Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6.0 compatible PocketPC application is released and live

This is to announce that the release of our Pocket PC application that will allow you to sync Business Contacts and a subset of your History Items to your Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6.0 compatible Pocket PC platform devices has now gone live.
The link to the software download page is here:
A link to help you determine which device platform type you own is here:
This version also allows you to make calls, send mails, go to the Home Page, etc. of the Business Contact directly from the device itself, if that device is capable of performing those tasks with other contacts on the device.

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  1. rcarrier says:

    I take it that this release is not smartphone compatible? If it is not, will there be a smartphone release?

  2. Jerry Blake says:

    We are working on a version that will be compatible on the Smart Phone platform that will work with Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6.0 compatible devices. There is no exact release date for this yet, but we are aiming for a time within the next 3 months or so.

  3. vcrocca says:

    This version is a big improvment!! I had hoped that this version would support incoming Caller ID lookup. My customers are very unhappy that they lose this capability by migrating their contacts to BCM and want to go back to ACT. Is there any short term work around to this? Possibly synching BCM to the users contacts? Please help!

  4. Jerry Blake says:

    vcrocca, the current workaround is to copy and paste the Business Contacts into Outlook Contacts, and sync to the device. Or another workaround is to export BCM contacts into a CSV file, open the file and remove everything except the relevant name and phone numbers by deleting columns in the Excel Sheet, save the file and import it into Outlook Contacts. Though these are not ideal solutions, it will solve the Caller ID lookup for the time being. Hope this helps, thanks.

  5. says:

    Hi All

    The system requirement for the released updated does not indicate a mention of windows mobile 6.0

    will this still work ??

  6. Jerry Blake says:

    Yes Business Contact Manager for Pocketpc is supported on Windows mobile 6. Thanks.

  7. Mchappy says:

    I want to use Microsoft Voice Command for Windows Mobile with my BCM Contacts. Do both of these great Microsoft products syncronise with each other? If not when?

  8. clauss says:

    Well, BCM for PocketPC doesn’t work on Windows Vista, because it seems to be that it doesn’t support the Windows Vista Mobile Device Center. Will there come an update allowing usage under Vista? Timeframe for?

  9. Jerry Blake says:

    Clauss, BCM for PocketPC does work on Vista with Windows Mobile Device Center. Can you check for the following to see if it works?

    1. Make sure you have Windows Mobile 5.0 installed on your devices. Any eariler versions of Windows Mobile are not supported;
    2. Make sure you have both Windows Mobile Device center and Windows Mobile Device center driver update installed on your computer;

    3. Have BCM installed and configured with your outlook profile on your computer.

    With these requirements met it should work, thanks.

  10. niklasg says:

    I’ve installed BCM for Pocket PC on vista but and it works as long as do do not hit the sync settings in Mobile Device Center 6.1. Then Mobile Device Center hangs, menaimng that link doesnt work….

  11. zerodiscount says:

    Thanks for the app – I was able to sync by business contacts to my T Mobile Wing (WM6). I notice that the bcm contacts are rightly stored separately from the outlook contacts….I am having the following issues though…

    • When I create a new mail using the messaging app – it still autofills from the outlook contacts and does not populate matching email address from the BCM contacts.

    The messaging app in wm6 allows you to use more than one address book. It asks for a server name and directory path for additional address books. Is there a way to specify the bcm address book here?

    • The same with the dialer. When I start to enter the first few digits of the phone number – smart dialer only shows matches from the contacts and not from BCM contacts. To call a BCM contact you actually have to open BCM, scroll to the contact and then click on the number and then call – completely negating the smart dial process.

    If I have to chose one over another – is there a way to make the BCM contacts as default over the outlook contacts in wm6? Will appreciate it if this comment can be shared with a wm6 person for perspective as well.

    Thanks for any comments.

  12. pway1 says:

    I take it from the above dialogue that there is not a solution to sync’ing BCM contacts (as opposed to the Outlook contacts) directly to a pocket PC on mobile 5.0. (running office 2007 on vista). I have searched high and low and been unable to find a solution. the Mobile Device Centre does not provide a facility to change the default database which is syn’d and hence I’m stuck with the Outlook contact list (why both are retained when BCm is loaded is beyond me). Is there an alternative means of linking the BCM and Outlook contacts so that they at least remain the same in office?

  13. SVJDesigns says:

    How are you doing with the SmartPhone Edition of the BCM application?

    I’m looking at getting a Motorola Q from Sprint, but as far as I can tell, I’m not going to be able to use the PocketPC app for BCM with it.

    Is that correct?

  14. Frankiee says:

    Hi all

    I synced the BCM database with my pocket pc. Unfortunately somehow mysteriously my outlook database has now lost about 3/4 of all contacts but they are still on the mobile device. These contacts seem not to sync back to my outlook bcm.

    Also whenever i try to access the setting of the BCM Manager in the windows mobile device center i get an error message: Windows Mobile Device Center Host has stopped workin.

    What can you tell me about this behaviour?


  15. Frankiee says:

    is there a way to move the BCM contacts from the device out to my memory card? how?

  16. iridio says:

    Hi. I’ve installed BC in HTC3300 device with WM5, and have syncronized with Outlook 2003 with BCM about 3.400 professional contacts.

    I started BC and can navigate by contacts, but when i changed in menu an option to see only contact names, with no phone numbers, BC doesn’t work.

    If I restart my device and open BC, it seems to open contacts, the 4 coloured circle turns while the right side bar begins to be smaller, and in few seconds all stop, the bottom menu doesn’t appear, and i need to close BC in memory menu.

    My device is in spanish, Office 2003 and Windows Vista too, but BC is in english (is the Outlook 2003 and 2007 version).

    Any solution?

    By other side, where is the database file for BC in the WM5 device?

    Thank you very much.

  17. nigelfreeney says:


    I have Windows Vista Business on an Athlon 64 4800 with plenty of memory and disk space and iPAQ hw6915. I have installed Windoows Mobile Device Center 6.1. I have also installed Business Contacts for Pocket PC.

    The first couple of times I tried to sync I got a "Sync error: Business Contacts: attention required" Then it reports that sync Completed but no Business Contacts have been added to my iPAQ!

    Any ideas about how I can resolve this?

  18. kaiserbachfeld says:

    I am running Vista, Windwos Mobile 5.0, and Outlook (from Office Enterprise) and BCM (from Office Small Business 60 day demo).  I then installed the add-on for BCM to work on my mobile device.  The program successfully installed and show no error messages.  However, I find it to be a difficult program to use for several reasons (I uninstalled the program and reinstalled it to get the same results).

    1. It only shows one contact with only one section of information (their name and number).

       a. It shows three tabs contact summary, history, and comment but I cannot scroll down under any of those tabs.

       b. The one contact that it chooses to show seems to be somewhat random.

          i. When I first installed the program it only showed the first contact listed in BCM.

          ii. I deleted that contact from my computer and then it showed the third contact.

          iii. I deleted that contact and then it only showed the fifth contact in BCM.

          iv. I added a contact from my mobile device with all aaa’s in the name and it showed up first on BCM on my computer but the fifth contact remained as the only visible one.

          v. After reinstalling the the program it now only shows the sixth contact in the list.

    2. The mobile program is very difficult to use.

        a. When I click on the icon for BCM nothing on the screen changes except for the bottom menu options change to new and menu.  To get BCM to show me anything I have to go under menu, filter, and select name.  Nothing happens if I select filter by company.  I added a company name to the 6th contact to see if it would still show that contact but now it is showing the current 1st contact.

        b. In the options area under the main menu I have selected to show me names only and use large icons when viewing contacts but neither option does anything.  Then to get back to the main menu I have to go the area code or country fields to hit ok.  I can’t leave the screen any other way.without leaving the program.

  19. Jerry Blake says:

    Is your device a pocket PC or Smartphone? I hope you are installing right application. let us know the device that you have and the application you tried to install


  20. Iggy80424 says:

    I have installed the BCMV3SP.exe file.  However when I try to sync my Business Contacts on my new Palm Treo 750 running the latest version of Windows Mobile 6, I get a message saying not compatible with this phone yet.  If I look in the Active Sync Menu under Options Settings on my PC running XP sp2 and Outlook 2007 SP1 I see Business Contacts under the Windows PC directory but it does not have the check box option next to it to check and have the system sync.

    Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

  21. Brule says:

    The latest workaround for the business contacts not syncing to the Pocket PC was in April.  Has there been any further progress or is duplicating those business contacts into Contacts with only phone numbers still the only solution?  Also, I have Vista Business and a Sprint Mogul and when selecting the sync settings for Business Contacts in the Mobile Device Center, it crashes MDC.  Is there a solution for that yet?

  22. says:

    I am running the pocket pc version. Everytime I load the windows mobile device centre under Vista and click on sync settings the program freezes. Is there a workaround for this??

  23. klee2041 says:

    On my Pocket PC, I am running really low on the main storage memory.  Is there a way to store the Business Contact Manager information onto my external Mini SD Card on my Pocket PC???

  24. boabola says:

    What is meant by "subset of history items". Specifcally, can communcation histories like business notes be added on the smartphone and then uploaded (sync ?) to to the PC version.


  25. Jerry Blake says:

    Hi Klee2041,

    Can you please look at the above link for an answer?


  26. kdock says:

    I’ve got a PocketPC with Mobile 5.0 and installed the BCM Mobile. I’ve suddenly had a lot of mysterious problems with my Plantronics bluetooth headset that I didn’t have before.  It has spontaneously turned off or the connection. ??? And when I try to turn it back on, it hangs.  I’ve had to reset my MDA (latest available patches) five or six times over the last two days.  When it comes back on it’s fine — until some time after I synch.  Then I know it’s going south because my headset beeps in my ear.  Not good!

    The only thing I’ve done is install BCM mobile, so I’m quite suspicious of it.  Anyone else had this issue?

  27. videorick says:

    I have a Sprint Mogul PPC and have recently downloaded the MS BCMV3PPC software for my phone.  When I receive a call from a contact that is only in the BCM folder, the phone only displays the incoming phone number and not the contact information associated with that number.  However when I receive a call from someone who is just in my outlook contacts, all of their information is displayed so I know who it is that is calling me.  Is there any way to get the full contact information displayed when I receive a call from someone that is in the BCM folder.

  28. Vanrealtor says:

    I have recently purchased an HP iPAQ 910, great phone by the way.  However the screen is small so the touch screen feature is sometimes difficult to us.

    The phone has both a scroll wheel and a 5 way nav button.  However, in BCM contact record these features are disabled and I can only use the scroll bar.  As the screen is on the smaller side it makes it difficult to use those scroll bars.  Is there something I am doing wrong that the wheell and 5 way nav do not work?  Are these not support yet?

  29. wigital says:

    BCM Mobile crashes WMDC on Vista 64bit when using Windows Mobile 6.1 and attempting to set Sync Settings for BCM "History"

    I concur 100% with niklasg who wrote:

    <blockquote>I’ve installed BCM for Pocket PC on vista but and it works as long as do do not hit the sync settings in Mobile Device Center 6.1. Then Mobile Device Center hangs, menaimng that link doesnt work….</blockquote>

    The very same computer I’m using "worked well" with a WinMo 5.1 device. There were no problems at all with Sync Settings for BCM (including History).

    However, using BCM Mobile with WinMo 6.1 crashes WMDC whenever access is attempted to the Sync Settings link for BCM.

    – – – boo hoo – – – (I sell the combo of BCM and MOA) to clients… no my mobile demo crashes the app – – -boo hoo – – –

    Hope you folks can patch. Thanks.

  30. wigital says:


    re: post above

    I’ve tried everything to assure a clean install BTW.

    *Removed original Sync Partnership with older device

    *Uninstalled BCM on the PC

    *Uninstalled BCM on the WinMo 6.1 device

    *Completely uninstalled Windows Mobile Device Center

    ** I even did a hard reset on the WinMo device (Samsung i760 with WinMo 6.1)

    After re-installing everything on the PC and using a completely clean mobile device…. end game was the same result

    WMDC crashes when BCM Sync Settings accessed using Vista 64 bit OS in partnership with Windows Mobile 6.1 device.

    Hope this clarifies the environment, thanks.

  31. bcmteam says:


    Do you have 32 or 64 bit WMDC on your machine?



  32. nicrs says:

    When will I be able to enter history items into BCM directly on my WM6.1 PPC?? I am on the verge of buying a Palm phone and using ACT! Mobile because I’m realizing how useful this could be for me.

    Seems like Microsoft should be able to do this!!!

  33. bcmteam says:


    We have received this feature request from other customer as well. As of now we are definately considering it for our future release.

    -Vinit [MSFT]

  34. bcmteam says:


    We have received this feature request from other customers as well. As of now we are definately considering it for our future release.

    -Vinit [MSFT]

  35. bcmteam says:


    We have received this feature request from other customers as well. As of now we are definately considering it for our future release.

    -Vinit [MSFT]

  36. wigital says:

    are comments disabled this morning ? I’m unable to post ?

    Vinit, you can email me directly at

    wigital [at] msn (dot) com

  37. wigital says:


    thanks for the reply

    From WMDC Help | About Windows Mobile Device Center

    Version: 6.1.6965

    Product ID: 75436-565-4924126-04720

    Quick Details

    File Name: drvupdate – amd64 . exe

    Version: 6.1.6965

    Date Published: 8/20/2007

    Language: English

    Download Size: 12.5 MB

    Which installed 2 programs

    From Control Panel | Programs and Features

    Windows Mobile Device Center  27.4MB

    Windows Mobile Device Center  Driver Update 44.3MB

    = = = = =

    BTW: if 64bit WMDC update is now available, would not the WMDC team update the 32bit installer to prompt user if on 64bit machine???

    = = = = =

    As a reminder (see earlier comment): the BCM Mobile app functioned fine with Samsung i730 (WinMo 5.1) including the BCM Mobile Sync Settings. It was my purchase of a Samsung i760 (WinMo 6.1) which was the single identifying change, the result of which was the BCM Mobile component locking up (crashing) WMDC when BCM Sync Settings were called. The specific circumstance is “exactly” the same as niklag wrote in his earlier comment above. The call to BCM Mobile (Sync Settings) from WMDC brings down the WMDC app. In my case, I’m suggesting it’s "when the Partnership is with the WinMo 6.1 device". All worked fine when the Partnership from this very same computer was with a Samsung i730 running WinMo 5.1.

    Thanks Vinit,


  38. bcmteam says:

    Hi Mark

    For now i would recommend you to uninstall WMDC 6.1 and install WMDC 6.0 from


    Vinit [MSFT]

  39. rpiket says:

    I have been syncing my BCM database with Business Contacts on my Ipaq 110 with WM 6. I added another database to BCM and it seems that Business Contacts on my Ipaq synced the data from both databases and I ended up with all the data merged together in BCM. I was able to restore a backup of my database, but is there any way to have more than one databse in BCM and sync only one database to Business Contacts?

  40. bcmteam says:


    BCM on your Pocket Pc would sync with which ever database you currently have running on your desktop. I would recommend you to only connect your PPC with the database you want to sync. You can definately have mulpitle databases on the desktop and connect only the required database with your ppc.


    Vinit [MSFT]

  41. rpiket says:

    Thanks for the quick response, and on a weekend! Is the database that is "running" the last one that I opened up? Because I don’t use or open the database every day, so I’m trying to understand how the PPC decides which to sync with.


  42. bcmteam says:


    So when you have your Outlook running with BCM on the desktop, you are attached to a BCM DB on desktop. When you connect your PPC to the desktop, BCM PPC application will try to sycn with the database currently attached to your Outlook profile on the desktop. So my recommendation is to not connect your PPC if you do not want to sync it.

    I hope i answered your question here.


    Vinit [MSFT]

  43. SimonMakoni says:

    I am having problems trying to sync business contacts with my new HTC Touch Pro. The mobile has WM 6.1 and the PC has Vista. Firstly I installed Business Contact Manager for Smartphone, but when I attached my phone it said that the device was not supported. I then installed Business Contact Manager for Pocket PC (which is intended for WM 5.0 devices). Using this I managed to get BCM up and running on the mobile as well as syncing with the PC. However, the display on the mobile is messed up and I frequently recieve error messages when trying to use BCM. Is there a version of BCM available that works with WM 6.1?

  44. wigital says:

    Hi Vinit [MSFT]

    I finally got around to trying the 32bit installer of WMDC on my 64bit machine… (to remind you, this is in reference to BCM Mobile Sync Settings crashing WMDC 64bit).

    Short story with the 32bit installer on my MacBook Pro is this ERROR MESSAGE:

    <blockqoute>This installation package is not supported by this processor type. Cntact your product vendor.</blockquote>

    The MacBook is "WinTel" so I can only assume 32bit WMDC does not install on 64bit processor.

    I guess I’ll go without "History" items on the mobile device. Look forward to your next release.


  45. rpiket says:


    In your reply to me above, you said  "BCM PPC application will try to sycn with the database currently attached to your Outlook profile on the desktop"

    but how do I know which db is "attached"??

  46. bcmteam says:


    You can go to Business Contact Manger Menu Item on the desktop,selet Database tool | Manage database.The dialog will show you the name of database your profile is associated with.

    I hope this helps


    Vinit [MSFT]

  47. rpiket says:

    Thanks. That helps. I even figured out how to change the associated database for a profile.

    Apparently I cannot associate or use more than one database with a single profile, correct?


  48. bcmteam says:

    Hi Roberta

    Your Mobile device will try to sycn with the database currently running on your desktop. So, i would not recommend you to do that and keep your Mobile Device associated with just one profile/database.


    Vinit [MSFT]

  49. rpiket says:

    Okay, I’ve got it now. If I want to run a second database I should do so in a different mail profile so my PDA doesn’t mix them up.



  50. bsharp says:

    I have 64-Bit Vista brand-new machine, Motorola Q, and Windows Mobile 6.1.

    It won’t synch my BCM contacts to the phone. Even though in Windows Mobile Device Center there is an icon for Business Contacts (Mobile Device Settings, Change Content Synch Settings), but I can’t check the box to have it synch. So it’s like it knows it’s there, but won’t let me synch it.

    Motorola tech support tells me to just copy my BCM contacts over to my Outlook contacts. I’d rather keep those two databases separate, one for personal, one for business contacts.

    Is there another solution?

  51. bcmteam says:


    I believe you have Windows Device center 6.1 on your machine.Can you uninstall Windows Mobile device center from your add/remove programs and then install from


    let me know if this helps

    -Vinit [MSFT]

  52. wigital says:

    Writing a follow up to some earlier posts I made here regarding BCMv3PPC crashed WMDC in Windows Vista 64bit with (either WMDC 6.1 or WMDC 6.0).

    My personal experiences have verified the following data. The following components used together achieve functionality of all features in BCMv3PPC (including Sync Settings):

    *Windows Vista 32bit

    *Windows Mobile Device Center "6.0" 32bit

    *Windows Mobile 6.1


    I tried Windows Vista 64bit extensively with all versions of WMDC and Windows Mobile 6.1 (it failed under all combinations). It seems WMDC 6.0 works well with BCMv3PPC on 32bit machines (including the "Sync Settings" which enable choices on "History"). However, the best that can hoped for on 64bit machines is a sync of BCM contact data using WMDC 6.0.

    Be certain not to select the "Sync Settings" link in WMDC (either version) on 64bit machines as it will "crash the WMDC app". Also, do not load WMDC 6.1 on Vista 32bit either and click the "Sync Settings" link in WMDC "6.1" as this also crashes WMDC even on 32bit machines.

    I have found that if BCMv3PPC is really important to your production environment, use Vista 32bit and WMDC 6.0 until the next version of BCM-4-PPC is out.

  53. jaramirez30 says:

    I just bought a laptop that is running Vista 64, and Outlook 2007 with Business Contact Manager.  Everything was up and running rather well.  I also recently bought an at&t HTC Fuze running windows 6.1  When I sync’d my phone up to the WMDC, I was able to get my Business Contacts on my phone, but I wasn’t able to sync them.  Now the Business Contact program is on my phone sans the contacts, and when I go into my Business Contact Manager on my computer, all my contacts are changed, and my business contacts are no longer linked to my accounts.  How can I fix this so my contacts are once again linked to my accouts.  It appears that the format of my Business Contact Manager is changed and I would like for it to go back to the way it was.  How do I do this?

  54. demux says:

    is it possible to search the BCM on my mobile device (SPV E650) as scrolling down over 3000 entries isn’t much fun?


  55. Mariofb says:

    Is it possible to import Act! 10 data to BCM 2007 ?

    If not, when do you anticipate this availability ?

    Is there a beta version of the converter from Act!10 that can be tried out ?

  56. LDumigan says:

    I am running WM6.1 on an HTC Touch with Outlook2007 w/ BCM. Everything was hunky-doory until I unstalled the BCMV3PPC.exe. I loaded fine. I gave me instructions to uncradle the device and recradle it and then hit "OK". I did that and the sync arrows have been spinning for a bout 10 minutes with "Attention Required" next to the BCM line and the One Note Line in the synch window. I double-clicked on the BCM line and for the past 20 minutes it’s I’ve been looking at a grey box that says "opening settings"

    I’m at a loss.  Help.

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