Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Beta 2 is Now Available [Inbar Gazit]

In case you have not heard, we recently released the latest pre-release version of the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 (previously code named “Orcas”). You are encouraged to download and try it, available here:

There are no new features in this version as far as the BCL is concerned but there are several important bug fixes that made it into this version.

If you want to download Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2, here are the links:

Note that in all the above cases you would have to burn the downloaded .iso image to a DVD before you can install it so make sure you have a DVD burner available.

Coming soon to a PC near you... Final RTM version of .NET Framework 3.5.

Comments (11)

  1. Keeron says:

    Are you guys going to release the .NET 3.5 runtime/sdk when Orcas/VS 2008 ships or the framework comes out earlier?

    Not sure if VS 2005 + .NET 3.5 is supported, but that would be cool if devs can start using it (RTM version) earlier than early next year when Orcas is out.

  2. Does it include System.Numeric (big integers support)?

  3. Bordaware says:

    >Does it include System.Numeric (big integers support)?

    No, unfortunately not yet.

    I think because of the poor performance, compared to Java.

    System.Numeric is very interesting.

    Please guys, don’t let this performance.

  4. Vijay Santhanam says:

    Are you suggesting the framework will be released before other VS 2008 products?

    If so, that would be great!

  5. Inbar Gazit says:

    To clarify:

    The Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 would be released at the same time as Visual Studio 2008 and it will not include System.Numeric.BigInteger.

  6. Bordaware says:

    I am very upset because System.Numeric.BigInteger will not be included in Visual Studio 2008. Why did you put it in the Orcas-Pre-Release ? What’s the problem ?

  7. > it will not include System.Numeric.BigInteger


    Could you give us an idea of the plans concerning System.Numeric.BigInteger?  I was looking forward to its inclusion in .Net.

  8. Bordaware says:

    Ok, I have got your point of view.

    Most people don’t need and don’t care about System.Numeric.BigInteger, so there is no interest in put it to the framework. May be it requires a big effort and it is a new subject, so it doesn’t worth the effort.

    Anyway I think that showing a great new feature – at least in my opinion – in the preview, and than remove it in the final version, is not so consistent and convenient. (I let alone the gossipmongers).

    Plans concerning System.Numeric.BigInteger?  

    If I were you, I would be glad that C# could be used also in the Mathematic and Scientific world.

    Having the possibility to use C# to do Factorial, Prime Factorization, Cryptography (RSA) is amazing to me.

    Anyway, i can understand if you miss or regret this feature. It could means you won’t enter in these beautiful worlds: math and science.

    Others are doing these with JAVA.

    I want to do it with C#!

    Please, think about it 2 times before deprive the joy of doing it to some people.

  9. Arjan Keene says:

    No BigInteger, no BigDecimal, neither any additions to the System.Math namespace in 3.5.

    No incentive whatsoever for the scientific community to use C#. Major bummer. More so considering that a BigInteger class is present in J# since conception (java.math namespace).

    Well, it’s back to CodeProject then.

    … please reconsider …

  10. This has been the subject of several recent feedback e-mails we’ve received. Moreover, a few recent correspondents

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