How to get .NET Framework Design Guidelines Updates [Krzysztof Cwalina]

The .NET Framework Design Guidelines on MSDN are getting updated but not that frequently. Many people have asked us to publish updates more often. I have been posting such updates here for some time now. Yesterday, I added new guidelines for throwing exceptions. Happy reading.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The problem with only posting to your blog is that it’s not seen as official. I recently performed a review of our C# standards (the feedback I gave is forwarded to our standards body) and I got some push back when I listed blog entries (such as as justification for changes I was recommending. The push back was in the form "blogs only represent opinion".

    I want to strongly encourage publishing of official guidance in places which leave no question such guidance is indeed official.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Actually, an RSS feed for design guidelines would be handy.

  3. Was bringen einem eigentlich Design-Guidlines, also Richtlinien für das Programmieren, Schreiben und

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