More on Zip in .NET [Richard Lee]

First, I’d like to thank everybody for their comments on the Zip APIs. It’s great to know that I’m working on something that a lot of people will hopefully find useful. I’ll try to address the themes that came up in the comments. Streams A lot of the comments mentioned support for streams. The API…


Working with Zip Files in .NET [Richard Lee]

Before getting started, I’ll introduce myself. My name is Richard Lee, and I’m a developer intern on the BCL for the summer. I’ve only been here for a few weeks, but it’s been great working here. The people, the environment, and my project are all great. Speaking of which, my project is to add general…


System.IO.Compression Capabilities [Kim Hamilton]

We often get asked about the capabilities of the .NET compression classes in System.IO.Compression. I’d like to clarify what they currently support and mention some partial workarounds for formats that aren’t supported. The .NET compression libraries support at the core only one type of compression format, which is Deflate. The Deflate format is specified by…


Adding Zip capabilities to .NET [Kit George]

Recently, John Cronin enquired whether we could consider adding the capability to be able to compress or decompress files. John, we’re actively considering adding compression stream capabilities into .NET in an upcoming release, so keep your eye out for a beta product in the near future, which will include these capabilities!