This page is about the System.Collections.Immutable package. Our first release announcement can be found here.

Release Notes

System.Collections.Immutable 1.1.36

  • First stable release of version 1.1
  • ImmutableArray<T>'s explicit implementation of ICollection.SyncRoot changed to throw NotSupportedException instead of returning new boxed instance on every call.

System.Collections.Immutable 1.1.34-rc

  • ImmutableArray.MoveToImmutable API added to avoid copying in known size scenario
  • ImmutableArray.Update API added to support an arbitrary interlocked transformation
  • [Breaking change] ImmutableArray.Create<T, TDerived> replaced by ImmutableArray<T>.CastUp and ImmutableArray<T>.CastArray
  • [Breaking change] ImmutableArray<T>.Builder.EnsureCapacity replaced with ImmutableArray<T>.Builder.Capacity property
  • [Breaking change] ImmutableArray<T>.ReverseContents renamed to ImutableArray<T>.Reverse
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

System.Collections.Immutable 1.1.33-beta

  • Several performance optimizations
  • Thread-safety fix to ImmutableArray
  • [Breaking change] Removal of ImmutableArrayInterop
  • Allow null comparer arguments
  • Doc comment updates
  • Fix DebuggerTypeProxy issue on Windows Store apps
  • Fix AVL tree balancing issues
  • Add ImmutableArrayExtensions.SelectMany
  • Add indexed to ImmutableSortedSet<T>.Builder
  • Throw ArgumentOutOfRangeException instead of OverflowException for negative capacity passed to ImmutableArray.CreateBuilder

System.Collections.Immutable 1.1.32-beta

  • Renamed the package from Microsoft.Bcl.Immutable to System.Collections.Immutable
    • You can upgrade the existing package. It will automatically add System.Collections.Immutable and open a readme file explaining that you should now remove the reference to Microsoft.Bcl.Immutable
  • Note that the name of the .DLL is unchanged

Microsoft.Bcl.Immutable 1.1.22-beta

  • Added support for Windows Phone 8.1

Microsoft.Bcl.Immutable 1.1.20-beta

  • Re-included ImmutableArray<T>

Microsoft.Bcl.Immutable 1.0.34

  • Added support for Windows Phone 8.1

Microsoft.Bcl.Immutable 1.0.30

  • Announcement
  • Updated license to remove Windows-only restriction

Microsoft.Bcl.Immutable 1.0.27

Microsoft.Bcl.Immutable 1.0.23-rc

Microsoft.Bcl.Immutable 1.0.12-beta

Microsoft.Bcl.Immutable 1.0.8-beta

Microsoft.Bcl.Immutable 1.0.5-beta

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