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Happy holidays from BCM team. Many people in the team are on vacation so we are unable to reply to the post for the next two weeks. I will try to respond to the remaining posts before I take off for the Christmas.

Enjoy the holidays!


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  1. Ofish says:

    We have been getting the following error code when trying to save notes, contact records and tasks using Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2003:

    Could not allocate space for object ‘ActivitiesAdditionalPropertyBag’ in database ‘Anreder_BusinessContactManagerNew’ because the ‘PRIMARY’ filegroup is full.

    What should we do?

    Thank you!

  2. Iggy80424 says:

    I have downloaded SP1 but it still does not allow you to sync and import Business Contacts on a Palm Treo 750 running Windows Mobile 6.  It give a message that this phone is not compatible.  I have downloaded the BCMV3SP.exe and installed it too.

  3. tbecker says:

    I have started a small consulting company, we have an office in Calgary and several home offices in Ontario.  How can I publish the BCM Database like the Calendar in MS Outlook 2007??

    Can’t seem to find anything on this anywhere?

  4. yoko says:

    In BCM 2003 I was able to run a report that showed Business Notes, Journal entries and text included in the Notes area of appointments. Filters could be applied to show the communication history for a contact or opportunity etc. When will this report be included in BCM 2007?

    I have done numerous searches to see if and 3rd party developers have this report – no luck to date.

  5. OneNOte makes up for some of the organization that is not in BCM.  However I seem to have a problem that migrates from BCM and is further aggravated.

    for example:

    I open each contact in my office and assign tasks I must perform with them.  (each works on a different job so some taks may be identical but have different jobs)

    When I look at taks in BCM or tasks in Onenote They do not give who the taks is for So I get 10 taks that all say discuss budget but when looking for the task related to John Doe I have to open everyone util I find his task.  This is not the way ACT or Goldmine or PCTOOLS from 20years ago works.  They show who the task is assigned too otherwise you ahve to duplicate everything.

    What is BCM’s potiion on workign with OneNote????  I’d liek to see two way communication so I attach the email folder where contacts are placed when they arrive and they are automatically placed in OneNote and updated.

  6. Jerry Blake says:

    Hi emilberger,

    There are two tasks, Outlook Tasks and Project Tasks.  Which one are you referring to?

    Can you please clarify more clearly the integration between One Note and BCM?


  7. Jerry Blake says:

    Hi Ofish,

    You have filled the 4GB space of SQL Express.  Try deleting some data and try the scenarios again.


  8. Anonymous says:

    I was hunting for an answer to a questions someone asked me and I came across this the BCM Team Blog

  9. eric@m2architects.com says:

    I actually don’t knwo I have tried using both and neither are satisfactory.

    Outlook tasks I have faily well organized but a red flag or a red flag or a red flag does not organize things very well so I have gone beyond that.

    But creat an outlook task.  If you don’t enter the name of your customer you selected on then it is not linked nor does it keep up viibly with that contact.

    My task should read without any input

    Call John Doe

    and Then I can add a not to read

    Call John Doe on Quarterly Statement

    Right Now I have

    Call Quarterly Statment

    Call Quarterly Statment

    Call Quarterly Statment

    Call Quarterly Statment

    Call Quarterly Statment

    Call Quarterly Statment

    Call Quarterly Statment

    Call Quarterly Statment

    Call Quarterly Statment

    Call Quarterly Statment

    Call Quarterly Statment

    And when you have fifty it gets real old typeing in the name for each contact as this is automatically done in all the other packages I’ve used for at least 15 years.

    This is minimal  otherwise you lose too much time and the task as is, is not a way to keep up with clinets and how to work with them.

    I’ll give you my phone number if you wish to discuss thes one on one and I will tell you the basics I can do in ACT, Goldmine and Lotus Organizer and several other $10 packages.

  10. Jerry Blake says:

    Hi emilberger,

    Can you please clarify the above problem with more clear repro steps?


  11. edmacey says:

    Dear bcmteam,

    I have a somewhat similar problem to emilberger.

    We have decided that BCM might be a good add on to use amongst our team of 5 people, we currently share contacts and assign tasks using plain old Outlook.

    Linking the tasks with a project is really good for review how much work was done on a certain project. However it doesn’t seem possible to notify someone that a task has been assigned to them.

    I was able to get the vba code for project status change email to work (the one available on msdn developer) however can’t quite see how to tweak it for project tasks.

    Any ideas? Thanks Ed.

  12. Tauseef Ahmed Siddiqui says:


    Can someone help me about integrating BCM with Onenote. I'm using MS Office 2010 (Beta), Can I link task/project from Onenote in BCM… If that happends, it wonders…

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