happens (pretty often) that I find more retail stores while allready calling the ones in the list.

    I want to add the ones I found to my list being used, but I can't seem to figure out how.

    Is there someone who can help me solve this problem?

  135. Terry Seidensticker says:

    I am trying to change the drop-down system fields. I would like to remove all the extra Phone number attributes that are not being used. Like TTY/Car phone and others.

    Thank you for your help

  136. Anonymous says:

    Hello Chris

    This is my first time on the "Blog" and I can immediately see that "others" have many of the same questions that I have. My first question is how can I get the answers to any of the above questions? Second question; I would like to create more pages on the "Business Account" contact form; how can I do this customization. I can add fields to the first page however when I try and add fields to any other page, i'm having problems doing it.  I'm using BCM 2013;

  137. Siggi says:

    I have been playing with BCM for the last week or so, and so far it's looks good. I have come across a problem which I can't find the answer to. I have created a number of fields and used two of the hidden forms. How do I un hide these forms?  These are in the Customize section in the Show link. You press Show and it gives a list of forms. Three of them have (Hidden) after the description. I want to make them visible.

    Thanks for any feedback


  138. Siggi says:

    It's OK  I have found out how to unhide the forms.

  139. Irina says:

    Good afternoon. For several years I enjoyed success with Business Contact Manager for Outlook. Recently I updated the computer for windows10 and I immediately flew BCM. I suffer for a long time trying to solve the problem, but nothing came of it. I had to remove it and re-install. BUT! I can not do this! I have used all the options – on any computer that is updated to windows10 BCM does not work !!! For me it is a big problem – all my business plans were in the program. What should I do, tell me, please.

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