What’s New in Globalization in .NET 4 Beta 1 [Melitta Andersen]

In Justin’s recent post outlining What’s New in the BCL in .NET 4 Beta 1, there were only a few lines about the globalization updates.  That’s because Mohamed Elgazzar was working on a more extensive document which provides details about the extent of the changes and additions to that space.  I’m happy to say that the document is now live.  Please check it out here: Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (Beta 1): What is New in Globalization

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  2. Jorge Muds says:


    "When running on pre-Windows 7 […] the globalization information will be retrieved from an internal data store".

    But in left image, there is no table with culture information, like image in right side. Why? How .NET retrieves results to maintain compatibility?

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