Added some new technical articles [Kit George]

I added references to some MSDN TV episodes, by BCL team members. This is some great reference content, on Breaking Changes, and the IDiposable pattern!


Article and FAQs Added [Anthony Moore]

I added an article I wrote a while ago about the Turkish I issue: I also started some FAQs for DateTime and the numeric types. These are short right now, but we expect these to be updated over time.

A question about the Hash algorithm in Hashtable [Kit George]

A question was raised regarding the hash algorithm used in Hashtable by Frank Hileman: “Any chance that the Hashtable will be changed from the xor/mod prime oldskool type to something modern like this:” Frank, its unlikely. We may certainly explore the opportunity for a new collection which supports an alternate algorithm, but changing the…


Questions about collection support in the BCL [Kit George]

The following question was raised by Ilya Ryzhenkov, via the BCL web page: “[I] just found myself in [the] situation when I need ICollection with Add, Remove, Contains but no indexed access like insert, this[], and IndexOf. Actually, this what probably best suites to name “List”. So, are you going to add more collection kinds…


Regarding ACLS: Feature Request [Kit George]

A query was raised regarding ACLs support on the BCL webpage, by Anders Heick: “I would love to see ACL manipulation available in your next release. Primarily support for file ACLs but it would also be nice if you supported ACLs on registry keys, AD objects, etc. What are the plans for this feature?” Anders,…

Some new Demos and Slides available [Kit George]

I have posted some additional Whidbey demos on the BCL Website in the BCL Demos Folder. I have also posted my slide-deck from PDC, which includes some notes, so even if you were at PDC, this slide deck might be more useful. Comments/questions, and feedback is more than welcome via the BCL questions page.

Kick Off the Blog with a TryParse sample!

Well, I though I would kick off the BCL blog with a sample of TryParse. TryParse methods have been added to all the base datatypes in Whidbey (previously, TryParse was only available on the Double type). The TryParse demo is available on the new BCL website. The demo allows you to compare the speed of…