Potential additions to the Math class [Katy King]

In preparation for the next version of the product, we’ve collected suggestions for additions to the Math class and related classes.  To give you an idea of the kinds of things people ask us for, here are a list of some of the requests we’ve received.  We’re curious to know which of  these (if any)…


Writing a Useful Windows Service in .NET in Five Minutes [Dave Fetterman]

When opening up a new project in Visual Studio, one finds many, many options for deploying your new killer app: Windows Applications, Console Applications, and Web Services are all popular choices.  Even when creating a simple daemon-type process, however, the Windows Service option is likely overlooked, because it interacts with the system in what many perceive to…


Fixing bugs with compatibility in mind – an IO experience [Lakshan Fernando]

The current focus on the team is bug-fixing, but every so often we get a bug that may cause compatibility issues if we fix it. I thought I would share one such recent scenario where, because the gain doesn’t seem significant enough, we’re currently choosing to stick with the V1.1 behavior. Note that For Beta2,…


The SLAR on System.Convert [Brad Abrams]

It is been a while sense I posted in the series sharing some of the information in the .NET Framework Standard Library Annotated Reference Vol 1.  Given today is BCL blog day, I thought I would kick it off by adding a couple of annotations from the System.Convert class.  Enjoy!   Brad Abrams: Early in…


How to Work Around Problems Serializing DateTime in XML [Anthony Moore]

I wrote a while ago about problems with the way DateTime worked with features like DataSet, XML Serialization (WebServices) and XmlConvert. Basically, DateTime is always treated as a local time by these XML-based systems, which means that you get incorrect results if you use UTC or whole dates with them. What makes this worse is…


ResourceManager Video Presentation [Brian Grunkemeyer]

Ahmed & I did a video presentation on System.Resources and how to use the ResourceManager for loading localized strings (and images, etc) in a globalized application.  If you’re new to using the ResourceManager, this should be a good high-level overview of why and how to use the ResourceManager, what satellite assemblies are, and we included…


Extra! Extra! Generics CLS-compliant in Whidbey! [Peter Drayton]

As you may have already heard, the November CTP of Visual Studio 2005 Standard Edition was posted for MSDN subscribers earlier this month. CTPs are unsupported, pre-release software – and also a great way to get an early look at what’s coming down the pike in the next full beta (Beta 2 in this case)….


KeyValuePair vs. DictionaryEntry [Krzysztof Cwalina]

We discussed a problem with implementation of IEnumerable on Dictionary<K,V>. What type should IEnumerable.GetEnumerator().Current return? KeyValuePair<K,V> or DictionaryEntry? Same for ICollection.CopyTo. Instances of what type should be copied to the array? We decided the following: IEnumerable and ICollection interface implementations will use KeyValuePair<K,V> as the item type. IDictionary specific members (GetEnumerator returning IDictionaryEnumerator) will use…


Notes from a design meeting [Kit George]

All, we’re going to start publishing topics from our design meeting notes. Feel free to send general feedback on the item,or to me directly (kitg@microsoft.com). Here’s a kick off on Collections: TrimToSize on collections. The basic issue here was whether always trimming on collections was the best thing to do. Right now, if you call…


New BCL features in Beta1

[Ahmed AbouTaleb] Here is a list of all the new BCL features that shipped in Visual studio 2005 Beta1 Regular Expressions We added the ability to use character class subtraction to regular expressions. The specification is publicly available here.   Compression Support We have added the ability to compress, and decompress streams using the standard GZip and…