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  1. DonW says:

    I have a copy of Office Enterprise 2007 and downloaded the Small Biz trial in order to get a copy of BCM 2007.  There is nothing that I have been able to do to get it to run.  I always end up with the same message "Business Contact Manager failed to initialize the Common Language Runtime.  The system cannot file the file specified."

    Some of the things I’ve tried include

    *Uninstalling .Net 2.0

    *Uninstalling all of the Enterprise version

    *Installing only the entire Small Biz trial

    *Deleting the above-mentioned registry entry

    After fooling around with it for about 7 hours in various combinations, I’m about out of ideas.  I used BCM extensively in Office 2003, and was very disappointed to find out it wasn’t in the Enterprise version.

    My environment is Windows XP sp2.

    Any help is appreciated.

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