Extra! Extra! Generics CLS-compliant in Whidbey! [Peter Drayton]

As you may have already heard, the November CTP of Visual Studio 2005 Standard Edition was posted for MSDN subscribers earlier this month. CTPs are unsupported, pre-release software – and also a great way to get an early look at what’s coming down the pike in the next full beta (Beta 2 in this case)….


DateTime Parsing and Formatting with Time Zones [Anthony Moore]

Here is a new DateTim FAQ entry. What is the relationship between DateTime parsing and formatting and the time zone? Before reading below, see this entry for a more practical description of how to using formatting and parsing for the purposes of storing dates and times, which is where you are most likely to have…


A short note about Buffer.BlockCopy [Gang Peng]

Buffer.BlockCopy has following signature: public static void BlockCopy(Array src,  int srcOffset,  Array dst,  int dstOffset,  int count);   It copies count bytes from src, beginning at srcOffset, to dst, beginning at dstOffset. srcOffset is the byte offset into src and dstOffset is the byte offset into dst.   Buffer.BlockCopy only supports array of primitive types…


Get More information about Processes [Gang Peng]

System.Diagnostics.Process class provides APIs to get lots of information about Process, but it doesn’t expose a few capabilities. For example, you can’t get information about the session id or the owner of a process. We will be exploring additional functionality after the Whidbey release. In the meantime, http://msdn.microsoft.com/msdnmag/issues/02/06/debug/default.aspx is a good article about how to…


System.Collections.ArrayList performance analysis

ArrayList is one of the most commonly used data structure. However there is little information about ArrayList performance characteristics on MSDN. The document on MSDN does mention asymptotic complexity of some methods on ArrayList class, but it doesn’t talk about how ArrayList is implemented internally. In this document, I will describe the cost of using…


Managed Service Timeout during startup [Gang Peng]

It is not an easy job to write a windows service in unmanaged. There are many guidelines you need to follow to make the service work. Programming Server-Side Applications for Microsoft Windows 2000 is good reference to learn how to write a windows service.   It is much easier to writing a service in managed code using…


New MSIL & Subset CodeDom Provider samples [Peter Drayton]

There’s a fair bit written about using CodeDom, but samples showing how to implement your own provider have been quite thin on the ground. Fortunately Eden Li, a CLR intern this summer, produced a couple of useful CodeDom provider samples now live on the MSDN BCL site: MSIL provider: consumes 1.1-level CodeDom trees and generates…


Issues with Console APIs when stdout is redirected to a file [Ravi Krishnaswamy]

When you redirect stdout of your consoleapp to a file, you can expect that a number of Console APIs won’t work quite right. For ex, MoveBufferArea is an obvious candidate of something that can’t be supported. In this situation you will get an IOException saying that the handle is invalid or something like that. We…