SqlServerWriter missing when VSSadmin list writers command is run

In this blog, I will discuss about what to do when : 1. we run Vssadmin list writers command and sqlserverwriter is missing and  2. Also, there is no error message in Application event logs and 3. Also, SQLserver VSS writer service is running Here are the steps you need to follow to resolve such…


Troubleshoot high CPU issue without using profile traces

  The scope of these issues is very wide but I would discuss about the approach which I follow to resolve these issues. I have resolved more than 50% of the cases by using this approach without even looking at profiler traces. I hope this will help you troubleshooting issues in your environment. It’s specific…


In SQL server, How to see the standby file path when we restore the database in standby mode:

  I was answering to the questions on Social.msdn.microsoft.com forum site, Someone posted the question :  How to see the standby file path when we restore the database in standby mode:  I checked lots of DMVs e.g. msdb..restorefile, msdb..restorehistory etc. but couldn’t find any place to get the standby file name. I Spent around 1-2 hours…


Perfmon counters missing for newly added database in sql server 2005

Hello Everyone! Recently I was working on a scenario in which we were not able to see any perfmon counters for newly added database. Evertytime we had to rebuild all the perfmon counters for sql server to get the perfmon counters of new database. It was just a workaround but we wanted to have a permanent resolution….