Hardening Server Applications [Immo]

From time to time a company ships a product that has a huge impact on their ecosystem. A good example for us is certainly .NET. The biggest value proposition that managed code has is that it is, well, managed code. The CLR provides runtime management components such as a garbage collector or reflection that are…


Announcing Portable Library Tools CTP [Justin Van Patten]

Today we’re announcing the CTP release of a new add-in for Visual Studio 2010 that makes it easy to create C# and Visual Basic libraries that run on a variety of .NET platforms without recompilation. Download the Portable Library Tools CTP today (install VS 2010 SP1 Beta first). Creating Portable Libraries The Portable Library Tools…


BCL CodePlex Site Launch

Today the BCL Team is launching a CodePlex site to host samples, previews, and prototypes.  You can find it at http://bcl.codeplex.com. This is a site for the BCL Team to get features to customers to try out without requiring a Beta or CTP of the .NET Framework.  Our goal is to put generally useful functionality…


What’s New in the BCL in .NET 4 Beta 2 [Justin Van Patten]

Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4 Beta 2 are now available to download.  .NET 4 Beta 2 contains several new BCL features and enhancements in addition to what was included in .NET 4 Beta 1.  Many of these improvements were added in large part due to specific feedback and suggestions reported by customers through…


Free LiveMeeting with the CLR Team on CLR 4 [Justin Van Patten]

Join the CLR team for a free interactive LiveMeeting session / conference call on What’s New in CLR 4 on Friday, July 17, 2009.  We’ll specifically be covering Garbage Collection, NGEN, and Performance. Here are the details: Date: Friday, July 17Time: 10:00AM-11:00AM PST LiveMeeting: https://www.livemeeting.com/cc/0000000379_103/join?id=76P755&role=attend&pw=p%2C%2Fzk2K%7CM Conf call: Toll Free: 866-500-6738 Toll: 203-480-8000 Participant code: #198585


What’s New in Globalization in .NET 4 Beta 1 [Melitta Andersen]

In Justin’s recent post outlining What’s New in the BCL in .NET 4 Beta 1, there were only a few lines about the globalization updates.  That’s because Mohamed Elgazzar was working on a more extensive document which provides details about the extent of the changes and additions to that space.  I’m happy to say that…


What’s New in the BCL in .NET 4 Beta 1 [Justin Van Patten]

Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4 Beta 1 are available for download.  .NET 4 Beta 1 contains new functionality and improvements throughout the framework.  In this post I’ll discuss the changes specific to the BCL. Many of the features listed below were previously announced when we released the .NET Framework 4 CTP back in November…


CLR Team Blog Now Live [Justin Van Patten]

If you like this blog, you’ll want to check out and subscribe to the new CLR Team Blog that just launched last week.  The new blog will serve as one consolidated site to find information on all aspects of the CLR, brought to you by CLR team members.  It will aggregate posts from lots of…


What’s New in the BCL in .NET 4.0 CTP [Justin Van Patten]

The Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4.0 CTP is available for download as of last week.  The CTP contains new functionality throughout the .NET Framework, including several new BCL features and improvements: Code ContractsSystem.Diagnostics.Contracts provides a language-agnostic way to express coding assumptions in .NET programs.  The contracts take the form of pre-conditions, post-conditions, and…