Hello from an intern [Marek Olszewski]

I just thought I would say hi to the outside world.  I’m an SDE intern here in the BCL working on two new features for all to enjoy: Pipe Streams and Memory Mapped Files (that’s right, I do more than just get people coffee [;)] ).  The plan is to release the two as standalone samples.  We will also consider adding them to our next release.  If I have time, I may also look at some of the compression concerns that people have been having with our Deflate compression algorithms (I finish in 3 weeks). 

Let this be an invitation to voice your thoughts, opinions, and/or questions regarding these three areas.   Hopefully, I will get an email to which I can respond to via a [more interesting] blog.


Comments (4)

  1. Anonymous says:

    It would be fantastic to finally have MMF support in .NET. You’re saying that Microsoft is considering them for the new release. Which new release are you considering (.NET 2.1, .NET 3.0, Enterprise Library…) or is that too early to tell?

    Last year, I’ve posted a small article on CodeProject about using Memory Mapped Files in VB.NET (just wanted to see if it was possible in VB). One of the things that I noticed then was that the MMF implementation of the Enterprise Library and the System.Threading.Mutex class don’t work if you want to share data between two applications that run using different credentials. This is however absolutely vital if Microsoft decides to provide this as a feature. Otherwise, it makes the entire MMF implementation useless if you want to use it from within ASP.NET.

  2. BCL Team says:

    Which version of the framework are you running? In 2.0, we added support for setting your own security policy with the MutexSecurity type. This should allow you to create a Mutex that can be accessed by everyone. If this is in fact what you are trying and it is still not working, send me a repro and I can look into it.


  3. Anonymous says:

    I originally designed this code against v1.1, but I’m using it now on v2.0 so I am going to delete my own Mutex-class and replace it with this new implementation. Thx for the info. I’ve been working with 2.0 for almost a year now, and I had never noticed this new class. Will you be creating a similar security-class for Memory Mapped Files?

  4. BCL Team says:

    Currently, the plan is to use the existing FileSecurity type (added in 2.0) for this purpose; however, this is not set in stone, we may decide to create a MemoryMappedFileSecurity type down the road. If you have any thoughts on this, let us know.


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