First Half of Year 2007

Well, the time flies fast. We are almost in the second half of year 2007. We just wanted to take this opportunity to reflect back on what BCM product team has achieved since 2007 release. After we released BCM for Outlook 2007, we wanted to address direct customer needs by doing some smaller releases. Our customers wanted to deploy BCM on dedicated server. We have had Pocket PC solution for our customers but lot of our customers wanted Smartphone support. In the first half of 2007, team worked very hard on several applications and utilities to address these needs. Here is the run down of all releases we made available so far after Office 2007 release:

  1. BCM for Outlook 2003 SP4: While BCM team was excited about 2007 version and we expect that our customers take advantage of new features in this release, we also wanted to ensure that our 2003 customers don't see any compatibility issues with Vista and Office Account 2007. On March 5th, 2007  we released SP4 for 2003 version of BCM that enabled application compability with Vista and Office Accounting 2007.

  2. Database Admin Tool: We had released a whitepaper in late 2006 with instructions on how to deploy BCM database on server. This was a stop gap solution and we wanted to provide an automated way to deploy BCM on the server. We released DB admin tool on March 29th, 2007 that empowered thousands of our customers to deploy BCM database on server and perform various database maintenance tasks without installing BCM on server machine.

  3. BCM for Pocket PC: On April 24th, 2007, we updated our previously released beta of BCM for Pocket PC and added support for Windows Mobile 6.0.

  4. BCM for Smartphone: Lots of customers asked for Smartphone support when we released Pocket PC solution. After PPC release in March, the same team continued to develop, test, and release Smatphone solution. On June 15th, 2007, we released our first Smartphone solution with support for both Windows Mobile 5.0 and Windows Mobile 6.0.

In addition to these releases, we are continuing to make great progress on our next major release of BCM. We can't provide specific details on our plans or release dates, but we have heard our customers' feedback loud and clear through various channels (newsgroup, blog comments, site visits). Our customers will be delighted to see their feedback incorporated, along with several new and exciting features.

Please continue to provide your valuable feedback and help make the next release of BCM greater than ever.

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  1. Crosby says:

    Some impressing tools indeed that you have released, very nice work indeed!

    Meanwhile, we have some issues that you both are aware of and working on, Im sure. Would it be possible for you to give any information about what you will implement in your next update?

    I know you will not commit to dates, but for us that work with the product it would be really nice to know if the issues we deal with will be sorted, one feels kinda stupid if the solution you just billed your customer ..$$ for comes as standard a week later.

    My top 3 list of issues (just in case you missed some of them:-)

    1. Import function that retains contact/company linking
    2. Buttons to easily create documents to the contact highlighted/selected. (You have made a nice macro fix, I know, but it doesnt work localized to my language, norwegian)

    3. Database admin tool working localized (again, norwegian:-)

    Keep up the good work!

    -Vidar Crosby

  2. ramonduraes says:

    I feel lack of a very important resource in the sending of emails. To send a ID stops at the moment of the reply already knowing that he was resulted of a campaign. We can have?

  3. mesrg says:

    When, if ever will we be able to use BCM with Exchange so we can have one set of contacts.  I have Outlook 2007 with BCM and I need to have a separate set of contacts to use for email.

  4. hagd says:

    How do I uninstall the BCM? The SQL service eats too much memory of my system and I have to stop it. BCM relies on the SQL service and does not work any more.


  5. Crosby says:

    Hi Mukesh / BCM Team,

    I have come across some bugs, and also have a list of features that I would love to see implemented. Where do you prefer that I send this? Post here on blog, use the Microsoft BCM forum or use another place?

    Again, thank you for a great product,

    -Vidar C.

  6. MikeFromWinnipeg says:

    Hi All,

    I really like this product, overall it’s more than adequate for what we need.  My only question or concern is the limited functionality of the PocketPC application.  Specifically, our sales team would like to be able to link appointments to contacts on their Windows Mobile devices.



  7. says:

    Hi All

    Is there an RSS feed avaliable for the comment section ?  



  8. wickydoc says:

    I have a new computer with Vista Business and wanted BCM added to my Outlook 2003.  After inserting the disk is says it has a compatability issue with Vista, go the BCM for Outlook 2003 SP4.  Fine but I can’t install BCM to begin with, it freezes right near the end, and the SP4 won’t install because I don’t have BCM on the system yet – because it won’t install??!

    Any ideas?


  9. ianmoran says:

    I’d like to see vastly improved support for syncing across a VPN to the BCM database. I have found this very unreliable to the extent we can’t use it. Great product though !

    Where can we request beta participation for the next version of BCM ?

  10. dsparks says:

    Cant use it either… Installed on an AT&T 8525 and performed a sync. The sync went well, but I can’t use the app. It locks up my phone for… (going on 6 minutes now). I am not sure how long it takes before it shows the list, but I tried earlier and walked away. Came back about 15mins later and the list was up. This is my second try and watching it now…. (going on 7 minutes) and it still hasn’t come up yet.

    Based on some other comments, even if it was faster, it seems like it is pretty useless app. Better off selecting and copying to main Outlook folder and syncing contacts as needed.

  11. rm2004 says:

    Is there a way to tag multiple contacts and then update a single field. For example, I have uploaded contacts from a recent conference, and I want tag a field identifying them as such. Appreciate any help.

  12. Jerry Blake says:

    Current version of BCM doesn’t support Bulk Edit. We have received this request from our customers and added this feature in planning for next release.

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