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Can I set up a BCM database on SQL 2005 64-bit edition?

Database Tool is not supported on 64-bit SQL 2005.  However you can try a manual workaround by following the instructions in the document given bleow.

After deploying the database, how do I add and remove users?

The BCM database sharing wizard handles adding and removing users.

On the client side, BCM installs SQL Express even if you have no
 intention of using it. Is it necessary?  

It's not necessary to have sql installed on a client that will only
ever connect to a shared database on a server, but it is recommended to have it installed.

On our SBS server, I would like to change the location of the BCM database
files (MDF, LDF, BAK) to something other than the default "Application Data"
folder in "Documents and Settings".

Download SQL Management Studio from Microsoft Website (if it's not already on your SBS
server)Open SQL Management Studio, expand the Databases section in the left navigation   bar, right click on your database, choose Tasks > Detach.  To ReAttach, right click on Databases and choose Attach, then browse to the location of  the MDF file on your hard drive..

Need to setup Accounting 2008 Pro and Office 2007 Pro linked to
Business Contact Manager on Small Business Server.

Database Admin tool can help you setup database on your SBS server. Also you do not need Office installed on the SBS server.

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  1. ToughD says:

    I installed Office Accounting 2008 on my SBS box.  According to the last statement, "Also you do not need Office installed on the SBS server", I can remove Office Accounting 2008 from my SBS box?

    Thank you.

  2. Jerry Blake says:


    By Office we mean Microsoft Office 2007 and not Office Accounting 2007/2008.


    Vinit [MSFT]

  3. casaozeta says:

    I am using Business Contact Manager (BCM) 2007. I have a shared BCM database on a Windows 2003 Server. That server’s hard drive failed and the server needed to be rebuilt. I restored the BCM database to SQL Express 2005. Now in Outlook 2007 I am getting the error: "The identifier for the Business Contact Manager database has just been changed. Another user may have restored the database. Restart Outlook to connect to this database with the new identifier." Despite repeated reboots, I continue to get this error. I need to get this working. I have several users with many changes they have made to their local copy of BCM and those changes need to be sychronized with the restored BCM database on the Windows 2003 Server. Please help.

  4. Jerry Blake says:

    Please answer following questions:

    1.“I restored the BCM database to SQL Express 2005.”  Can you please elaborate on this?

    2.Was the backup taken on a different machine from the one on which the hard drive failed?

    3.What format was the backup taken in? .bak or .sbb?

    4.How did you restore the database- through BCM restore or using a SQL command?


    Vinit [MSFT]

  5. casaozeta says:

    The BCM database was originally on the win2k box with sql 2005 express.  after I removed the bad hard drive from the box, i installed a new hard drive, reinstalled win2k and sql 2005 express and used the Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2007 Database Tool to restore the database to the previous database name. it was an .sbb restore.  what does the error mean? what is this "identifier for the Business Contact Manager database". how do i fix it?  no matter how many times i reboot i get this error when I try to build the offline database.  it appears to work fine without an offline database, but we need the offline databases.  Thanks!

  6. casaozeta says:

    win2k above means windows 2003 server 32-bit. not windows 2000.  sorry.

  7. Erik@MSDN says:

    Anyone have a checklist/documents which shows steps to take to connect the local BCM-clients on the users machines to the common SQL database preferrably the SQL Express?

    Also looking for documentation about what fields in the BCM-tabs (accounts, business contacts and opportunities) are adjustable and how this is done?

    Kind regards


  8. johnjm04 says:

    email me.

    is the "Add new Group" functionality in Outlook 2007 applicable to BCM in any way?

    – John M.

  9. Joe Cathey says:

    When trying to back up the BCM database I get the following error message:

    "Errors occurred during the back up of these files.  The backup process has stopped."

  10. bcmteam says:

    Hi Joe,

    Can you please turn on BCM logging and post the logs here?

    To enable logging, go to Help|About Business Contact Manager for Outlook. On the dialog check the enable logging for Business Contact Manager for outlook. Then go to your user profile Temp folder and look for BCMV3.log file.


    Vinit [MSFT]

  11. CliftonGilchrist says:

    I am having trouble switching the database over to a new host.  After I exported and imported everything, some opportunities are missing from the new host’s database.  It’s affecting my sales numbers for the year.

    Any ideas on just exporting opportunities?


  12. bcmteam says:

    Hi Clifton,

    Did you get any errors while exporting BCM data? If you did, can you check the logs and see what went wrong?


    Vinit [MSFT]

  13. CliftonGilchrist says:

    I read the log and it says that they were duplicate entries, however there are varying times as well as dollar amounts assigned to the "Closed – Won" opportunities.

    It seems to not like to bring over closed out opportunities period.  We’re missing some other records after I did the ‘import and update’.

  14. CliftonGilchrist says:

    How are .sbb files restored?

  15. mayfield says:

    Hi BCM team

    Can I clarify, can you install SQL express on any server and run the BCM database admin tool on that? Or does it have to be an SQL server? My client needs to move BCM off its SQL server and doesn’t have another SQL server. They think they therefore can’t host the database on any other server.


  16. mkrtx says:

    Hi folks – I am in process of migrating from windows xp to windows vista – i have a new laptop with vista running outlook 2003 – and do not have the old laptop which had XP

    i am a heavy BCM user – so I did a "backup" from XP which created a .msbcm file

    i have installed all the updates from "office update" – however, i did note it did not pick up SP4 for Outlook 2003 (KB930954)

    the problem i am having is that the Import does not allow a selection of .msbcm, only .bcm

    what are my options – i would be devastated to lose all that data

    i also have a copy of the data on my palm 650 treo – i used chapura to sync – i have not synced that application to vista yet, so that might be an opportunity?

    in advance, i appreciate any help

  17. bcmteam says:


    .msbcm file is a database backup file so you’ll need to restore on you new laptop and not import it.It should be under database tools.

    let me know if this doesnt help.


    Vinit [MSFT]

  18. jgs says:


    Every time I share a database with the database admin tool, I get the following message:

    Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2007 Database Tool:

    Unhandled exception has occurred in your application. If you click Continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue. If you click Quit, the application will close immediately.

    The system cannot find the file specified.

    It is followed by a list of details when I click on details. Then I click continue, and everything seems to be okay.

    Is this something I need to worry about?

  19. sreames says:

    I am trying to install DB Admin Tool on Windows Server 2003. It asks for me to choose an SQL instance, and the only one to choose from is a pre-existing HP Web Jet Instance. Do I need to reinstall something or does selecting this SQL instance mess up the Web Jet SQL db?

  20. bcmteam says:

    Hi Sreames,

    If you don’t want to use the existing instance, you can download the free sql 2005 express edition, create a new sql instance, and use that instance instead.

    Hope this helps


    -Vinit [MSFT]

  21. garyleaf says:

    We purchased a Windows Home Server for backup purposes.  Works great for that.  Now my wife wants me to create a Business Contact Manager Database on the WHS and make it accessable via remote login over the Internet.  Is this even possible?  I’ve spent hours searching for a similar question and have found nothing.  If it can be done, I will need a detailed step-by-step how to.  Glad to do that offline if necessary.

  22. DPFS says:

    The previous post response said:

    "After deploying the database, how do I add and remove users?

    The BCM database sharing wizard handles adding and removing users."

    However I do not see a way to delete or remove users with the database admin tool on  the machine that is hosting the database?  Am i missing something?

  23. Trent says:

    Found the question below previously in this string (dated Jan. 19, 2009 – now seems to have disappeared) but saw no responses.  I have the same issue with BCM 2007 – need to include Opportunity Notes in a report – can this be done? Here’s the previous question:

    I am using 2007 BCM and am trying to create opportunity reports.  It seems that opportunity notes from the details window are not available in the reporting options.  So I want create custom reports using Access through an ODBC connection to the BCM database.  Then I decided to include the user defined fields I have created but can not find what table that data in these fields is located.  All I can find is the table with the field definitions but not the data fields.  Can any one help?

  24. Lev_Bondarenko says:

    How to filter contacts using fields of the connected account?

  25. Lev_Bondarenko says:

    How to add in the report programming fields?

  26. gallo991 says:

    I was wondering if that document that outlines the workaround for getting the BCM Database Tool to work with 64-Bit SQL Server 2005 is still available.  That link seems to be completely dead and I can’t find that doc anywhere.  Any help is appreciated!

  27. Ashish Mathur says:


    I had BCM 2007 running on a Vista machine with Office 2007.  I installed Windows 7 on my machine and then installed Office 2007 with BCM 2007.

    I restored my BCM database by running Outlook as an Administrator and it all restored just fine.  Now when i try to add/edit any account or contact, i get a message saying that

    The identifier for Business Contact manager databse has just been changed.  Another user may have restored the database.  Restart Outlook to connect to this database with the new identifier.

    I have resartd outlook several times but to no avail.

    Please help.

  28. diamondtech says:

    Can I use the Database admin tool to host the database file on an SBS 2008 standard server? The server is 64 bit, does not have SQL on it, but could we put 32 bit SQL express on it and use the database tool?   I do not want to start down this road if it will not work at all, but some of the things I have read lead me to believe I can do this on SBS 2008, just wanted to confirm.

    Thanks for any help.


  29. diamondtech says:

    The sharepoint link above appears to no longer be valid. Can it be updated.



  30. bcmteam says:


    Yes, you can use it on sbs 2008, and share out db with sql express.  However, since it is express, you will be limited to databases under 4 gb.

    –jerry [MSFT]

  31. HasseH says:


    I used the Database tool to set up database on our SQL 2005 64-bit without problems, and accessed the database from clients with the Office 2010 Beta flawlessly. Then, after replacing the Beta version of Office 2010 with the recent RTM version I could no longer access the database. Neither could I backup, or create a new, database with the database tool on the SQL server (error message referring to a log file not exisitig). Trying to find a workaround I stumbled upon this page where the link,, leading nowere.

    Could someone advice, please?

  32. shepcon says:

    I have installed the Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2007 Database Tool on my server and successfully shared the BCM database for the users.  I can open the shared database from Outlook 2007 using the BCM wizard.  I now must install the BCM client software on many more PCs that will also connect to the remote BCM DB.  Because of this, I know I'll never need to use the local SQL 2005 Express DB on the PCs.  I know I can simply disable those services on the PCs that I've already completed, but I was hoping to speed-up the process for the future PCs by skipping the SQL portion of the BCM install altogether.  I cannot seem to find a method for this type of custom install of BCM.   Does anyone know the procedure for installing BCM without installing a SQL instance?

  33. Charlie Wood says:

    Tryiing to use the Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2010 Database Tool to update a BCM 2007 dafabase.  It fails with the message "Migrating the database did not complete successfuily"  There are no other errors or explanations, and nothing in the event logs.  The database looks healthy in SQL Server Manager. Can you help me find what is going wrong?  Thanks!

  34. Shripathi says:

    I am unable to access the document link at the top of the document that talks about the workaround to installing on SQL 2005 64-bit. I get an Access denied error. Please help.

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