BCM demos are live on Office Online

We are pleased to announce that Business Contact Manager for Outlook demos are posted on the Office Online site. Here is a list of the demos:

Use Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2007 shows how to complete the Business Contact form and provides an introduction to BCM features.

 Customize Business Contact forms demonstrates how to customize BCM forms with user-defined fields and edited lists.

 Tour the Business Contact Manager Home page provides an overview of the Home page and how to add and remove content on the Home page.

 Create a Marketing Campaign shows users how to complete the Marketing Campaign form.

 Turn Opportunities into Realities shows users how to create an opportunity from a business contact form.

 Analyze your Business with Business Contact Manager Reports provides an overview of the different groups of reports, how to modify the report and include customized fields in the report.

 Share your Business Data shows users how to share a BCM database.

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  1. markjohnston says:

    I posted this on the email makreting thread but no response yet in several days:

    Hi all

    After creating a doc in Word, then pasting as HTML into Outlook and selecting recipients,is it possible to have a field in the body of the email auto-populated with the FIRST NAME of every business contact selected as a recipient i.e.  "Dear <business contact first name here>"

    This level of personalization is needed for a company newsletter. Please advise

    Thank you

  2. Jerry Blake says:

    You can send personalized Outlook HTML e-mail using Word e-mail merge.

    To do this, create a Marketing Campaign.  Select your recipients, then choose "Word E-mail Merge" as the Delivery method.  Browse to an existing Word document or create one as described in the posting linked below:


    Clicking the "Launch" button will take you to the Word mail merge wizard.  The last step of the wizard will prompt you to select an e-mail subject and format.  If you select HTML, Word will generate a separate Outlook HTML e-mail message for each of your recipients.

  3. lcloss says:

    Hi guys,

    I´m looking for a tool to create business docs into BCM. Something like this: create a general doc like visit.docx, and everytime one employee goes out to a client, it can open it, fill the form and have it created direct into the Project. How can I do it?


  4. Mike Rose says:

    I need to create fields with financial formulas to be shown on the General Page of an opportunity. For example Amt Financed, Interrest rate, Payment etc etc.

    I realize  that I can create a custom form with these fields and formulas, but how would I deploy or publish it as the General page?

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