Looking for any and all apps building on V2.0, and using Console.ReadKey/Console.KeyAvailable [Kit George]

All, with the upcoming release of V2.0, we're really interested to see who's using what features: in production code, in demos, in code you've written for fun, whatever it is!

I'm specifically looking for feedback on the Console.ReadKey() and Console.KeyAvailable APIs available in V2.0. If you've got ANY code which uses either, or both of these APIs, could you drop me a message, and if you're comfortable, a small snippet show-casing and example of why/how you're using these APIs. Send any/all such responses to kitg@microsoft.com.

If you're curious: we're simply assessing the current usage patterns of these APIs and how many folks are out there using them, so send in your feedback: thanks!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This Friday marks the end of my first week here as a program manager on the BCL team, and the areas which…

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