Database Deployment Whitepaper revised.

We have revised BCM database deployment whitepaper to fix some typo in SQL commands and edit the contents for RTM build. This document is available here.

A quick update on database tool. Product team has finished the work and it's in deployment pipe. It could be out on site any day. We will add the link on this blog once the deployment is complete.


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  1. Lucifer79 says:

    Hi all

    Please take the survey below:

    Should the Microsoft BCM Team Test & Support BCM without SQL Server installed on the client machine?


  2. btwelve says:

    Would it be possible to have the database installed both remotely and on the client machine (with synchronization)?

    I have a laptop and a desktop, and would like to have BCM synchronized between them.  I would rather use a remote database then open up the desktop to the internet.

    The laptop would need a local database in addition to the remote one, for use when disconnected from the network.

    I guess what I’d really love is BCM integrated with Exchange Server.

    Thanks for this blog, I’ve found some great ideas and macros here.

  3. Lucifer79 says:

    That is how it works… it installed a local copy of the database server and the database.


  4. rcoving1 says:

    Would it be to just turn off the SQL services and tell BCM not to use the offline database?

    How would this react. What we are concerned with is having an outside person (sales, etc). having a copy of our database on his local computer. Is there a way to secure this so that if he left the company he woudl not have access to all our custmers and their info.

    If the user could VPN and connect to the server database that would the way to go on this then no matter what happen once his login was disabled he would no longer have access to the informtion.

    Comments please. I cannot be the only one asking these questions.

  5. aaronhofmann says:

    The link for the white paper does not seem to work. Is there a revised link for the revised white paper?

  6. Jerry Blake says:


    Please use the Database admin tool since it automates the whole process. The tool can be downloaded from


    Vinit [MSFT]

  7. spmcd says:

    1.) Repeated that the white paper link does now work.

    2.) Is it true that the Database Admin Tool only works with English versions of BCM?  Where can I find it in Spanish?


  8. bcmteam says:


    1)Try this link

    2) Yes DB Admin tool works only on english version of BCM.


    Vinit [MSFT]

  9. spmcd says:

    Thank you for the link Vinit.

    I really find it amazing that the DB Admin Tool does not support any languge but English. Why sell the product in non-English speaking countries if it is not planned to sopport it properly?  

    It is probable that this will stop us from implementing the product in our enterprise.

  10. spmcd says:

    Ok, I have finished reading the whitepaper.  My understanding is that the whitepaper is the steps which are automated by the DB Admin Tool, so it is not necessary to use the DB Admin Tool with a language other than English.


  11. Chase says:

    Can I please have a valid link to the whitepaper?

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