Business Contact Manager for Smartphone Released

We are happy to announce the public availablity of Business Contact Manager for Smartphone. This add-in allows you to synchronize your business contacts and a subset of your communication history to your Windows Mobile 5 or Windows Mobile 6 Smartphone device. This add-in works with Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 with Business Contact Manager. It is supported to work with English version of BCM.

Download file is available at


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  1. SSSikora says:

    I’ve been waiting for this for a while, thanks. One question: Can the Business Contacts be sync wirelessly like i do with Exchange or must the device be physically connected to the computer? If it has to be connected, is and update to allow wireless synchronization planned?



  2. craigsuch says:

    I am trying to install the new download uninstall business contacts for smartphones but I had previously installed uninstall business contacts for

    pocket pc and the smartphone verion will not install on top of it. Unfortunately, I cannot uninstall uninstall business contacts for pocket pc either. I am using the add/remove programs on the Vista PC and it runs through the remove process but the entry for the program remains in add/rermove programs – even after a rebbot. So for now I cannot install the smartphone version. Any ideas?

  3. craigsuch says:

    Problem solved re uninstalling BCM for PPC: you cannot remove in the add/remove programs, instead you have to run the installation for business contacts for pocket pc and select remove. You also have to run this by righ-clicking and running as administrator in Vista. Then I was able to install the msartphone version.

  4. Jerry Blake says:

    The smartphone has to be connected to the computer where BCM is installed. Over-the-air sync is not supported in this release, and we are not planning any immediate update for smartphone.

  5. says:

    Hi All

    Is there any internal log file that captures sync interaction been BCM and PDA when using pocket bcm add-in?

    I am aware of the active sync log files like wcesmgr.log, wcescomm.log, wcesview.log,wcesetup.log and outstore.log


    Rahul Thomas

  6. says:

    Hi All

    If appears that BCM data does not get updated,after the user makes any changes to the contact and try sync with the smart phone.

    My understanding is that the issue was earlier reported and was supposed to be fixed in this build.Can someone confirm this please?

    Note:i can provide the device details if need be

    Thanks & Regards

    Rahul Thomas

  7. Jerry Blake says:

    Hi Rahul

    Could you make sure you have the latest WMDC/Active Sync 4.5 installed on your machine. What device is it btw?

  8. says:

    Hi All

    Apologizes for the delayed response,Yes i do have Active Sync 4.5 installed and the device is Treo 700WX


    Rahul Thomas

  9. smurphy says:

    Are there plans to support sync with Blackberry?



  10. pedro221 says:

    I’m trying to install BCM on my HTC S710 (Windows Mobile 6) and I get this message:

    "Cannot copy the file. Make sure that the mobile device is connected, that the mobile device has space available and is not write protected, and that all setup programs on the device have been completed."

    Device is connected, there are 46 MB available, no setup program is running and the device is apparently not write protected (I can copy files on it).

    Any idea ?



  11. akalli says:


    I’ve just installed the addin, did my initial sync, made a change to the notes of a Business Contact, did a new sync, and the changes were updated on my phone.

    I’m using a T-Mobile Dash with Windows Mobile 6 and ActiveSync 4.5.

    I’m very happy with this addin. For me, it does everything I need it to do.

    I’ve done a review/blog post about it today, linking back to this blog post.

    Great product!

    Andrea Kalli

    Andrea Kalli Virtual Trainer and Assistant, LLC

    Outlook/Exchange and SharePoint user support and training

  12. aussiedog says:

    Hi BCM Team.

    Any chance in the near future of an add-in for Outlook 2003 BCM to sync with a Smartphone?  It seems that currently only PPC is supported.  I have a T-Mobile Dash with Windows Mobile 6 and ActiveSync 4.5.  If not, are there any other suggestions for syncing other than updating to 2007?



  13. Jerry Blake says:

    Hi Ray,

    Our team has not tested it for previous versions of Office/BCM. As of now its only compatible with Office/BCM 2007.


  14. DJBEER says:

    I’ve just installed this on my Verizon 700wx.

    Caller ID does not work  in other words, unless BCM contacts are in my contacts, every number pops up as being unidentified? I had this same problem when I had a Palm 700p – I had to buy a piece of software called Keysuite. Help!

  15. pyramid says:

    I’m using a T-Mobile Dash with Windows Mobile 6 and ActiveSync 4.5, the same as Ms Kalli above; however, my Dash doesn’t receive any business contacts.  All programs seem to install fine and sync window indicates no errors.  But, after completing and I look at Business Contacts on my Dash there are no contacts.  Other items such as personal contacts, files, etc will sync with no problems.

    Any suggestions?

  16. Jerry Blake says:


    What OS is this on?

    You have to make sure that in your

    1) Windows Mobile Device center(in case of Vista)| Mobile Device Settings | Change Content Sync Settings , look for Business Contacts. Check box should be checked

    2)Active Sync (In case of XP).Tools | Option , look for Business Contacts. Check box should be checked

    This should sync your business contacts to your dash device


  17. pyramid says:

    Thanks. That worked, sort of…. It took me awhile to find "options" available as it is grayed out most of the time. It seems to only allow access to Options at the end of synchronizing.

    Now I have to figure out why some of the contacts were skipped.  Is there a maximum number of contacts?  It was not even up to 1000 when it just stopped and said "synchronized".  It has contacts from letters A to Z so it went through the alphabet.  I have over 5400 and I know that is going to tax storage memory.  But it seems to have skjipped certain contacts within companies.

    Is there a way to determine some options in order to conserve memory; for instance, only the last 3 or 4 items in the history or the last 2 or 3 notes or e-mails in the history?

    Also, how do you go to a particular person or company?  All i’ve been able to do is just scroll up or down and that can take a long time.

    Thanks for the help

  18. Jerry Blake says:


    You should double click the Business Contacts in the Active Sync Program’s list view. This will pop up Sync Setting Dialog. You should click the History settings button and select the history items you want to sync.

    I hope this helps


  19. pyramid says:

    Thanks for the suggestion on setting how many items to save under history; however, I am still only getting a partial list of my business contacts sent to my T-Mobile Dash.  I’ve noticed that if there are multiple contacts with the same last name then it will only take the first 3 contacts and not the rest.  I saw this on numerous examples.  However, I’ve also found instances where there were only 2 people with the same last name and it would only send the first contact to my phone and not the second.

    Any ideas?

  20. SVJDesigns says:

    After just posting a question in another post, I came across this one, which appears to answer my concern about a SmartPhone Edition for BCM.

    I’m running Office 2007 with BCM on WindowsXP, and I want to purchase a Motorola Q from Sprint, but I’d really like to make sure that the Pocket BCM app will be compatible with it.

    Can someone confirm that this is the case? Will I have access to my BCM contacts and history, etc. with the Moto Q?


  21. ekzibit says:

    In the Business Contact Manager Home screen you can view "recent history".

    Is there a way to limit the "recent"? For examples only viewing last 7 days history? Our email "recent history" view list 122 mail after 6 weeks and it is getting annoying.

    Hope you can help

  22. Jerry Blake says:


    You can create a BCM Search Folder to do this:

    1.) Expand the "Business Contact Manager" folder in the left-hand navigation pane on the main Outlook window

    2.) Right-click on "Search Folders" and select "New Search Folder…"

    3.) Type a name such as "Past Week’s History"

    4.) From the "Items of this type" drop-down list, select "Business Contact History"

    5.) Click the "Filter…" button

    6.) Select "Previous 7 days" from the "Created date" and "Last modified date" drop-down lists then click "OK"

    7.) Click "OK" to create the Search Folder

    8.) Go to the BCM home page and click the "Add or Remove Content" link

    9.) Scroll to the bottom of the list and check the box next to your new Search Folder and click "OK"

    ~ Clinton Ford

  23. ekzibit says:

    Hi Clinton,

    Works perfectly! Thanks a bundle.

  24. bms44974 says:

    I am evaluating the trial version of Office 2007 with BCM. It looks great from my desktop, but the PPC component for my Windows Mobile 5 phone only syncronized with the business contacts and not the business projects and tasks. Is there a way to link the projects and tasks to the contacts in a way that makes them accessible on the PPC device?

  25. itikia says:

    Is there anyway of modifying which BCM fields are shown on the mobile device?  If not, is there any way of getting a list of all possible fields available?

    We’ve in the process of rolling out BCM (in a server / client setup) to our sales team and so far soo good!

  26. mb87 says:

    After installing and trying to sync BCM to my Samsung Blackjack running WM5 i get the following error:

    "Unexpected error opening Business Contact Manager store."  

    No BCM contacts are synced to my phone.

    I am running Vista Business with Outlook 2007 on my desktop.

    Any suggestions?

  27. apfist says:

    Will this software release work with a Palm 700WX??  It appears from the microsoft site that this only works with Windows Smartphones, and not a Windows Mobile Pocket PC phone which I believe the Palm 700WX is…  Am I correct in that assumption?  I’m running Windows XP Pro SP2, Outlook 2007 w/BCM, Active Sync 4.5, and My phone has Windows Mobile 5.0.  What are my options for syncing BCM and Outlook with my phone?  Is Companionlink Pro my only option?

  28. opie says:

    I have a Treo 700P and installed the Folder Mirror application from Chapura and was able to sync my business contacts to the Treo but I can’t search them by the account names because they’re only listed under the contact names. Also, it did not transfer any e-mails, calendar events, etc. that are in the Account history” section. Am I doing something wrong or is this not possible using the Treo 700P with Outlook 2003. My whole goal with the Treo and Outlook BCM is to be able to view all Accounts and be able to display by Accounts and view any history of those accounts as well. I appreciate any advice you can give. Do I need to upgrade to a 755W or similar device?  Thanks   John

  29. ktemplien says:

    I am having a difficult time installing BCM on my Verizon XV6800 smart phone…get a message: Business Contacts does not support the connected device type.   What’s up? I used this with my Dell Axim and when I got my Verizon XV6800 I uninstalled and installed the program referenced in this blog only to get the not supported message.



  30. OneStepForward says:

    Great Job on BCM for Outlook 2007.  Big steps forward in the right directions. BCM is working very well for me on my Outlook 2007 (OS is XP) and MotoQ (Mobile6).  

    So now i’m begining to imagine the ways this can make life easier… Is there a way to log calls i make to my business contacts (on my Q) to the contact history and have it sync to Outlook BCM?  I’d take just the phone number, date, time and call duration for now…



  31. Iggy80424 says:

    I have a new ATT Treo 750 with WM6 installed.  Running Windows XP with Office 2007 SP1.  I try and install the BCMV3SP.exe and I get this message.

    Business Contacts does not support the connected device type.  Application manager will make the application available for installation.

    Do you know when the Treo 750 will be on the list for this application to work?

  32. boabola says:


    I’m currently evaluating Outlook 07 BCM and how it would work with a Mobile 6 device.

    Could someone briefly explain the functionality of the statement "subset of communication history". Example: Can one add business notes on the mobile version and upload (sync?) to the PC BCM.

    Thank you.

  33. jamiehelm75 says:

    I saw this question asked by Pedro, but did not see a response. It is the same problem that I am having. Can anyone help? I’m trying to get this installed on my Verizon SMT5800. Thanks!

    "Cannot copy the file. Make sure that the mobile device is connected, that the mobile device has space available and is not write protected, and that all setup programs on the device have been completed."

  34. Jerry Blake says:


    Please try to install the smartphone application from Microsoft Download Application website. We support All the devices which have windows mobile 5 & 6. Please refer the FAQs at for any other questions


  35. Jerry Blake says:


    Even though Treo 750 calls it self a smartphone, it runs Pocket PC WM OS.So, you’ll need to install PPC version of BCM for your device to support it. Please refer the FAQs at for any other questions


  36. susclay says:

    I just tried to sync BCM to my Tilt and was able to get the contacts, but they are sync’d to "company" not "account". Any way to get it to sync and show "Accounts"?

  37. psparks says:

    This question was asked earlier but I didn’t see a reply.

    "Are there plans to support sync with Blackberry?"

    Is there a way we can influence whether Microsoft supports syncing with Blackberry?

    Thanks, Pam

  38. teholstein says:

    i have a new samsung blackjack II. have been using outlook 2003 with BCM for years and I want to synch business contacts on the smartphone. After loading the .cab and synching it brings my 1500+ business contacts over but then i can’t seem to access them. It changes the softkeys to "new" and "menu" but the background doesn’t change and the title bar changes to "business contacts". If i hit "new", the title bar changes to "business contact" (no ‘s’) and prompts for new data. If i put in new data and save, it asks to confirm, i press yes but the the screen is just not right again. the confirmation script is still there and there is a box for phone # although its not labeled. Even so, when i synch the new smartphone contact doesn’t go over to Outlook BCM.


  39. tampasnc says:

    Feel pretty stupid.  Have AT&T TREO 750 running Windows Mobile 5.0.  Want to sync biz contact mgr to my phone.  Which version of synch software do I use?  Documentation seems to point me to one version— but that version says I shouldn’t have a touch screen (which my phone does have)and I’m told to go to another version of the download that refers to Pocket PC rather than Smartphone.  Help

  40. bcmteam says:

    Yes the pocket pc version is for all touch screen Windows Mobile phones. Please install it from


    Vinit [MSFT]

  41. bsharp says:

    I have a Moto Qh. When I access regular Outlook contacts, I can search for a contact’s name by typing in the first letter of their last name and it will scroll to them. When I try to do this with my BMC contacts, it works, but not all the time. It won’t work when I try to use the keys that have the blue line on top, the ones that have numbers over the letters. I have tried hitting the fn key, or the shift key, and neither one works. It just beeps.

  42. tntmyth says:

    I use Outlook 2007 with Business Contact Manager and I also have a new Treo 800w running Windows Mobile 6.1. The Treo has a touch screen with 320×320 resolution. Will the application download at this address work to sync my business contacts database with the Treo?

    If not, is there a solution available? Thanks. Please respond my email if possible.

  43. tntmyth says:

    Further to the post above. I am wondering especially about the 320×320 resolution on the Treo 800w which is a fairly new resolution capability for Treo smartphones running Windows Mobile 6.1. The new Treo Pro also has the new resolution. I have heard that many applications have not been updated with the new 320×320 resolution. The Treo 800w was introduced to market in July 2008. Thanks.

  44. Cornelius45 says:

    I am experiencing the same problem as mb87, namely, "unexpected error opening business contact manager store".  I can’t see a BCM response to this problem.  Please advise.

  45. darylcrouse says:

    What about syncing for the Blackberry/Exchange?

    Actually, why not use the same contact (and other areas) information Outlook already has. Syncing only invites an eventual duplication and other errors.

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