New MSIL & Subset CodeDom Provider samples [Peter Drayton]

There's a fair bit written about using CodeDom, but samples showing how to implement your own provider have been quite thin on the ground. Fortunately Eden Li, a CLR intern this summer, produced a couple of useful CodeDom provider samples now live on the MSDN BCL site:

  • MSIL provider: consumes 1.1-level CodeDom trees and generates textual IL - useful as a relatively complete language-neutral example for folk implementing CodeDom providers targeting other languages.
  • Subset provider: consumes 1.1-level CodeDom trees and generates annotated C# source indicating where the tree uses features outside the bounds of the CodeDom Subset (i.e. the set of features all providers must support) - useful when generating CodeDom trees to confirm they should be consumable by all CodeDom providers, regardless of target language.
Comments (2)

  1. Anonymous says:

    The code for IL CodeDOM Provider doesn’t compile AS IS. DO you know which bits it is supposed to be compiled against? The download seems like its missing some pieces too, please see my latest post:

  2. Anonymous says:

    More interesting finds this weekend

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