CLR Team Blog Now Live [Justin Van Patten]

If you like this blog, you’ll want to check out and subscribe to the new CLR Team Blog that just launched last week.  The new blog will serve as one consolidated site to find information on all aspects of the CLR, brought to you by CLR team members.  It will aggregate posts from lots of existing CLR team member and feature team blogs.  Since the BCL team is a part of the larger CLR team, when we post something on the BCL Team Blog we’ll also include a link to the post on the CLR Team Blog, or cross-post in some cases.  Other CLR bloggers and features teams will do the same.  The new blog will have its own original content too!  Aarthi Ramamurthy’s introductory blog post describes in more detail what the new blog is all about.  Check it out, subscribe, and stay tuned for upcoming posts!

Comments (3)

  1. Andrew Webb says:

    I can add a comment on here quite easily… as you see.

    But I can’t add a comment to the CLR Team Blog without signing in.  So I tried to sign in with my usual, longstanding Microsoft credentials (which you now call ‘Windows Live Id’, I believe), but this didn’t work.  I might have made a typo… but I don’t think so.

    The CLR Team Blog’s sign-on screen could be a lot more helpful in saying what ids it accepts.  If it doesn’t accept Windows Live Id, then it should.

    Better yet, make it such that I can add a comment as easily as on here, the BCL Team Blog.  There’s no reason for the two blogs to behave differently.


  2. CLRTeam says:

    Hello Andrew,

     I’m sorry that you couldn’t add a comment on the CLR Team Blog. I think I just fixed the issue you are facing, so feel free to try again. Thanks for pointing this to us.


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