Adding Zip capabilities to .NET [Kit George]

Recently, John Cronin enquired whether we could consider adding the capability to be able to compress or decompress files. John, we’re actively considering adding compression stream capabilities into .NET in an upcoming release, so keep your eye out for a beta product in the near future, which will include these capabilities!


A query about providing more managed solutions [Kit George]

In a post to the BCL Website question page, nfactorial inquired if there is a timeline by which the BCL (and the .NET Framework in general) intends to have full support for unmanaged APIs? Nfactorial, we plan ot continue to expand the framework to have more and more managed solutions, and Longhorn will have a…

Adding a generic version of ArrayList [Kit George]

Recently, Olivier Le Pichon queried whether we were considering adding a generic version of ArrayList to the BCL. The answer simply is ‘yes we are!’. If you can get yourself a hold of the PDC bits for Whidbey, then you can check out the System.Collections.Generic.List class, and associated collections also.

A customer question on Thread.Name

A query was raised by Ilya Ryzhenkov on Thread.Name: “What’s the reason of Thread.Name property be write-once?” Ilya, the response I got was from Chris Brumme, an architect on the CLR team. Chris points out that if you care about the name of your thread, it’s worthless unless it’s stable. In which case, the creator…


Managed Resource Viewer (ResView) [Brian Grunkemeyer]

If you’ve ever wanted to look at managed localizable resources, grab a copy of ResView from the BCL team demos page, or at this site ResView will allow you to look at the resources in a main assembly, a satellite assembly, a .resources file, or a ResX file. This is useful for tracking down…

A question about StringEndsWith [Kit George]

The following question was asked by Ilya Ryzhenkov: “Why would String.EndsWith(char c) be internal?” Ilya, this is something we would consider expanding to make public in future versions, its just that the incremental value of this particular API at this point is not that high. It is on the board for consideration in the future,…

Regarding a request for an IBindingObject Class [Kit George]

The following feature request was made by Ilya Ryzhenkov: “There is IBindingList in ComponentModel, which allows collections provide notifications about their changes. I’d opt for IBindingObject as well, which probably has single PropertyChanged event, but this allows collection presentations to hook into items changes or those who implement IBindingList work same way with IBindingObject’s to…

Add better BigEndian support via BitConverter

The following suggestion was made by Keith Hill, via the BCL Web Site: “We have to deal with binary files that are in a standard format which is big endian. It would have been nice to use the BitConverter and/or BinaryReader/Writer classes but they are fixed to support only little endian. Could you consider updating…


Regarding a suggestion about splitting the Exception hierarchy

Keith Hill made this suggestion via the BCL Web Page: “Consider the new exception System.RuntimeException derives from System.SystemException. I would put the following exceptions under System.RuntimeException: IndexOutOfRangeException, NullReferenceException, StackOverflowException, OutOfMemoryException, ExecutionEngineException, etc. The basic idea is clearly distinguish between exceptions the CLR throws and exceptions the BCL/FCL or any other 3rd party class library can…


Added some new technical articles [Kit George]

I added references to some MSDN TV episodes, by BCL team members. This is some great reference content, on Breaking Changes, and the IDiposable pattern!