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  1. joshlindsay says:


    My laptop HDD just crashed and I had to reinstall Vista Business. I have installed Office and BCM 2003, now I need to find my original BCM database (I was using XP Pro).

    My question is where does the BCM database get stored and how can i restore it?

    My profile and my documents folders were all synchronised with our SBS2003 server.

    I hope someone can help me.


    Josh Lindsay

  2. gerdyz says:

    Hi BCM Team,

    We are in the way of installing BCM 2007 in our company, and I would like to know how fast and steable it will work, by the fact we will share a database on an SQL Server and more than 30 people will access to it at the same time.

    Best regards!


  3. rcoving1 says:

    Need Help!

    Guys is there a place or and email address that we can get answers to our questions a little easier? Here is a good one and it is a deal breaker for us. Need someone to email me back on this if possible. In testing we found that we cannot associate a business contact with multiple accounts and or associate an account with another account. I know I can create a custome field and manually place in the other contact names but the field is static and I cannot link this to the account or business contact record. Is there some type of customization that can be done to create this this action in VB. I amd not a programmer and need help on this. You site is great and I have learned alot from it.

  4. Jerry Blake says:

    Josh, If you never backed up BCM database, this might be little tricky. You have to find .mdf and .ldf files,copy them to new machine, attach them to SQL server and configure BCM again. You can find these files in  C:Documents and Settings<user>Local SettingsApplication DataMicrosoftBusiness Contact Manager.

  5. Jerry Blake says:

    Gerdyz, BCM is designed as a small business solution. Though there is no theoratical limit on how many users can connect,above 10 you are pushing the limit. For 30 users, you will not get satisfactory performance.

  6. joshlindsay says:

    bcmteam, Unfortunatly I did not perform a backup as I thought it was being synchronised with my network folders. I guess it is as good as gone now.

    Thanks for your help.


  7. joshlindsay says:

    Ok, I decided to have another look. I have found the Application Data folder in my synchronised profile folder, although it was not in Local Settings (there is no folder called Local Settings) opened Microsoft but could not see Business Contact Manager. Wish I had have done a backup now. Josh

  8. Jerry Blake says:


    By default, the BCM SQL database files are stored in the following folder:


    C:UsersUSERAppDataLocalMicrosoftBusiness Contact Manager


    c:Documents and SettingsUSERLocal SettingsApplication DataMicrosoftBusiness Contact Manager

  9. Jerry Blake says:

    Local settings folder might be a hidden folder. You will need to enable viewing hidden folders.

  10. gerdyz says:

    When you said "For 30 users, you will not get satisfactory performance" it will be another situation if 30 user shares two differents databeses in the hosted on the same SQL server?

    I mean, that 15 people will share 1 database and 15 other people will share another database, but both will be hosted on the same SQL server on the network ?



  11. Sahid says:

    bcm team

    Hello guys…..if there are any ladies part of the team my apologise and hello to the ladies..

    Is there away to continue sending & receiving emails when you ar part of a domain pop3 account whiles away from the office, when all your mail is normally controlled by a mail server?


    email –

  12. Sahid says:

    BCM Team…

    Team.. Say you have one business contact but you want to add this contact to several Accounts. How can you do this??? as at the moment you can only one contact to an Account, if you try to add the same contact to another Account the contact is no longer listed.


  13. dsimon says:

    BCM Team/Outlook Team/Accounting 2007 Express Team

    Just synchronized BCM and Accounting ’07 express – loved it UNTIL I had to recreate my company within Accounting ’07(Delete old company – create new company using my accountant’s input). Poof! no more BCM…not in outlook….not in accounting 2007. The entire BCM application is gone from Outlook.

    That’s over 3900 entries with email histories, customized reports, personal notes, followup items etc. I don’t know whether to reinstall or if there is a secret method for restoring. My backup is over 10 days old…but even if I bite the bullet and loose 10 days worth of work…I have no BCM application in which to restore the file…Outlook says… "Business Contact Manager Database cannot be loaded. Database MSSmallBusiness is not online. Do you want to change the database configuration?"

    Each individual note and contact can be found using a search but when you open them nada…

    All tips welcome…I’m going to go throw things in frustration now..but I’ll check back in a few hours.

  14. RSAmm07 says:

    I’ve noticed when viewing emails in BCM Contact History that attachments only appear for the person who sent the file.  EG – John sends an email to Dave with attachements / Sally looks in Dave’s history sees the email but not the attachments.  John can go in and see email AND the attachments.

    Is this normal and is there a way to adjust Outlook/BCM so that the attachments are available for all to see?


  15. Jerry Blake says:

    Yes, this is normal behavior. When BCM links an email to contact, it takes some data from email body and stores them to BCM store as a history. When user opens this history item, BCM will first find if the original email is accessible. If it is, BCM will open the original email. If it is not, BCM will display a form with the partial data it extracted from email and stored in it’s database. This partial data doesn’t include attachments, images etc.

    Since Sally doesn’t have original emails, she gets partial data.

  16. says:

    Very disappointed with BCM

    I switched from ACT which got worse becasue they were trying to copy MS software and consistantly removed features and never worked with oultlook well

    BCM database management is too combersome and has cost me a lot to update.

    An automatic backup would help but a way to import a .ldf and .mdf file would be nice also

    The features are missing.  As this is supposedly designed for a small office it misses the boat not working with simple things like writing a letter to a contact.  It is actually written for a large company and for internal employees.

    If email is the core as stated to me as the excuse for the lack of more.  They why does it handle email weakly and sort weakly.

  17. michele90 says:

    Going mad trying to get access to BCM. Purchased Office 2007 Basic which comes with Outlook 2007 and Business Contact Manager.  When I try to setup BCM I get message "Database creation was unsuccessful because you do not have a valid licence".  This version was downloaded from the Microsoft site.  How do I overcome this problem?

  18. Jerry Blake says:

    BCM is not supported on Office 2007 Basic. I am not sure how did Basic come with BCM.

    BCM requires a valid license to Small Business, Professional or Ultimate version of Office.

  19. gdunaway says:

    Just wanted to echo others, as I am migrating to Outlook  from Act 5.0, attracted by the bcm part. I was shocked to figure out you literally cannot write a letter to a contact from the bcm contact record, as a previous writer points out. You have to go into Word a do a mail merge, an incredible slow and cumbersome process that calls up a list of all 4000 of my contacts and then I suppose do the same thing for an envelope.

    The product is not designed for a small group that wants high efficiency communication and contact management.

    Nor will bcm link with a Blackberry. You’ve got to copy your bcm contacts to the outlook database, but updates in bcm never update outlook. Likewise, updates from a blackberry only update Outlook, not BCM.

    In answer to another question, you can only link a contact to one account. People I work with on several boards can only be assigned to one of the company accounts. And, if you’re in an account and try to add someone that is already assigned to another account, they do not show up in the list. You have to go to the contact itself and change the account from there.

  20. DanMcFarland says:

    I am trying to figure out why the COMPANY field is not a selectable field on reports.  When making a CONTACT LIST it would be great to list the company name as well as the contact name, but the modify list does not have that field as a viable option.

    Can this be done?  Or at least on the next update make it a selectable field in the reports modification list?

  21. TeamOrstead says:

    Hi BCM Team,

    Can we Link an email to an account, although the email is not sent to that account contact?


  22. Jerry Blake says:

    Gdunaway, Thanks for you feedback. We have received lot of feedback about not being able to write letter/envelope for Contact. We have added this as a top requested feature for our next version.

    We have also gotten lot of feedback about Blackberry support and ability to link multiple accounts to a contact. These features were also added in our planning.

  23. Jerry Blake says:

    Dan, We have posted response to similar comments. Unortunately we don’t have company field available in Reports. This was a result of a last minute design change in our product. A workaround is to create Account for the Contact and use Account Name field in the reports.

  24. Jerry Blake says:


    Yes you can do that. Select Email and click Link To Record button on the toolbar. You can select the desired account and link to that email.

  25. John1969 says:

    I’ve been busy tring to install BCM on Windows 7 for days now.

    After overcoming the SQL SP3, Interop and the OWC11 issues, I now have installed the BCM, but am now climbing the next hill: The Wizard.

    When choosing the express setup, the wizard tells me that there are several databases available… but when I click on Yes to open one, I get the message that the setup has failed, when I click on No: the message Database Creation was unsuccessful appears.

    On the other hand, when I chosse Advanced, it bombs out straight away. Telling me that An error has occurred which stops BCM from starting.

    I’m running Windows 7, Office 2007 and BCM

    Any ideas out there?

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