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It's been a while since I posted here. I just wanted to give some update on upcoming service pack. For the last several months team has been busy troubleshooting and fixing the issues in BCM 2007 reported by you. In parallel to this, we have been working on developing exiciting new features for our next big release of BCM. It is too early to talk about what will be in next BCM and when we will release it. However, I can say that we have seriously taken the feedback from our customers and tried to address lot of it by adding exciting new features.

Our upcoming release is Service Pack 1 (SP1) for BCM 2007. Many of you have patiently been waiting for migrating from newer version of ACT! (8.0, 9.0). We have addressed the ACT! data migration issues in SP1. Additionally, we have fixed major functionality issues reported by customers and improved the stability by fixing the issues that you report by submitting those crash reports. We do ananlyze alll that crash data and try to fix 70-80% of the crashes. So keep sending those error reports.

We are hoping to make the service pack publicly available through automatic update before Christmas. Please look out for the post here when we are closer to the release date.



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  1. maxmaraj says:

    This is like putting candy in from of a baby and the baby not able t get to the candy.

    You got to give us a clue in on the new features.


  2. says:

    I think people would make more thoughtful posts if we’d seem to get a reply in a resonable time (every Monday??)

  3. Jerry Blake says:

    maxmaraj, unfortunately we can’t talk about new product features. Please feel free to send any feedback you have about the product and we will include it in our feature planning.

    Emilberger, thanks for taking time to read the blog. We apologize if any of your comments was not answered. We do try to answer comments once in a week Over the last 6 months we have built a good repository of contents and the most frequently asked questions have been answered through various posts and comments. We update the Frequently Asked Question post as we receive more comments from the users. However, if your question hasn’t been answered through other posts or comments, feel free to post it again and I will try to answer it. Additionally, this blog is BCM team member’s personal attempt to help out the customers. Sometime we do get behind in answering the comments or writing new posts when folks get busy in product development work. But we do our best to keep the ball rolling here. Lastly, my personal goal is to maintain the discussion positive and healthy. So I encourage readers of this blog to help me achieve that goal.


  4. smithid says:

    I apologize in advance for being unable to find where to post this question.  

    All I am attempting to do is be able to use Oytlook 2007 BCM to set up todos (tasks) for sales of books to customers so that it leaves a history of the sale AND to print the labels for shipping.

    In ACT! I merely set the tasks, go to my task list, print the labels and close the tasks.

    How can I do the same think in BCM.  This is day 5 and two books down the road.


  5. sharmil says:

    I have a suggestion for BCM, especially since you are adding new features.  How about adding a timer to the BCM tasks?  I can start a timer when I select "new phone call".  When I start a new phone call, after the call is finished, I can quickly click "record time entry" and the info is sent to MS Accounting for time-keeping and invoicing.  I should be able to do the same thing when I select "new task". Instead, if I want to accurately record the time I spend working a task, then I have to open a journal entry to start a timer.  Then I manually have to update the Actual Time field on the Task entry. Double entry is a waste of time.  You can do this; I know this feature is simple to add.  Good luck.

    Sharmil McKee

    Business Attorney

    McKee Law Office

    Philadelphia, PA

  6. WJU Ellen says:

    I see you are planning to release SP1 to cover ACT conversion issues covering up to release 9.  Will this also work with ACT 10 data files?  I want to switch to BCM, but cannot justify it to other users unless we can port over the data.  


    Ellen Spencer

    William Jessup University

  7. roryma says:


    I hope the following is included in the SP1 or the new version..  Apologies if they already exist..

    1) That the contact name is automatically displayed in the task like the linked project. I.e. if it’s a follow up call, you can easily see who the call is to be made to and then link to that contact for the number. Better still, have the contact information on a tab after the developer tab.

    2) Have a gadget for the side bar that will search the contacts

    3) Print an envelope from a contact.

    4) Allow ongoing marketing plan.. i.e. you can add people to a postal marketing plan after you launch it.

    5) Have project task templates, i.e. for a consultant who has to repeat similar tasks if a contract is won.

    6) As above comment, easily time the duration of tasks.

    7) On winning an opportunity, link this to starting a project task template.

    8) The auto email linking does not seem to work for a contact with multiple emails.

    9) Easily add a contact from an email, (I am sure I missing something here)

    10) To link tasks within a project, ie task B is to be started after finishing task A, so if task A is finished earlier than this changes task B start date. Without having so many task on display.

    11) Allow tasks to be scheduled in the calendar but still be considered a task. Thus if the task scheduled in the calendar is updated this changes the task in the project.

    12) Integration with mindmap

    13) I find it makes outlook very slow.

    If these can all ready be done, apologies but could someone please point me in the right direction. Thanks.

    Ps, where is the FAQ discussed above?

  8. petefriedman says:

    Well we are having an issue an I am hoping that this soon to be service pack can help us out.  We have a BCM Database of approximately 80,000 Accounts, with an additional 47,000 Linked Business Contacts.  This was the starting point of the database as we migrated from a failing MS Access database.  The migration went fairly well, however now whenever we open an account or a contact to edit anything like a comment, phone call, business note….anything.  Then we click Save and Close, it takes anywhere from 20 to 40 seconds for that command to complete and give me back control of the screen and mouse.  The screen literally freezes for the duration of applying the change to the DB. I see the processor on the SQL server jump to 50% during this time.  Take note there is no one else connected, just me. My question is that is this a case of code that is not optimized? Or is the database size overextending what BCM was designed for? I know SQL can handle millions of records, and return results in a snap and on a side note the search folders for that database are great and work really quick.  But for some reason every database that I test in that size range (100K Records or more)gives the same results. Any input would be greatly appreciated.  I am not ging to list my server stats here but just know that they are seriously beefy(Datacenter grade).  Thanks I look forward to your posts.

  9. Jerry Blake says:

    Ellen, The upcoming service pack has been tested upto ACT 9. Due to release schedules, we weren’t able to test and support ACT 10. However, we have observed that if ACT! doesn’t change their SDK, you might be able to migrate ACT 10 data. You will have to try it and see if it works.

  10. Jerry Blake says:


    Thank you for your feedback – we appreciate that you took the time to send it to us.  We are evaluating many ideas for the next release and we have included your feedback in the feature planning.


  11. Jerry Blake says:


    Thank you for your feedback – we appreciate that you took the time to suggest lot of good ideas. Several of these requests have been asked by our customers and we have included in feature planning for the next release.

    Unfortunately, adding new functionality is usually out of the scope for service pack. Any new functionality will be added to next major release of BCM.


  12. Willieruf says:


    Thanks for the great work on this forum.  We’re about to migrate from ACT! Premium for Workgroups 2007 (9.0) (EX Edition) Version, Hotfix 1.  We’re trying to decide whether to pay the $2,490 for conversion or wait for your SP1.  Do you have any updates on the timeline?  Is prior to Dec 25th still going to happen?

    Thanks, Will

  13. maxmaraj says:

    Is there a way to synchronize bcm local with office live in real time?

    Vpn connections to BCM just doesnt hack it. would like Something similar to OWA but for BCM using office live subscription.



  14. Mrhoades says:

    I need help fast please. I been running office 2003 for awhile I upgrade to 2007 pro. everything went great. ALL my files and my BCM transfer over I been on 2007 for about a week. Then yesterday I turn off the pc the next day turn it on and my BCM was not working files were gone i have no clue what happen to them. I have try a few thing under the blog and I went online nothing has helped. I went under the log files and found the following.

    The file "C:Documents and SettingsMarkLocal SettingsApplication DataMicrosoftBusiness Contact ManagerMSBusinessContactManager.ldf" is compressed but does not reside in a read-only database or filegroup. The file must be decompressed.

    I have try everythingnothing is working and I live and die with BCM. SO I took matter in my on hands and uninstalled BCM all together. Then I reinstall BCM 2007. Now everything works fine with a new BCM data base and all my old records are on a back up file that I can not get to merge with the new BCM data base what can I do please help me.

  15. Heckler says:

    The autolinking feature is a wonderful tool, but I see that it is only a link.  If I delete an email that has been linked to a contact, I no longer have the working email (just the text), and any attachments in the original email are gone.

    One of my main goals is to clean out my inbox.  Do you have a recommendation on how I can do that, without losing the functionality and attachments of emails already linked to BCM contacts?  Thanks in advance to anyone with helpful ideas.

  16. Infinity306 says:

    I see that both Office 2007 SP1 and BCM SP1 are available on office update now…..I installed office 2007 sp1 first and then went to office update to check and it offered me BCM 2007 SP1 to download and update… any more on the fixes and changes involved in the BCM update now that it is apparently final..

  17. Jerry Blake says:


    What is the error you are getting when restoring the backed up file?

    Did you create the backup file?

    Are the versions of the backed up database and the new database same?

  18. Jerry Blake says:

    Hi Heckler,

    Once the e-mail is deleted, we do not have the link. Preserving the attachments even after deleting e-mails should be debated for a new feature in the future versions, if feasible.


  19. Jerry Blake says:

    Hi Maxmaraj,

    Good thought.  This does not happen currently in BCM V3.  Will be on the table for discussions in the future versions.


  20. Jerry Blake says:

    Hi Smithid,

    Can’t you use Task form in the History of Business Contact to accomplish what you need?


  21. awegner says:

    I have been having problems with my BCM.  I will update my conacts (i.e. adding more information, changing information, or changing categories)  When I do this, the BCM does not always save my information and there is no way for me to find what happened to the new information I added.  What could be causing this problem, and how can I fix it so that I won’t lose information that I save.

  22. says:

    I need to be able to do a few things with BCM that appear impossible.  HELP


    In the TO-Do-List be able to show the Project name.  Right now I have 50 items to do based upon taks in a project in BCM.  Half may be the same task for differnt projects or clients.  They all look they same as they tell me the task but now way to display the Project title.


    Send a letter (NOT EMAIL) to a client without wasting  5 minutes going to a mail merge for one contact.  This is a feature in old outlooka and every CM I see out there even the freee ones.  MS support argues with tme that I should be doing everything by email but that is unprofessional.  And I am never doing a marketing campaign but every hour sending letters and emails to IDNIVIDUALS.


    Modify My project for to show the Job Number boldly rather than hiden at the bottom of the page.

    I actually what to create my own project page to replace yours.

  23. Jerry Blake says:

    Hi awenger,

    Can you please tell me the exact reproducible steps?

    Does it happen in any particular fields?  Any particular form?  Only user-defined fields?

    Was it working before you installed BCM V3 SP1?


  24. Jerry Blake says:

    Hi emilberger,

    Thanks a lot for the good suggestions.  They will be discussed as part of the future releases.

    Can you please clarify which field are you talking about when referring to Job Number?


  25. says:

    When I opne a project and go to it’s project page

    I want to change this.  When I change this page it should create a new page which is mine and hides the original which I can always default to.  then I want to totally change it.

    I added a new field called Job Number.  This is hidden on hte bottom of the page and I’d like it to be more paramount.

    Now in your bcm – with a project open – select a new project task.  Now show me where – when you close this dialog – that the task shows up anywhere that says

    Project Whitehouse Capital

    Create Exterior Elevation

    Project: McDonalds

    Create Exterior Elevation

    All it get is

    Create Exterior Elevation

    Create Exterior Elevation


    I cannot use your tool

    Your tech support said that each time I type in my task in outlook or BCM to repeat who it is to the address, phone number etc.

    That is rediculous I want to see on my job tasks

    Whitehouse addition

    Create FloorPlan

    Due Monday 1/12/2009

    Contact:  Joe Green

    Phone 201-555-1212


  26. Jerry Blake says:

    Hi emilberger,

    If I understand your question correctly, you want to see the Project Name, Project Task Name, Project Task due date, Business Contact Name associated with the project, Business Contact Phone Number associated with the Project, Business Contact e-mail address associated with the Project, user-defined field Job Number, all at one place.

    Currently, BCM V3 has no way of showing all these at one place.  However, you can go to Reports and make the following reports separately:

    1. Project Tasks based on Projects
    2. Projects associated with Contacts (has the user-defined field option, as Custom colums)

    Hope this helps.  This is a very good suggestion.  This should be discussed in future releases.


  27. says:

    I beg to differ

    I can dis[play ALL of that infomraiton except one ite.  The project Name.

    The problem with BCM is it is not well thought out and put into production before the basics were complete.

    Too much time as been spend on a campaing when you cannot even contact one peron at the company you are tying to win.  The CEO.

  28. I’ve left messages and find this site is hard to find stuff.  You have to deffinately remember which article you commented on and where.  Very hard to search through.

    I’m still awaiting a reply to items above and others as I need to know whether BCM will fix these major issues like the suggestiosn from others above or I need to switch to Goldmine.  I switched from ACT which was going down hill yearly but BCM does not deliver the basic features required.

    I have been waiting for a reply why my backup does not work though that should be a part of BCM not a cryptic addon.

    Very Dissatisfied but somwhat stuck

  29. Jerry Blake says:

    Hi emilberger,

    As I said above, your suggestions are really good.  They are not supported currently, but surely will be disussed for future releases.  I answered your backup issue.  Please go to


  30. rambcm says:

    I guess this is the good place to ask for few pieces of missing functionality:

    1. Ability to create "new contact from the same organization" (like OL)
    2. Ability to create "duplicate opportunity for another contact". The 1:1 relation bw Opp and Contacts is ok so it allows following (selling phase) each one…but you would like to have the same opportunity pattern (ie the same Opp data) linked to a lot of different contacts.

    3. A report where you can use (an customize) data from Opportuntity AND its releated contacts. For instance you want to know Opportunities by the Zip Code of the Contacts related…


  31. Jerry Blake says:

    Hi rambcm,

    Thanks a lot for the suggestions.  These will be considered in the future releases.


  32. t_ashby says:

    I currently use BCM2003 because my company uses Office2003.  I have been using BCM for almost 3 years now and I want to continue using it.  I just recieved a new Vistax64 computer and I need to install BCM on it.  I need to know that BCM will run under this OS before I potentially mess up my system.  I understand that Office2007 is an update, but I cannot find any information regarding Vistax64.  Also, I am having a hard time finding information regarding Office2007 that tells me which version I need to buy to get BCM.  Can you help me?

  33. bcmteam says:


    Office 2003 would still work on Vista x64. For BCM you’ll need to install SP4 patch, which i believe would be a mandatory update.

    Regarding Upgrade to Office 2007 you can find infomation at


    Vinit [MSFT]

  34. BCM 2010 says:

    I am currently using Outlook 2007 with BCM installed, and I think it is great.

    But has anyone noticed that when viewing in the dashboard layout that the columns keep changing their width, and fields that you remove have mysteriously reappeared. So in theory when I customise the layout on screen when I change views and come back to my original screen, all the customised fileds, withs, etc have now gone back to default and no longer reflect my changes.

    Surely this can be rectified in the next Service pack ?

  35. BCM 2010 says:

    Like in the standard Outlook contacts please put this on the BCM.

    We love BCM 2007 !

  36. BCM 2010 says:

    Like in the standard Outlook contacts : New contact from the same organisation / business. This would be great.

  37. says:

    We are trying to add a user field that would be masked after it is entered. Is there a way to do this?

    If we can get to the form created we could set the field to masked or behind the scenes mask the entry after is is entered.

    Any Help would be appreciated.

  38. minutotres says:

    Bueno he instalado el BCM2010, pero ahra me veo al pequeño impase de no poder seguir utilizandod mi base de datos de BCM 2007, es mi empresa, entonces como hago para poder utilizarla en BCM2010.

    lo trate de hacer con la copia y no me acepto, dice que no fue creada con esa version, entoces como lo haces, sera compatible?


  39. minutotres says:

    Bueno he instalado el BCM2010, pero ahra me veo al pequeño impase de no poder seguir utilizandod mi base de datos de BCM 2007, es mi empresa, entonces como hago para poder utilizarla en BCM2010.

    lo trate de hacer con la copia y no me acepto, dice que no fue creada con esa version, entoces como lo haces, sera compatible?


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