Happy Holidays

Happy holidays from BCM team. Many people in the team are on vacation so we are unable to reply to the post for the next two weeks. I will try to respond to the remaining posts before I take off for the Christmas. Enjoy the holidays!  -Mukesh


Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2007 SP1 is Live

We are pleased to announce that Service Pack 1 for BCM is live. This update significantly improves the stability, adds support for ACT! 8 and ACT! 9 migration and fixes several issues reported by our customers. Here is a high-level list of what is included in this service pack: Several fixes to crashes and hangs…


Business Contact Manager Product Update

It’s been a while since I posted here. I just wanted to give some update on upcoming service pack. For the last several months team has been busy troubleshooting and fixing the issues in BCM 2007 reported by you. In parallel to this, we have been working on developing exiciting new features for our next…


Restoring a BCM database from SQL .mdf and .ldf files (Windows Vista or XP)

If you need to restore a BCM database from the .mdf and .ldf SQL database files, you can use the following script to attach the SQL database. Be sure to install the latest version of BCM and all service packs before running this script, since BCM will not connect to databases that were created using newer…


Restoring an Automatic SQL Backup

In my previous post, I explained how to schedule tasks to automatically back up your BCM database using SQL scripts.  Hopefully you will never need to restore one of those backups.  But just in case, below is the script to help you do that in Vista or XP.  Copy the text below into Notepad and…


Automate BCM Database Backups

Backing up your business data on a regular basis is critical.  Below are instructions to help you schedule regular automatic SQL backups on Windows Vista and XP (scroll down to see the instructions for Windows XP). It is recommended that you create your backup folder on a secondary hard drive such as an external USB hard drive. …


Automatically Create Leads from Web Forms

Prospective customers often visit a company’s web site before doing business.  Most web sites display product and service details.  From the web site, visitors can request additional product information, explain a custom need, or report an issue.  When the user submits a request, the web server can generate an e-mail message to the sales representative with the sender’s name…


First Half of Year 2007

Well, the time flies fast. We are almost in the second half of year 2007. We just wanted to take this opportunity to reflect back on what BCM product team has achieved since 2007 release. After we released BCM for Outlook 2007, we wanted to address direct customer needs by doing some smaller releases. Our customers…


Business Contact Manager for Smartphone Released

We are happy to announce the public availablity of Business Contact Manager for Smartphone. This add-in allows you to synchronize your business contacts and a subset of your communication history to your Windows Mobile 5 or Windows Mobile 6 Smartphone device. This add-in works with Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 with Business Contact Manager. It is…