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I have added information on 2003 to 2007 upgrade issues and database creation issues.


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  1. IntelliStructures says:

    BCM is the best thing to happen to my CRM efforts in my business so far, but I’m not seeing any discussion on programmatic access to the BCM database. I would to access User Defined fields in the BCM forms but I’m a little confused trying to navigate the SQL Server DB. Is there documentation on the database schema available so I can find my user data and add it to Windows Forms apps?


  2. Jerry Blake says:

    BCM is built on Outlook platform. You can Outlook Object Model to access Business Contact Manager data. With Outlook OM, you can pretty much access all the data for all BCM items and perform CRUD (Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete) operations. BCM team published a developer guide that should provide you the information you need. You can find it at

  3. Jerry Blake says:

    If you want to programmatically access BCM data using SQL, BCM database has two public views. We recommend using these views to access BCM data. The developer guide has a chapter on how to do it.

  4. Greig says:

    We use Exchange 2003 and BCM 2007, with Outlook 2007, XP Pro SP2.

    For one user, and it has just started happening, they click on there

    calendar and Outlook displays nothing and goes into a hung state.  You cannot

    click on anything in the Outllok screen.  All other apps functiona s normal.  

    CPU goes to about 40-60% from 0, and Network utilisation goes to 12-20% also

    from nothing.  We have to kill OUtlook from the Taskmanager.  Initially i

    though possible calendar corruption, so I created a new profile with only

    Exchange, and it is fine.  as soon as we introduce BCM into the profile it

    freezes the calendar in Outlook 2007.  

    Latest Office Updates are loaded.  we are using a central BCM database on

    our main exchange server, and everyone else is fine with similar setups.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  5. Jerry Blake says:

    Hi Greig,

    Can you try BCM on a profile which is not exchange configured?


  6. chadhiatt says:

    I’ve been trying to track down a solution to a particular problem with BCM on Outlook 2007 for months, now; it appears fairly widespread and common, but so far, no solutions or comments (that I’ve found) from the BCM team.

    Frequently (and especially during online-offline transitions of BCM) BCM will render an Outlook reminder for EVERY account and contact in BCM.  I’ve seen this occur with BCM databases that have only two accounts, and I’ve seen it occur with databases that have 8,000 accounts + contacts.  It doesn’t happen with every online-offline transition, and I haven’t been able to pin it down on manual versus automatic online-offline transitions, or whether it also sometimes occurs with offline-online transitions.

    I’m doing most of my testing with Outlook 2007 SP1 with BCM SP1 against Exchange 2003 SP2.  The BCM MSSmallBusiness database I’m using most frequently is running on SQL 2005 and is linked to Office Accounting 2007, though I’ve seen this problem occur without that link as well.

    Is there any BCM team acknowledgment of this issue, or is there any additional information I can provide to help isolate and troubleshoot it to work towards a resolution?


    — Chad

  7. joellead says:

    I would thibnk this would be a simple probelem, but I cannot get Outlook with Business Manager Contacts to allow me to use the address book at all. Every box to check and file to open does not allow access. any ideas?

  8. bcmteam says:


    Can you please explain your problem in a more detailed way? Where are you trying to check boxes and open files from?


    Vinit [MSFT]

  9. Harry Hagan says:

    We recently upgraded our BCM and I have lost an important feature. In my opportunities, I like to go to "Follow up, then Custom, then due date, and then I add a "Reminder". When a reminder became due, it would always pop up in my Reminders window. Now the only thing showing in my reminders window are items entered into calendar which are due. Do you know how I can get my opportunities reminders to show up in my Reminders Window?

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