Frequently Asked Questions for Business Contacts

Creating Distribution list shows Business Contacts with Fax numbers, how do I avoid it?

This behavior is due to a feature that Business Contact Manager inherits from Outlook.   
A Fax number is considered an electronic communication number and hence it shows up in the distribution list wizard.

Updating Multiple Contacts at once

There is currently no feature in Business Contact Manager to directly support this.  
But this can still be achieved by changing the “View by” to the field you want to edit and then drag the desired contacts to the group.

Can I delete the Outlook Contact entry from Outlook, and make Business Contact Manager the default Contact Folder?

Folder removal is not supported by Outlook, and hence you will not be able to delete it.

Cloning a Business Contact?

When you try to copy and paste a Business Contact into a folder, Outlook displays an error message, saying

'The folders you are trying to change do not support this operation.
Could not complete the operation because the service provider does not support it”

Currently cut and paste to clone a contact is not supported.
A form of cloning of the Business Contact can still be achieved by copying Business Contact to Outlook Contact, and then copying it back to Business Contacts.   However, some properties, such as History Items associated with the Business Contact, will be lost when it is copied to Outlook Contacts folder.

How can I auto populate some fields in an Account associated with a Business Contact?

With the Business Contact Form open, click on the "Account" button.
This action will open a dialog box, enabling you to create a new Account, or to link an Account to the open Business Contact.
Click on the "New" button on this dialog box and BCM will automatically create a new Account record linked to the Business Contact with most of the data fields populated from the Business Contact's record


Can a Business Contact be linked to more than one Account?

No, a Business Contact cannot be linked to more than one Account.  A Business Contact can only be an unlinked stand-alone item, or linked to just one Account.

I mistakenly deleted my Business Contact, how can I retrieve it?

Under you Business Contact Manager Folder, select the Deleted Items folder.
Your deleted Business Contact should be displayed there.
You can right click and move it back to Business Contacts folder.

How do I set Business Contacts to be my default Address List while sending emails?

Under the Tools Menu Item, select Address Book.
Click on the Tools menu and select Options.
There you can control the order of Address list in Outlook.

When receiving an inbound e-mail, what is the difference between using the ‘E-mail Auto link’, and the ‘Link to record’ options?

Once turned on, E-mail Auto Linking should automatically link the e-mail to the contact with that e-mail address as soon as they arrive in the inbox.

How do I copy or move individual Outlook Contacts in to Business Contacts?

Please refer for more information.

Why can’t I right click an e-mail address in an e-mail and create a Business Contact?

This is currently not supported, but may be considered for a future release.

Comments (178)
  1. Trace Hobson says:

    I am trying to post to this site with questions on BCM as I am reviewing the software for my department.

    Can you tell me:

    I am trying to set up a telemarketing campaign but I am unable to import my list so there would be no reporting on the results of the campaign….? Workaround?

    Also, how can I import Global address book into the project management portion of the software so that I can delegate tasks etc….

  2. Trace Hobson says:

    Sorry forgot my email…..regarding the previous post on bcm relating to telemarketing campaign

  3. says:

    After working on importing our 18000+ contacts for the last few weeks, there is one important question that I think is missing from this list.

    If you have your accounts and contacts in separate Excel files (they were provided to us from an outside source), how do we link the contacts to the accounts on import?

    I have been trying to figure out how to do this on import, through Access and even through SQL (my Access and SQL knowledge is not that strong) but with no luck.

    Is there any insight you can offer?  We want to go live with this in the next couple of weeks but if I can’t find a way to do the linking, it will take longer than that for me to do it manually.

    I have not found much on the newsgroups, either through searches or postings.

    HELP!!!! Please.

  4. Jerry Blake says:


    There is currently no way to achieve this. I can definately send you a sql query to run which can help you achieve this. But i have following questions

    1. Is there any information in each contact about the account you want to link it to? like company name?
    2. Do you have duplicate account names?



  5. says:

    Hi Vinit,

    I do not have any duplicate account names although some of the contacts have the same Full Name and Company Name.

    I have an Excel spreadsheet with a column for the parent account, I can import this into a custom field on the contact if that will make it easier.

    Thanks again,


  6. Jerry Blake says:

    Hi Nancy

    Since you have Accounts seperately created and Business Contacts have Accounts’info as Company Name, you do not need to create any custome fields.

    I’ll send you sql commands and instructions to achieve this in a couple of days



  7. Jerry Blake says:

    Hi Trace

    A telemarketing campaign does not have a recipient list, but it does have reporting of status.  You will need to mark all the business contacts/accounts initiated by to the Telemarketing campaign.   This will populate the number of contacts/accounts/opportunites in the campaign results section.  



  8. birdjfk says:

    Hi – I’m training a company on BCM and they had a few questions for me that I don’t know the answers to. They are sharing their BCM databases.

    If a contact or account is deleted – where does the deleted record go in case it needs to be retrieved?

    Is there any tracking on who modified/deleted a record?

    Do you need to set some permissions to ensure that important information is not deleted? If so, how?

    Can you turn an opportunity into a project?

    Does BCM work at all with Microsoft Project?

    Any help you can give me would be appreciated. Thank you…


  9. Jerry Blake says:

    Hi Julie

    Answers to your questions are as follows

    1)Yes, you can retrieve the contact/account from Deleted Items folder under Business Contact Manager in the navigation pane.

    2)No there is no way to track that in BCM.

    3)BCM is not designed to control permision of a particular field/record. who ever has access to the database can view and edit any data.

    4)Currently you cannot. we may consider this for our future releases.

    5)No bcm is not integrated with Microsoft Project.

    I hope this helps. let me know if you have any other questions.



  10. birdjfk says:

    Thank you for the speedy response Vinit.

  11. bfried6596 says:

    I have 07 bus manager on XP Pro.  I have a new problem… The Business Contact Manager Home Screen (the page that has the 4 tabs.) is now blank.  I can click on the 4 tabs, but there is nothing on any of them…  Please help.

  12. Augusteve says:

    I would like to be able to amend the fields that are visable when I open a business contact.  I do not need the business card visable, for exmple.  Is it possible to amend/remove fields in this view?

  13. Jerry Blake says:

    Hi Augusteve,

    Unfortunately it is not supported in the current version. Predefined fields cannot be removed from the forms.

    It is a good suggestion and we may consider this for our future releases.


    Vinit [MSFT]

  14. Augusteve says:

    That is unfortunate but many thanks for your prompt reply!

  15. johnm01 says:

    Is there functionality in BCM to run reports on communication history across multiple contacts (with sorting/filtering) vs just one contact?

  16. Jerry Blake says:

    Hi Johnm01

    Yes, you can go to Business Contact Manager Menu item. Select Reports –> Activity —>Activity By Business Contact. This will launch the required report.

    You can apply filters to the report by hitting the filter button menu item


    Vinit [MSFT]

  17. bfried6596 says:

    I still need help with my issue.  

  18. Jerry Blake says:

    Hi bfried6596

    This issue has come up on our newsgroup as well. People have solved it by repairing their office installation. You might want to give that a shot and see if it fixes for you.



  19. bsharp says:

    I am on BCM 2007.

    I am trying to customize, but need more than 40 user-defined fields. So I am trying to customize using the developer tab. When I go to publish my new form, I get the following message, "Cannot publish the form because of a MAPI error. Could not complete the operation because the service provider does not support it."

    I only added one text field, so I’m not doing anything fancy. I even backed out then restarted all, and opened up a form, then hit publish without changing anything, and I still get the error message. So it’s not what I’m adding, it’s something native before I even start customizing.

  20. says:

    Hi Vinit,

    Have you had a chance to look at that SQL code?

    I’m not sure if this will help or not but I needed to walk some of our users through BCM so as a temporary way to have the account viewable, I imported the account name into a custom field on the Details screen.

    I appreciate you taking the time to look at this.


  21. bsharp says:

    I am on BCM 2007.

    I am able to create a task linked to a contact, and can view the task via communications history.

    My challenge is that even though I have the start date, status and priority fields showing on the view, they are blank, even though there is info in these fields when I open the task.

    Also, for some reason, all the tasks show up as created today at 12:00 am, no matter what time I create them. This is the "created/due" field.

  22. Jerry Blake says:

    Hi bsharp

    Your form cache might have got corrupted. I would try deleting FRMCACHE.DAT file under

    C:Users"USER NAME"AppDataLocalMicrosoftFORMS

    and see if that would fix the issue.


    Vinit [MSFT]

  23. Jerry Blake says:

    Hi bsharp

    What you are trying to do is not officially supported. I’m not sure what type of form customization you are trying to do. I’d guess you are trying OFT forms (the oldest way) and that will not work against our store.

    I’d recommend that you try creating a new FormRegion and register it with our message class. You can accomplish this with zero coding on your part.


    Vinit [MSFT]

  24. birdjfk says:
    1. In the reporting function – users have the ability to enter their company name in the header – is there a way to default to their company name so they don’t have to type it in each time?
    2. In the reporting function – Can the page number location or format be changed?

    3. In the filter function – I’m confused as to how the grouping () works on the Advanced filter screen.  Is that only necessary if you use the And Or?

    4.  Why would you save a filter, wouldn’t you just save the report?

    5. In the simple filter screen, is there a way to remove the checks for all options, for example Source of Lead, or do you have to check them individually?

    Unspecified doesn’t seem to do anything.

    Sorry for all the questions – thank you in advance for your help.

  25. Jerry Blake says:


    Here are answers to your questions

    1. In the reporting function – users have the ability to enter their company name in the header – is there a way to default to their company name so they don’t have to type it in each time?

    No, its not currently possible. Thanks for your feedback and we may consider this for our future release.

    1. In the reporting function – Can the page number location or format be changed?

    No, this is not supported.

    1. In the filter function – I’m confused as to how the grouping () works on the Advanced filter screen.  Is that only necessary if you use the And Or?

    Yes, this is designed for advanced filtering by applying various clauses, which includes And and OR operators.

    1.  Why would you save a filter, wouldn’t you just save the report?

    If you save the report you also saves the filter as can use the saved filter to create a search folder or you can bring a saved filter into a report. You can also share the filters between reports.

    1. In the simple filter screen, is there a way to remove the checks for all options, for example Source of Lead, or do you have to check them individually?

    By default all the options are checked. For each widgets there has to be atleast one item checked.

    6.Unspecified doesn’t seem to do anything.

    unspecified is shown when there is not value associated with.


    Vinit [MSFT]

  26. surreytm says:

    I am wondering if it is possible to build in a confirmation before allowing a user to delete contacts.  On two occasions, one of my users has hit delete when he (unwittingly) had many contacts selected.  There was no confirmation message and all of a sudden, 100+ contacts vanished!

    A notification saying ‘Are you sure you want to delete 1,000,000 contacts?’ or similar, would save me a huge amount of time trying to restore the shared database.

  27. scoolex says:

    I have run into kind of the same problem as nrickard mentioned some posts ago although I have the Account and Contacts in the same spreadsheet but on different tabs.

    You would think that if you specify an Account name for Accounts and assign the same data to the Parent Account Name for Business Contacts the relationship between Accounts and Business Contacts would be imported – but nope!

    I have tried to map names as strings to the Account name and Parent Account Name as well as unique ID numbers but nothing seems to work. What am I doing wrong?

    There is some info on this site  (second last question) but it is not the same issue. Both Accounts and BCs get imported but the relationship between them does not even if they are all located in one xlsx file.

    Help please

  28. aaronhofmann says:

    I would like to move by database from my laptop to a separate computer so that multiple users can share the database if I’m not in the office.

    What is the best way to move the database?

    How do I switch my BCM from the original database on my laptop to using the shared version on the other computer?

    There is a whitepaper mentioned a couple places that may have some of these answers, but the links do not seem to work.

    Thanks for the help

  29. Ricky_O says:

    I have been using BCM for about 6 months and works very well.

    However, if I am in an Account, and want to add a Contact, with I click on the ADD button, I only get one entry to choose from.  There is also only one Folder to choose, "Business Contacts".  I know there are at least 50 Contacts in my database.  Why aren’t they showing up???

    I’ve compared the file for the one Contact that consistantly shows up, with the others, and I see nothing different.

    I’m at a loss.

  30. says:

    Hi scoolex,

    I haven’t had any luck doing this through SQL although I’ve tried many many times.  I know Vinit was going to see what he could come up with but I’m not sure he’s had the chance to yet.

    What I have done is imported the account name into a custom field then setup a custom view to sort all of the contacts by this field.

    I’ve also put on a filter to hide any where they have a linked account or where my custom account field is empty.

    This is ugly as I still have to manually link each one but it’s the fastest way I could come up with … I was getting tired of beating my head on a wall.

    I hope this helps and if anyone does sort out how to work around this in SQL, I would be bery interested in knowing how in case this ever comes up again.

  31. Jerry Blake says:

    Hi Ricky

    A Business Contact can only be liked to just one Account. So, if all your business contacts are linked to Accounts, the dialog from Add button will not display any business contacts.

    let me know if thats not the case for you.


    Vinit [MSFT]

  32. h2realty says:

    I have exported a BCM database file from one computer and imported it to another computer.  The computer I imported it to will serve as my "server" which my team members will access the database.  Two questions:

    a.  Is it possible to preserve the "created on" date?  All reports I run have the "created on" date as the date in which I imported the database.

    b.  Is it possible for me to access the shared database if I were at my house and not the office…I’m outside of the network.  How do I go about accessing the database instead of "working offline"

  33. Jerry Blake says:


    My answers as follows:

    a)No, the created on date would not be preserved and would be set to the time you import the data.

    b)You’ll probably need to setup a VPN connection to your office network for that to happen.

    let me know if you have any other questions.



  34. kirkh28 says:

    I am using BCM/MS Accounting in my home office, but travel alot with my Smartphone (6.0).  I’m thinking the best way leverage the available applications is to synchronize my BCM contacts BACK to my Outlook contact folder regularly, then use the Outlook/Office tools for the Smartphone.

    One problem this overcomes is the callerID issue if I only use the BCM plugin for the smartphone, inbound calls are not recognized.


    Some additional questions:

    1.  Do BCM and Outlook use the same calendar?  (If I take this approach will calendar be up to date?)
    2.  Will I have to worry about creating dupes back in my Outlook Contacts if I take this approach?

    3.  Is there a better way to meet the needs of having email/contacts/calendar available through my Motorola Q?


  35. Jerry Blake says:

    Hi Kirkh28

    We are aware of the callerID problem with our smartphone application and we appreciate your feedback on that. we’ll definately consider it for our future releases.

    Answers to your questions

    1. All the appointments/Meeting Requests associated with your business contact on your desktop would get synced to you device as history items.

    2.In order to get caller id you might want to do that.

    1. Pocket Outlook would manage all that for you. Business Contact Manager for Smartphone would manage your business contacts.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.


    Vinit [MSFT]

  36. mifareman says:

    I have just upgraded my Mobile phone which is a HTC TouchPro.  It has a high res display.  BCM for mobile does not display properly.  Is there a way of changing the display settings?

  37. Jayjers says:


    Is there a way that i call pull a report purely based on phone logs

    My sales team have a set of KPI’s which include a certain amount of phone calls per day.

    I would like the ability to go through this with them through BCM if possible.


  38. Jerry Blake says:


    You can open Activity by Business Contact or Account report. Then use Filter Report button to filter only Phone Logs. Save it and you can use it as a Phone Log report. Only disadvantage is phone logs linked to accounts and business contacts will be in separate reports.


    Vinit [MSFT]

  39. Jayjers says:

    Thanks Vinit, I didn’t think of that.

    Works a charm.

    I have another question.

    I really like BCM as it is very intuitive and simple to use.

    However I would like to put some restrictions on my sales staff in regards to what they can and can’t do to the database.

    Other CRM programs have this feature using different ‘access rights" etc.

    Is there a way of doing this in BCM and if not will there be?

    I ask as I was looking at the Microsoft Dynamics CRM which seems more powerful but with power comes complexity that I would like to avoid!.

    But as a growing company this is the reality that I will have to upgrade.

    It also seems that Dynamics is virtually impossible to import ALL data from BCM in one go.

    Any thoughts?


  40. bcmteam says:


    BCM is currently not designed to have special restrictions on the database. If one has access to the database, he/she can probably do anything with it. As for upgrade from BCM to dynamics, we have had some requests on new group and other forums for that as well and we may consider these features for our future releases.


    Vinit [MSFT]

  41. Jayjers says:


    Can you expand on upgrade please.

    I.E do you mean if you have BCM now then there will be a charge to get a software upgrade to Dynamics.

    Or will there be better support for migration to Dynamics from BCM .


  42. artlee33 says:

    Hi Team,

    I am trying to generate custom reports for my business  contacts and I can’t seem to find a way to create a report that includes information that is stored in the "comments" field on the details page. If there is a way to do this, I would greatly appreciate the help.



  43. Frank says:

    Some of my customers are reporting this error dialog:

    Title: Business Contact Manager failed to load

    Message: An outgoing call cannot be made since the application is dispatching an input-synchronous call. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8001010D


    I believe this is related to Vista/Outlook2007/BCM. Why is this error occurring, and how can it be corrected?

    f spafford at chapura dot com

  44. bcmteam says:


    Is this on desktop or mobile?

    -Vinit [MSFT]

  45. Frank says:

    Desktop. I have seen customer screenshots where Outlook is open in the background or Windows Mobile Device Center is open in the background.

  46. guggesn says:

    Need to set up recurring automatic system of renewals for subscription service, and I don’t know whether to code BCM or Accounting 2008 to do it. Thanks, Susan

  47. Jayjers says:


    Can you expand on upgrade please.

    I.E do you mean if you have BCM now then there will be a charge to get a software upgrade to Dynamics.

    Or will there be better support for migration to Dynamics from BCM .


  48. bcmteam says:


    CRM actually supports data migration from BCM to CRM. You should probably try CRM blog for more information.


    Vinit [MSFT]

  49. Jayjers says:

    HI Vinit

    Yeah I knew that it does but there are many deficiencies with the way it handles this.

    I was after any information regarding your update comment.

    I will try CRM blog as well


  50. BethController says:

    Hi – I’m using Outlook 2003 with BCM.

    I’m trying to customize a view with a filter showing any appointments made for the coming week.  But looking at the drop down list of fields under Appointments, it lists every field on the Appointment screen except StartTime and EndTime.  I’ve tried adding this as a custom field, but no luck and can’t find any references to this problem on this site.  Anyone have any suggestions?  

  51. bcmteam says:


    Have you looked in to User Defined Fields in the drop down menu ( i.e. Customize Current View | Fields | User Defined Fields (drop down)). Start Time and Endtime should be there.


    Vinit [MSFT]

  52. BeijingDrew says:

    We have five users using Outlook 2007 with BCM, all connected to the DB and working fine. Everything is updated to the latest version. The problem is that we cannot successfully export reports to Excel. None of us.

    We see a progress bar and then the popup "There was an error generating the XML document."

    Not a particularly helpful message.

    I am not a developer and have no idea where to look for error logs or whatever.

    I have searched high and low and cannot find anyone with a similar problem or solution.



  53. Chez says:

    We are big fans of Business Contact Manager and use it for managing all our projects.  Our projects involve about 30 individual tasks. Can you tell me if there is a way that we can set up a template to enter all of these tasks at once?  Thanks

  54. bcmteam says:


    Currently we dont support this feature. We have got quite a few customers requesting that and we’ll definately consider it for our future releases.

    let me know if you have any other question.


    Vinit [MSFT]

  55. bcmteam says:

    Hi, Chez:

    As Vinit pointed out we currently do not have template feature for project management. Can you tell us in more detail about your scenarios and what you are trying to accomplish? It would help us to address your needs if we have more information.  


    Yi [MSFT]

  56. levi4884 says:

    A group of around 5 to 6 people in my office have been using BCM with Outlook 2007 for around a year now.  Randomly every 3 to 6 weeks all the contacts/companies will show up as reminders when a user opens up their Outlook client.  It doesn’t affect everyone as a whole at the same time, just individual instances that appear to be random.

    I have done numerous things to try to fix the problem:  moved the BCM data into a separate SQL Server 2005 Express database outside of my Outlook profile, dismissed all of the reminders when they’ve come up, gone through and marked every BCM contact/company’s followup flag as complete, ran "outlook.exe /cleanreminders", disabled every unneeded add-in in COM Add-Ins and Exchange Client Extensions, and also uninstalled and then reinstalled Office and also BCM on every person’s computer.

    The problem continually comes back and I have no clue what is causing it or how to fix it.  I have found numerous similar posts on forums where people have had the identical problem.  Can the BCMTeam provide any insight into how to fix this problem plaguing are installations?

  57. yani1shu says:

    My company is currently in the process of migrating from Maximizer 9 to Outlook 2007 BCM. So far we like what we’ve seen with BCM there is only 1 issue i need to figure out though. In maximizer, we have thousands of notes attached to contacts and opportunities. Is there any way to import those notes into BCM either through the BCM interface or through the database back-end. We don’t want to lose these notes!


  58. Chez says:

    Hi Yi [MSFT]

    We currently set up 30 individual tasks as soon as we get a new project.  We number them so that we can get them to appear in order in the Project screen.  We then work through these, allocating them to the appropriate person as each step/task becomes due.  It works really well… just very time consuming setting each project up (and we can be setting up up to 10 per week).  I hope this is the info that you need.  I have looked for other project management software, but nothing else is as good as BCM, except for this one aspect.

    Let me know if there is anything else that you need.



  59. bcmteam says:

    Hi, Chez:

    Thanks for the details on your scenario, it is very helpful! We are definitely looking at templates for next version. For now, my colleague Alex provided a workaround you can use. Let us know if you have any questions.

    Create a template:

    1. Create a new Account, call it ‘Template Account’. It can be empty, we’re not going to use it for anything but this scenario

    2. Create a new Project, associated to ‘Template Account. Call it ‘Template Project’.

    3. Within ‘Template Project’ fill out all required information that is going to be used for the project, i.e., priorities, duration

    4. Add required project tasks to the project (such as the 30 tasks that are going to be repeated).

    5. Go to Accounts and right-click on the ‘Template Account’, select ‘Export’

    6. Give export file a name ‘TemplateProject.bcm’, select to export ‘All History’ and proceed with export.

    The steps above need to be done only once, now you have ‘TemplateProject.bcm’ file that can be imported every time project needs to be created.

    Apply the template

    1. Click File -> Import and Export -> Business Contact Manager

    2. Select ‘Import a file’ and in next dialog select Business Contact Manager date (.bcm).

    3. Select file to import (‘TemplateProject.bcm’) and choose the following options:

    a. Select ‘Import duplicates’

    b. Check ‘Include communication history’

    c. Check ‘Include customizations’

    4. At this point you’re going to have a duplicate contact named ‘Template Account’ and duplicate project name ‘Template Project’

    5. Rename the project and reassign it to proper account or business contact and you’re done!



  60. seagull1 says:

    I am a "lite" user ie single user.

    Using hotmail accounts with "outlook connector"

    Outgoing mails are saved to the sent folder, but not linked to the contact, only incomming are linked.

    Any ideas?

  61. Chez says:

    Hi Yi

    Please tell Alex that he is an absolute marvel!!  I have just tried setting up a template.  It worked! and it will save us heaps of time.  Thanks so much!!

    Now another question for you.  Is there a way that we can archive completed projects, so that they no longer appear in our Projects list, but so that we can still access them in the future if we need to refer back to them?  We currently have about 400 projects in the Projects list.

    Thanks very much


  62. bcmteam says:


    Alex and I are very happy to hear that this solution works for you! As to your second question, projects cannot be archived, however, when a project is marked as completed, then it will be grayed out and you can sort by status to keep completed projects at the bottom of the list. You can also select view ‘By Status’ and collapse ‘Completed’ group within project folder.


    Yi [MSFT]

  63. yani1shu says:

    Is there anyone out there that can help me with scripting some VBA to work with my BCM database? I have been making little progress on this as i try to figure it out for myself.

  64. bwikes says:

    Ever since i loaded the bcm – outlook 2007 and added contacts – i get 115 reminders going off every day –

    how do i stop this?  part of them are from the names that got loaded with the program – the others are the contacts i put in myself – i don’t remember setting a follow up reminder for any of them.

    how do i turn the reminder OFF?



  65. bwikes says:

    fyi: i have tried dismissing them & snoozing them – they just come back..


  66. oteacher says:

    I have the same problem as seagull1, except i’m using IMAP accounts.

    The received email is shown on the contact history, but sent emails doesn’t show up.

    I’m using a shared DB from another PC, and all records have email link selected.

  67. bcmteam says:

    Hi yani1shu,

     Here is a link to the complete documentation of BCM SDK . Hope this will be helpful.



  68. yani1shu says:

    Is there a list somewhere of all the userproperties associated with BCM objects? I need to know how to reference certain properties such as the "Initiated By" field and others. Thanks.

  69. yani1shu says:

    When working in VBA i can display the EntryID of a contact just fine (eg. 00000000557E48D98E440B42AC8FD4FE67DF75380200000013579B70288E1C8B4E86F2A2D1E99AC2D4)

    When going through SQL Server, if i find that same Contact in the "ContactFullView" i don’t find an EntryID but rather an EntryGUID (eg. 28709B57-1C8E-4E8B-86F2-A2D1E99AC2D4).

    I am trying to loop through a table of contact names and link them to specific accounts on the "referredby" field, but this field relies on the ReferredEntryID value which is the EntryGUID.

    So how do i go from the EntryID to the EntryGUID? and why is the db and Outlook MAPI using two different unique values for what appears to be the same person?

  70. Alex39211 says:


    i currently use the bcm-tool on my smartphone with windows mobile 6 and it’s working fine. Now I will order a windows mobile 6.1 phone and will need my bcm-contcts on this one too. Is 6.1 supported by the actual version?


  71. bcmteam says:

    Hi Alex

    Yes, the Business Contact Manger for Smartphone should work fine on Windows Mobile 6.1 as well.


    Vinit [MSFT]

  72. yani1shu says:

    I have two questions for the group:

    1. For a user to have admin rights on the BCM database (eg. customize forms and user fields), can i just add the domain user account to the local admin group on the server that hosts the BCM database?

    2. My BCM add-on freezes constantly when i try to do anything in the software. When i change views, open an account/contact, scroll down in a view. What causes this and how do i fix it? I have installed all updates. I have uninstalled/reinstalled BCM. I used to have SQL Server 2005 installed on my machine, i removed that and reinstalled BCM so that i only have Express installed. That didn’t help. My other users don’t experience the amount of hang-ups i have, though they experience some. Any ideas?


  73. bcmteam says:


    Answer to your questions

    1.Yes. That would work.

    2.Do you have Email Auto Linking enabled? Can you opt out some email addresses and try again? Or wait till all linking is completed, then performance might be back up.


    Vinit [MSFT]

  74. myles says:

    Hi, I’m late to upgrading from BCM 2003 to BCM 2007, and the conversion has not gone well.  After restarting Outlook:

    a) Get "finalizing configuration" clock

    b) Receive error: "BCM cannot save this item because it does not recognize some of properties"

    c) Outlook opens, and BCM folder is shown

    d) Clicking BCM folder adds BCM to menu items and opens BCM home page

    e) Switching to view Accounts, lists all the accounts by name with address, etc.

    f) Clicking on an Account brings up error: "Could not load some objects because they are not available on this machine"

    g) Once account opens…no data is shown.

    Can anyone provide ideas on how to rescue this upgrade so that all of my data is brought together in the 2007 version?  Thanks!

  75. bcmteam says:


    So i believe your upgarde installation from BCM 2003 to BCM 2007 went fine. Can you create a new Outlook profile and try to attach to your 2003 database?


    Vinit [MSFT]

  76. myles says:

    Thanks Vinit, Ok, I created a dummy profile in Outlook without e-mail (since I have an exchange server account), and the installation of BCM worked.  Now, what do you suggest that I do to correct the issue in my regular Outlook profile to bring the BCM data and Outlook data together?  thanks for any feedback.  Cheers, Myles

  77. yani1shu says:

    Vinit, thanks for the response. Adding my user to the local admin group worked. Thanks.

    As for all the hang ups. I closed the BCM db and readded it. And made sure all e-mail linking and folder linking is disabled but it’s still hanging whenever i go to a new view.

  78. yani1shu says:

    One other thing, after doing some searching on the internet about this problem I see lots and lots of posts on different sites about this exact problem with no fixes or any comment by Microsoft. Is MS aware of this problem or just ignoring it?

  79. mbuck says:

    Trying to use Opportunities to track all our new business…it’s good, but I’ve run into one snag right now.

    Why can’t I just go to "New History Item" and select mail message like I can if I’m in a contact…that would write the message, send it and link it to the opportunity?

    It seems so basic…I have an opportunity and that New History Item should have everything I could do with that Opportunity (email being a biggie). I really wish I could create user defined things for New History Item (though email is the only one that comes to mind right now).


  80. bcmteam says:


    Unfortunately, this is not directly supported in BCM 2007. You can always send a mail message and Link it to your opportunity by clicking Link To button on your Mail Message Form.

    But,we do appreciate your feedback and will consider this for our next releases.


    Vinit [MSFT]

  81. bcmteam says:

    Hi Myles

    Can you go to Business Contact Manager Menu item –> Database Tools –> Create or Select a database.In the dialog select the bcm 2003 database and follow the wizard? See if this solves the problem?


    Vinit [MSFT]

  82. handyeh says:

    One problem with the current view of Business Contacts at the bottom of the Account General form is inactive Business Contacts.  Even if a Business Contact has the tick removed from the Status / Active field on the Business Contact’s General page, as that field is not visible on the General page for the Accounts, you do not know if any of the Business Contacts are inactive without drilling down into the Business Contacts.  

    Could the Status / Active field for each Business Contact be displayed at the bottom of the Accounts General form? (I know, it is getting crowded already).  

    Alternatives would be to not display inactive Business Contacts in the Accounts General form or to unlink the Business Contact from the Account – both much less preferable options.



  83. cm33414 says:


    I hope this question isn’t a duplicate – I’ve tried searching for the exact answer but couldn’t find it.

    I just set up my PC to send the Business Contacts to my Palm Tungsten T3 via Bluetooth as vcards.  But I am concerned about what will happen when I synch, since the Tungsten will then will copy those contacts into my personal contacts.

    Does it create any problems to have some contacts appear both in the personal and business folders?  Does it affect the history, etc.?  And if so, is there a workaround to this?

    Thanks in advance!


  84. cm33414 says:

    One more question…

    I have two shortcuts to Outlook on my desktop all of the sudden (today is when I did all the bluetooth-type stuff on my PC, handheld, and cell phone).

    One shortcut points to C:UsersPublicDesktop, the other to C:Users(my username)Desktop.  Aside from that difference, the Publicdesktop has a user called Interactive with Read & Execute permissions.

    Does this seem like a glitch or is it related to bluetooth/synching?  Do I need both shortcuts on the desktop?



  85. says:


    Do you think there is a way to write SQL security script to have users only display certain types of Accounts or Contacts and not all?

    Thank you,


  86. bcmteam says:

    Hi CM,

    I myself has never tried sending a business contact to Palm Tungsten T3 via vcard since it runs Palm OS and we only support Windows Mobile phones.

    Regarding your other question, i’m not sure what caused outlook to create two shortcuts on your desktop, but you should try outlook forum for it.


    Vinit [MSFT]

  87. bcmteam says:

    Hi Michael

    Concept of “roles” is not present in BCM.The contact/account tables would have to support the role  which can define who should view(/change) it.

    You might want to try Microsoft CRM for all those functionlities.


    Vinit [MSFT]

  88. oteacher says:

    Just checking for a update on the sent email linking.

    The problem is that sent emails doesent appear in contact history using IMAP accounts.

    The received email is shown on the contact history, but sent emails doesn’t show up.

    I’m using a shared DB from another PC, and all records have email link selected.

  89. bcmteam says:

    Hi Oteacher

    For IMAP, you need to make sure you’re subscribing to ‘Sent Items’ folder (In Outlook toolbar it’s Tools -> IMAP folders…).

    Also, make sure all folders are selected for linking. To check that in the click Business Contact Manager -> Manage E-mail Autolinking… and ‘Select All…’ under folder E-mail and Folders tabs.


    Alex [MSFT]

  90. B_David says:


    I run a dumby outlook session on my server with BCM and share database to all users. Can I setup another BCM database on Sharepoint 2007 and use the pipeline template to pull records from a BCM database from another outlook sessions database that is syncing with the dumby database that I use as the share? I want to be able to manage the database from a sharepoint template to provide a web based CRM so to speak that is integrated with outlook users who connect to the shared database? please send email if someone has done this.

  91. oteacher says:


    The IMAP account is set to use a IMAP folder like "Sent" no to the Outlook "Sent Items" because if i select the Outlook "Sent Items" the messages sent cant be retrived from another computer.

    The problem is that in the BCM Autolinking settings page the IMAP "Sent" is missing, the other folders like Inbox are shown.

    I’ve tryed to change the IMAP out folder to a newly created folder like "OUT", but as i check the new OUT folder in the IMAP account the BCM Autolinking hides it, and start showing the IMAP original Sent folder.

    So, the only way to link the emails would be to use the default Outlook Sent Items?


  92. handyeh says:

    I asked a question above on 28 October 2008 re the display of Active / Inactive Business Contacts on the Accounts General form.  If I mention this question again, will the BCM Team respond? <warm smile>


  93. bcmteam says:

    Hi Ta,

    Sorry for the late reply. This is currently not supported in Business Contact Manager 2003/2007. But you can launch Neglected Business Contact Manager Report and see your inactive business contacts.

    I do appreaciate your feedback on this and we’ll definately consider this for our future releases.


    Vinit [MSFT]

  94. StephenY1968 says:

    How can remote salespeople replicate a subset of the business contact database on their systems? They don’t need to see each other contacts, but we don’t want to set up separate databases for each others’ territories.

    I know in SQL Server replication, the subscription can be filtered.

    How does one setup BCM to do it?

  95. bcmteam says:

    Hi StephenY1968,

    With BCM you can share a database (on a server) and have multiple people connect to it. This inturn would create a local database on your machines, which basically replicates the main shared database.

    You can read more about sharing a bcm database at


    Vinit [MSFT]

  96. bcmteam says:

    Hi Oteacher,

    BCM only links e-mails if they are in the default store, which is your Personal Items  folder. Email linking does not work in the IMAP store.

    To work around this, use the Rules Wizard to create a rule that copies all sent messages from the IMAP Sent Items to the Sent Items in the personal folders (.pst) file. Make sure to enable Email Auto Association for that folder. This way you can keep your email in IMAP folder and have them linked to BCM items on the local machine.


    Alex [MSFT]

  97. Ricky_O says:

    I asked this in a larger forum back in August but the answer wasn’t on topic.

    I have been using BCM for a year and love it.  However, let’s say I either enter a new Account or already have one set up, and go to enter a new business contact.  After I click on ADD button in the Accounts window, and the ‘Select the Business Contacts to link to this Account’ dialog box appears, a limited set of contacts appears.  It is neither the entire list of all the contacts in the database, nor is it any contacts already linked to the Account I am about to link to.  Is it only Contacts that have not been linked previously???

    If I add a new Contact, that contact likewise is not available for future selection.

    My question:  What is the rationale for which Contacts appear in the selection dialogue box with attaching to an Account?

    I am trying to understand how it works and the process it is using so that I can save some time and typing.

  98. bcmteam says:

    Hi Ricky,

    In BCM, a contact can only be linked to just one account. This is the reason why already chosen contacts don’t show up in the selection/link to dialog.

    We do appreciate your feedback and we may consider this for our feature releases.



  99. gigsy says:

    Hiya all

    i have user "A" who has setup an account and has assigned it to user "B" however user "A" is still getting the reminders.  Is there anything else that needs to be done for an account to assigned to someone else?

    much appreciated

  100. bcmteam says:

    Hi Gigsy,

    When you assign reminders to an account,it gets assigned to the same outlook profile and not to the user that account is assigned to. This is due to design limitations.

    Well you can work around this by creating project tasks assigned to the user the account is linked to and the reminders would show up under that user’s outlook profile.

    I hope this helps


    Vinit [MSFT]

  101. oteacher says:

    Create a Rule? How Didn’t i think of that?

    That will solve the problem. I was manually copying the sent messages…


  102. vreiner says:

    I’m using BCM 2007 with the database shared on a SQL2005 server.  2 questions:

    1. like most companies I have sales empoyees and a sales manager.  I want to limit the viewing of opportunities to the assigned user, and the sales manager.  This is so other users can’t open or change opportunities not assigned to them.  Can this be done, and if so how?

    2. I want to change the canned views for Opportunities (and in the future probably Accounts and Contacts too).  For example I need to add and remove fields displayed on the Opportunities default view.  

    I tried "Customize the Current View" and "Define View" but the changes do not stick once I switch to a different screen.  I created a new view which is now on the list, but cannot figure out how to make it the default view.  Can this be done and if so how?


  103. bcmteam says:

    Hi Vreiner,

    Answers to your questions –

    1. Unfortunately BCM is designed such that once you give access to someone to a database you give access to all the data in the database. I would recommend looking in to MSCRM for that.

    2. We have had some other customers requesting the same and we’ll definately consider this for our next release.

    3. Can you make sure you have all the updates for outlook and BCM. Also try this,

    a) Go to Contacts/Business Contacts

    b) In the toolbar click View->CurrentView->Define    Views

    c) Click ‘New’

    d) Enter the name for the view, select type “Table” and check radio button “Visible for everyone”

    e) In the appeared dialog select fields and add required fields

    f) Click ‘OK’

    g) Then ‘Apply View’

    h) This view should be available now


    Vinit  [MSFT]

  104. Joe Cathey says:

    While trying to import ACT data I get the following error message during conversion:


    Contact, System.OutOfMemoryException: Exception of type ‘System.OutOfMemoryException’ was thrown.

  105. hoosiertim says:

    We have set up BCM on our exchange server.  Everything is working great.  I use a secondary software to sync my Blackberry with BCM Contacts.  The software name is Companion Link.  It work fantastic until we grouped all of our contact together on the server.  The problem is that when I proform a sync all the business contacts are pulled over.  Is there some way to separate the contacts so that I only sync my contacts?

  106. bcmteam says:

    Hi Hoosiertim,

    So did you make a copy of your business contacts in the outlook contact folder? If thats the case exchange server would have made a copy for the same on the server side.

    I’m not sure how companion link works, so you might want to touch base with them regarding your mobile sync.


    Vinit [MSFT]

  107. oteacher says:

    I’ve got a question about the reminders.

    Where are the reminders stored?

    I have created reminders for contacts in the laptop, using a shared DB.

    On the server PC no reminders are shown.

    How can i show the reminders in both PC and laptop?

    Another issue is that reminders created when the DB is online are not shown when the DB is offline.


  108. bcmteam says:

    Hi oteacher,

    The reminder are stored in user’s pst. So when you set reminder through BCM , which in turns creates it in outlook under that particular outlook profile. So, in case of a share database with different users if a BCM item is assinged to a different user and you create a reminder for the same, the reminder would still not show up for that user whom the item is assigned to, but to the user the profile is associated with.

    This is something by design and we’ll definately consider this for our future releases. But,you might want to use Project tasks to achieve this.


    -Vinit [MSFT]

  109. xotj123 says:

    Feature Request 1

    – Allow printing of Contacts and BCM Contacts to Mailing Labels and Envelopes without the MAIL MERGE function and MS WORD. Dosent make any sense to add the extra step od word.

    Feature Request 2

    – Compose a Fax Cover Sheet from BCM Contacts info. Maybe an Action under the Actions menu.


    TJ Havens

  110. xotj123 says:

    Are you using Active Directory? If you created the tasks with a USER that exists in AD then I believe no matter what instance of BCM you are logged into, you will see that users Task, etc.

    bcmteam is right, since 2 machines belong to workgroup, there are 2 different USERS, one on each machine, you just got the same credentials.

    Hope this explains a little…….

    TJ Havens

  111. cupajoe29 says:

    I have applied sp1 and tried to use the new feature:

    Custom field support in Mail Merge marketing campaign. (Requested here on this blog by you)

    How is this used? I can not find my custom fields when creating a mail merge from the marketing campain screen.

  112. AlwaysPC says:

    Outlook 2007 with Business Contact Manager…..

    A few clients have asked me if Business Contacts can be the default that is shown when they click on the Contacts button (bottom left in Outlook)

    By default the users own contacts are displayed and they have to then click on Busines Contacts every time.

    Can this be done easily????

  113. SherwoodR says:


    You can setup your view by doing this in outlook

    1) Click on the Tools pull down and chose Options

    2) Click on the Other Tab

    3) Click on Advanced Options

    4) Click the Browse Button and choose your default startup view for outlook

    Hope this helps


  114. SherwoodR says:

    Sorry I miss read your post…  🙁

    From what I can tell there is not an easy way to change the default Contacts View that displays when first selecting the contact in the Navigation Pane.

    After you switch and change though it will default to that contact list until you close Outlook…

    I of course am not the experts though and would like to hear if there is a way to do this

  115. SherwoodR says:

    Can an Opportunity reminder be made to show on the calendar when it is updated?  Maybe from the reminder field


    How would I write a script that from a button or running in background that would take the reminder and make it a calendar event or appointment automatically filling in the information?

    Any suggestions?



  116. hoosiertim says:

    Vinit, thanks for responding to my post.  I don’t know how to add a folder to the utility we added to our server.  How do I add the folder?

  117. rick3390 says:

    How do I drag and change a task to an appointment and add the contact information as an attachement? I am looking for a right click drag and drop option for "address new meeting"

  118. yannick_uk says:

    I noticed that when I auto-link an email to a project, it actually auto-links all the emails with the same subject to that project (no matter who sent the email) ! Obviously I am using very often the same subject for different clients on many different projects, like "follow up" and "updates". Is there a way to control / disable this ? The history of my projects is such a mess now…

    Thank you for your help

  119. bcmteam says:


    We really appreciate your feedback and will consider changing this in our future releases. But for now you can try the following,

    1)If you only need to link a few e-mails to the project, ‘Link to Record’ might work better (the button in the toolbar next to E-mail Auto Association). ‘Link to Record’ will only link an individual e-mail to the project, so further e-mails with same subject would not get linked.

    2)You can also turn off e-mail linking for the projects. Start by selecting an e-mail with the subject that you no longer want to be linked. Click ‘E-mail Auto Association’ in toolbar, select ‘Business Contact Manager Projects’ tab and uncheck all the projects.

    -Alex [MSFT]

  120. mhouldridge says:


    *** Fix for Email Autolinking ***

    I’ve posted a recent project of mine which fixes the email autolinking issues with Business Contact Manager, specifically with automatic autolinking being disabled in a shared database environment.

    The link above provides access to the software download (free version), which must be installed on the Business Contact Management server, and runs as a service.  The software adds autolinking for each user (added in config file), so that users no longer need to run the Email Autolinking tool everyday.

    This was developed primarily for our own purposes, however whilst trying to come up with a fix we noticed many other businesses who had the same problem.


    Mark H

  121. mhouldridge says:


    *** Fix for Email Autolinking ***

    I’ve posted a recent project of mine which fixes the email autolinking issues with Business Contact Manager, specifically with automatic autolinking being disabled in a shared database environment.

    The link above provides access to the software download (free version), which must be installed on the Business Contact Management server, and runs as a service.  The software adds autolinking for each user (added in config file), so that users no longer need to run the Email Autolinking tool everyday.

    This was developed primarily for our own purposes, however whilst trying to come up with a fix we noticed many other businesses who had the same problem.


    Mark H

  122. Chez says:


    You have helped me out before, and I’m hoping that you can again.  We are still loving BCM and managing many projects using it. We have a problem at the moment which is proving to be quite time consuming.

    We generally work in Project Tasks in Bus Cont Manager. Current view: Project Task List, grouped by "Assigned to User".

    We use the fields: Status, Due Date, % Completed, and Subject.  We also used to have "Business Project", however this is no longer available.

    I have been right through all the fields in Customize Current View, and it seems to have disappeared.  I have tried adding it as a New Field, but this doesn’t pick up the Project detail.  I have also checked our deleted items folder.

    We have nearly 40 replicated tasks for each project, so this means that the project name has to be entered into each individual task "Subject" line, so that each user can scan through their task list and see which project they need to work on.

    I hope this makes sense, and that you are able to help.

    Thanks very much


  123. yannick_uk says:

    Hi Alex,

    thank you for your suggestions.

    Unfortunately, I need to auto-link many projects at the same time (about 50) and they all contain emails with similar subjects as explained before ("follow up", "updates"). I probably receive at least 40 emails per day related to projects, so Link to Record is not a solution as I would spend most of my time doing just that…

    Please let me know if there is something else possible or if a fix is on its way…soon hopefully ! 🙂

    Thank you for your help.


  124. bcmteam says:

    Hi Chez,

    The way to add ‘Business Project’ field back to the view is:

    1.Go to Project Tasks folder

    2.Right-click the column headers (i.e. Status) on the view

    3.In the appeared context menu select ‘Customize Current View’

    4.Select ‘Fields…’ in the appeared dialog

    5.In the top drop down box select ‘User Defined Fields’

    6.From the left column add the field named ‘ParentDisplayName’ – this is the Project Name field

    7.Now, to rename the field ‘ParentDisplayName’ you would need to go to ‘Customize Current View’ dialog again

    8.Select ‘Format Columns…’

    9.In the appeared dialog, choose ‘ParentDisplayName’ and give a new name, i.e. ‘Business Project’

    Hope this helps

    -Alex [MSFT]

  125. Chez says:

    Alex… you are a marvel!  This has worked perfectly!

    Thank you so much


  126. jvoelcker says:


    I’ve been playing around with BCM 2007 and have a couple of questions..

    1. Is there any facility or 3rd party app around that I can use to sync my BCM contacts with my normal contacts?  I keep some of the same contacts in both and don’t want to have to keep on updating both.

    2. When viewing contact history I can see any way of customising the view to show me whether the linked messages are from me or the contact – Ideally I would only want to display an icon to show the type of contact, the subject, the sender and a received time/date stamp.  I have tried customising the view, but the fields don’t get populated.

    ANy help with these would be appreciated.

  127. bcmteam says:

    Hi Yannick,

    E-mail linking for projects only looks at subject lines. So there is no way to differentiate whether e-mails are going to different addresses if they have the same subject.

    If you need differentiation by address, you can try using Business Contacts or Accounts E-mail Auto Linking.

    I hope this helps


    Alex [MSFT]

  128. ASims13 says:

    I am importing a database of Accounts and Contacts into Business Contact Manager.

    Both Accounts and Contacts are listed in seperate Excel spreadsheets and no custom fields are required.

    I noticed that the contacts are not automatically linked to the accounts during the import process.

    I also noticed a post dated July 2008 where a user Vinit [MSFT] mentions a SQL query with instructions to achieve this.

    I would really appreciate if someone would please send to me the details in order to auto link contacts to accounts during the import process.

    I need to import 3000 Contacts.

    Thanks very much

  129. dmowrer says:

    I am in the process of converting an old database to Outlook BCM with sql server. I have seen some very helpful hints here for cleaning up the import process. Specifically you have provided some sql code to connect the contacts list to their primary account in the accounts list. This worked really well for me. However, in that post, you mentioned that the same thing could be done to automatically assign the primary contact. I have been unable to figure this out. Could someone please provide a sql script instruction to assign the primarycontacts to each account? Thanks very much.

  130. JM42 says:

    I use BCM 2003.  Is it possible to customize the list of options under "sources of lead" on the Opportunity form.  I would like to use my own list.

  131. caresrg says:

    How do I print a list of Business Contacts who do NOT have Phone Logs dated

    within the past 3 months? I’d like that so that I know who I need to touch

    base with!



  132. bcmteam says:

    Hi Carolyn,

    Unfortunately there is no direct way to achieve this.But, if your contacts have atleast one communication item this could work.

    1)Go to Business Contact Manager Menu –> Reports –>Business Contacts –> Activity by Business Contact

    2)Click on Filter Button

    3)Go to advanced Tab on the dialog

    4)Select under Field Name – Created,Comparision- less than and compare to as any date you like.

    5)On the Simple Filter tab you can un-select all the other communications type, so that it takes only phone logs for consideration.

    Let me know if you have any other questions


    Vinit [MSFT]

  133. caresrg says:

    Because almost all my contacts have older phone logs too, I think it might be better to use "greater than" and *wait* to call the ones on that report. I can’t be the only one who would find such phone log report helpful, though, so maybe in the next version? What are the criteria that make up the "Neglected Business Contacts" report?

  134. caresrg says:

    Is it possible to send a "Marketing Campaign" email to very few people? I just want to check off a few to send one to–the benefit being that they each get an individual email with their name in the "To:" field. When I try to do this, BC tells me that I am excluding hundreds of contacts and to try using the Simple or Advanced Filter. Why? Thanks again!–Carolyn

  135. dryhumor1 says:

    BCM wont recognize my HTC Pro smart phone.

    Phone = MS Mobile 6.1

    PC = Vista 64 bit w Outlook 2007

    The windows mobile screen shows business contacts but it can’t be checked (the same goes for files)

    My Verizon phone installed correctly w the desktop and outlook 2007 works fine. When I run the BCM install program is says the phone is not a recognized device.  The one weird thing is BCM install says outlook is running, and will have to be restarted for this to take effect. Outlook isn’t running, and I’ve run the task manager to verify this.

    What should I do?

  136. bcmteam says:

    Hi dryhumor1,

    You need to install BCM for Pocket PC (Touch Screen Application) for you HTC Pro.

    Let me know if this helps.


    Vinit [MSFT]

  137. eyalkattan says:


    This question may have been asked before and I apologize if it was. I couldn’t find it in the archives.

    Why doesn’t the BCM either take over the Contact’s folder or at least provide autosynch between the Business Contacts and the Contacts?

    Currently I have to keep my contacts in 3 places:

    1. Contacts (so I can sync with my BB)

    2. BCM

    3. Office Accounting

    Since BCM is using SQLServer rather than .pst file, it would be great if it provided better integration with Outlook. After all , it is possible to drag and drop contacts between BCM and Outlook Contacts, so why not sync them in the background?

    Other, 3rd party products such as Prophet5 already does it and I wonder what is the limitation in BCM to do the same.



  138. jgabel says:

    I too am trying to import linked information from access.  I have a table of companies which is linked to a table of individuals.  There is a company account number that is unique for each company.  The individuals are linked to this company account number – multiple individuals to each company.  Anyway, I have tried importing the companies as accounts, but cannot import the individuals as linked business contacts.  I want the individuals business contacts to pull their business address from the address on the account to which I want them to be linked.

    also, i am the owner of this database – how do i change which columns are shown in default views of the accounts and business contacts?  how do i change default sort order?

  139. teicneoir says:

    I have tried to install SP2 for BCM 2k7 but it cannot access the mapisvc.inf file, I also cannot change any permissions on this file….please help (I am running Vista Ultimate SP1)

  140. bcmteam says:

    Hi Teicneoir,

    This sounds like an office setup issue. I researched a little bit online and found some information on this issue. You should try the following

    click mapisvc.inf and goto properties –>security tab–>advanced –>owner tab–>hit edit and change yourself to the owner of the file.

    Hope this helps.


    Vinit [MSFT]

  141. nburke says:

    I have 4000+ record excel spreadsheets.

    However the accounts and contacts are in separate Excel files (they were provided to us from an outside source), how do we link the contacts to the accounts on import?

    I have been trying to figure out how to do this.  It sounds like there may be a work around using SQL Server.

    From earlier posts I see that possibly someone here can assist us in this update.  Please advise.

    Many Thanks,


  142. bcmteam says:

    Hi Neal,

    I have written VBA code that you can run in your outlook session to link your contacts to accounts. This will only work if the Company Field in Business Contacts Matches with an Account. Please make a back up of your data before you try this. Since, you have over 4k contacts it might take a little bit of time to run.

    So in outlook press Alt + F11. Microsoft Visual Basic editor will launch. Copy the code below and paste it in the ThisOutlookSession editor. If you dont want to create an Account for all the compnay names that do not have a match, you should comment out the code as explained below.

    After you are done copying press F5.


    ‘Link Contacts to Accounts using Company Name

    Sub LinkContactsToAccounts()

       Dim olApp As Outlook.Application

       Dim objNS As Outlook.NameSpace

       Dim bcmRootFolder As Outlook.MAPIFolder

       Dim olFolders As Outlook.Folders

       Dim bcmAccountsFldr As Outlook.MAPIFolder

       Dim newAcct As Outlook.ContactItem

       Dim userProp As Outlook.UserProperty

       Dim bcmContactsFldr As Outlook.MAPIFolder

       Set olApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")

       Set objNS = olApp.GetNamespace("MAPI")

       Set olFolders = objNS.Session.Folders

       Set bcmRootFolder = olFolders("Business Contact Manager")

       Set bcmAccountsFldr = bcmRootFolder.Folders("Accounts")

       Set bcmContactsFldr = bcmRootFolder.Folders("Business Contacts")

       Set oConItems = bcmContactsFldr.Items

       ‘We iterate through each business contact

       For I = 1 To oConItems.Count

           If Not oConItems.Item(I).CompanyName = "" Then

               Set newAcct = bcmAccountsFldr.Items.Find("[FileAs] = ‘" & oConItems.Item(I).CompanyName & "’")

               ‘Now if Account doesn’t exist we create one. If you dont want to create a new account comment the next 6 lines

               If TypeName(newAcct) = "Nothing" Then

                   Set newAcct = bcmAccountsFldr.Items.Add("IPM.Contact.BCM.Account")

                   newAcct.FullName = oConItems.Item(I).CompanyName

                   newAcct.FileAs = oConItems.Item(I).CompanyName


               End If

               SetAccountPropertyForContact userProp, oConItems.Item(I), "Parent Entity EntryID", OlUserPropertyType.olText, newAcct.EntryID

           End If


    End Sub

    Sub SetAccountPropertyForContact(ByRef userProp As Outlook.UserProperty, contact As Outlook.ContactItem, prop As String, OlUserPropertyType, accountentryid As String)

       If contact.ItemProperties(prop).Value = "" Then

           contact.ItemProperties(prop).Value = accountentryid


       End If

    End Sub


    Hope this helps.

    -Vinit [MSFT]

    This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights

  143. Steven Hurley says:


    I cannot seem to find a way to use the BCM 2007 reports feature to output a simple list sorted by Company Name.  I can point and shoot a selection to output by rating, by birthday, and a dozen other ways, but not by company name!  Is it simply not an option?

    Please Respond, Steve Hurley

  144. nburke says:

    Thank you VERY much!  The script worked like a charm except for the name O’neil.  The apostrophy!

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  145. parkynz says:


    Can you tell me please if BCM 2007 SP2 and SQL Express 2005 SP3 work smoothly together – any known issues..?


  146. bcmteam says:

    Hi Parkynz,

    There shouldnt be any issues upgarding your BCM to SP2 and SQL express to SP3.


    -Vinit [MSFT]

  147. CGil says:

    I have installed the BCM SP2 (3.00.8619.01) on my computer.  I’m also connected to a SQL 2005 shared database which works great.  

    What would like to know is there any way to speed up the screen repaints when switching from HOME, SALES, MARKETING & PROJECT TABS?  I’ve reduced the number of contents on each and removed graphs.

  148. bcmteam says:

    Hi CGil,

    There are a couple of things you could try:

    1.Purge some history items – if the communication history folder is huge, deleting as many history items as possible would speed things some.

    2.Since your are in a shared mode, you could try increasing the polling interval.  The default value is 60 sec.  May be increase it to 2 or 5 minutes: create a DWord called ‘PollingInterval’ under ‘HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftBusiness Solutions eCRM’ and set it to 120 etc (in seconds).

    Hope this helps

    -Vinit [MSFT]

  149. parkynz says:

    Hi, this post addresses a problem that occurs with indexing BCM after WDS 4.0 is installed (reverting to v3.01 does not fix the issue). If you find after installing v4 that the "Business Contact Manager" folder is missing under the Microsoft Office Outlook provider from the Index Locations page (after clicking the Modify button) then you need to make a registry modification and restart the WDS service to rectify the problem. The key to add is:

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsWindows SearchPreferences]


    Past resolutions to this issue have suggested reinstalling BCM after WDS, this is not necessary.


  150. BCM_Chris_User says:

    Hi, how to deny access to specific database on the remote SQL server? I can not use Admin Tool becouse I have a Polish language software. For each user I have a different database on the SBS SQL Server 2005. I created those databases according to "Deploying Outlook 2007 with Business Contact Manager in a Remote Database Configuration". I can not list them in Outlook BCM until I give the user sysadmin role. Each user must see only its own database. Please help.

  151. parkynz says:


    Can someone please tell me the purpose of the BCM 2007 cache files (*.cache) held under the user profile in the %USERPROFILE%Local SettingsApplication DataMicrosoftBusiness Contact ManagerCache<DBname> folder?

    I have users with up to 3,500 of these types of files in that folder which seems excessive. Some of the file extensions also contain "*.searchroot.cache" and "*.associated.cache" in addition to the "*.cache" files. I’m wondering if I should clear these files out and also if they should be clearing themselves out? Please explain, thanks.

  152. bcmteam says:

    Parkynz- These files are database cache file. The cached files improve overall database performance.

    Generally, you would see large number of these files if you are frequently creating new databases. Not sure if that is the case. Said that, you can safely delete these files. BCM will recreate cache files but youl would have large number of these files unless there are many databases on the machine.


  153. parkynz says:

    Thanks for the reply. I only have a single BCM 2007 database on the machine. So what could possibly be causing the huge number of cache files in that case? The environment is Windows 2003 Server R2 SP2 with Outlook/BCM 2007 SP2 and SQL 2005 Express SP2.

    For example I closed Outlook, deleted all the cache files, reopened Outlook and simply went to the BCM Home page and that alone created 19 new cache files in that directory..? See the file list below…




















    File sizes are small 1-10 KB and the "associated.cache" ones have larger file sizes up to about 100 KB.

    Is this strange behaviour?


  154. DPG says:

    I have BCM 2007. I am importing over 4000 Accounts and over 20,000 associated Contacts from an excell spreadsheet. How can I easily link Contacts to associated Accounts in BCM 2007 without doing it manually one by one?

  155. DPG says:

    I have BCM 2007. I am uploading from an excell spreadsheet over 4,000 Accounts with associated contacts of over 23,000. Is there a way to link the related Accounts and Contacts automatically so to avoid doing them one-by-one manually for the list of 23,000 contacts???

  156. DPG says:

    my email is Please send solutions to my question above if you have one.


  157. parkynz says:


    Can someone please tell me if the BCM 2007 cache files (*.cache) held under the user profile in the %USERPROFILE%Local SettingsApplication DataMicrosoftBusiness Contact ManagerCache<DBname> folder can be pointed to a different location or the caching turned off somehow? I’m asking because I’m trying to minimize the number of unnecessary write operations to my SSD hard drive and Outlook seems to be pretty intensive on HDD writes unfortunately…


  158. NoDak Hank says:


    I have a basic question: in the history section of BCM 2007, it lists all emails sent or received for a given contact.  It there any way to identify which is a message I sent versus one I received.  The only way I’ve come up with is by opening each one.  There must be an easier way…right?

  159. NoDak Hank says:

    Here’s another question,

    In the notes section of a normal contact, I’m able to insert a picture.  However, I can’t do this in the Comments section of the BCM contacts.  Is there any way to add a field that will accept a picture?  I can add normal text, currency, yes/no, etc. fields, but none for images.  Any way to do this?  

  160. ashlinr says:

    I have just purchased a smart phone with Windows Mobile 6.5. I know you can sync with 6.0 and 6.1.  I don’t see any information about if I am able to sync my Business Contacts with this phone. Is this possible or in the works?

  161. jsfurman says:

    I hope someone can help. I am doing a Marketing Campaign in BCM 07. The problem is that after I create ba filter, the default view has only "File As" and "email" displayed. I need to see the "Company". Can I change this and if so, how?


  162. Jim Kuch says:

    I am trying to write a report showing all the activities under a particular Opportunity and show who on the team has been assigned responsibility for that particular task, like so:

    Opportunity1Name     Opportunity1AssigntedTo

       Opportunity1Task1    Opportunity1Task1AssignedTo

       Opportunity1Task2    Opportunity1Task2AssignedTo

       Opportunity1Task3    Opportunity1Task3AssignedTo

    I can see how to show the AssignedTo for the particular Opportunity, but I have been unable to figure out how the particular ActivityID in the ActivitiesTable ties back to AssignedTo in the ContactMainTable.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  163. ghporter says:


    I wish to do a simple report in Business Contact manager 2007 – [Activity by Account] ….or it could be by Business Contact, doesn’t matter. The problem I have is, in  the “Linked to” column, the Account name appears again and NOT the Business Contact that the activity is associated with. I have tried using the modify report option, but I whatever I do, I can’t seem to get the contacts to appear on the report

    If anyone could assist, that would be much appreciated! Also apologies in advance if I am in the wrong area.

    Best Regards

    Geoff, Melbourne Aust

  164. JSM says:

    I cannot install BCM 64b- it states that it cannot be installed without having istalled MS Outlook 2010. It wnats me to input CD 1. The problem is that i have installed MS Outlook 2010. It was installed via web service…Can you help me please?

  165. Reinout says:


    we have a 1000+ contacts in BCM. Now we want to start a marketing campain, but we want to do that in more batches. How can i select the first 200 contacts, then the contacts 201-400, then 401-600 etc.?

    Can you please help me?



  166. Ralph says:

    I want to create a Quick List of Business Contacts that includes the name of my contact's company.  "Company" is not one of the available columns when I click Modify Report.  Is there a way to add "Company" to the report?

  167. Eva says:

    Is the bcm team still around.. ?? I need help!

  168. Jerry says:

    Hi Eva,

    Yes, we are what is your issue?


  169. Jon says:

    I imported a bunch of Accounts and Contacts into BCM in Outlook 2010. I then directly updated the table 'EntityReferences' with all the relationships between accounts and contacts on user-defined relationship fields. They linked up ok, but when I open a contact  in a form on the 'destination' side of the relationship, it opens a different contact from the list.

    For example: I have a relationship field  'Committees' with 'Committee Contacts' as the destination field. When I open a committee, I see the list of contacts linked to that committee. When I double-click a contact in that list to view it, it actually opens a completely different contact from the same list.

    It seems like it is using the 'EntryGUID' to sort the list of relationship (Committee Contact) records, but when retrieving the contact it somehow re-sorts in the background on 'ContactServiceID' and grabs the specific position in the list that was double-clicked (i.e. List[1]) to open the record itself. It does the same thing when I step through the Help system's 'add a relationship field' example using the Sample Database included with BCM; it opens the wrong record.

    Is there anyway to fix this? Thanks for any help you can give

  170. says:

    Is it possible to send a "Marketing Campaign" email to very few people? I just want to check off a few to send one to–the benefit being that they each get an individual email with their name in the "To:" field. When I try to do this, BC tells me that I am excluding hundreds of contacts and to try using the Simple or Advanced Filter. Why? These contacts have nothing in common – I just want to create marketing campaigns to random distribution lists that I create. Thanks again!

  171. Jerry says:

    Hi Ssheffield.

    Yes it is possible.  You are seeing that error because of a limit on the number of items you can "cherry" pick from with the lookup dialogs.  Howerver, you can select your few contacts by select them in the contact grid, and right click on the select items and choose create->New Mass Email (or other type of mc you want).

    You can also do the same from reports.  Open the BC Report you want, choose the contacts from it then hit the ribbon button for the marketing campiagn you want in the Communicate ribbon tab of the reprot.  There will be an option for all in report or selected items.

    Hope that solves your issue.

    –Jerry [MSFT]  

  172. rickrowilliams says:

    Office 10 / BCM 10  The Business Contact Manager Home Screen (the page that has the 4 tabs.) is now blank.  I can click on the 4 tabs, but there is nothing on any of them…  Please help.

  173. B Lewis says:

    Has the limit of only one Account link per Business Contact been resolved?  Like other users, I have sales reps that service multiple accounts for us, and I'd like to be able to link the Business Contact to more than one Account.  The only work-around I can think of right now is to create multiple copies of the Business Contact and assign each one to their account, but that seems like it would muck up our tracking.

    Also, have they built in a way to track if someone modifies and/or deletes a record?  I'm looking to recommend BCM 2010 to my company, but these are two hurdles that they might not make it over.

    Thank you for a quick response to or here in the blog.

  174. Hi BCM Team,

    Our Company is trying to use BCM for some Marketing Campaign but there are challenges that i can't seem to  get over with. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    First, is there a way to create custom reports that are grouped based on user-defined fields that can be used for charts?

    Another is that there was a vba code provided in this thread for linking contacts to their parent accounts. sadly it does not work on bcm 2010. can you provide a modified code for it to work on bcm 2010?

    Lastly, is there a way to come up with some kind of ratios of accounts based on some user-defined fields?

    Many Thanks in advance.


  175. Jim Murphy says:

    BCM 2010 does not show up as an option in the Outlook address book. I have followed the procedure to add it but BCM is not an option in the list. I only use BCM for contacts so at this point the address book is useless and finding an infrequently used email address is very difficult. All of the suggestions on searches I have done lead down dead end roads. Maybe someone at your blog can actually give me useable information. Please email me at

  176. Time_Paradox says:

    Hi BCM Team,

    we use in our company the BCM 2010 and now we have seen last week a phenomenon. The display of the history element among the BCM contacts adjusts itself automatically in a time scale . Previous only solution to this is to disable the plugin BCM and to reactivate . After that, the view is back to normal.

    Sporadically since then but it comes again and again to this Altered view.

    There is to be a better solution method?

  177. nnqofkid says:

    My Business contact Manager 2013 does not show the accounts linked with the Business contact.  Only the contact card shows when either are opened.  How do I get the Business contact card to show and NOT just the contact card.

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