Microsoft to ship & support jQuery

A fresh announcement from ScottGu today, that Microsoft will be shipping jQuery (the light weight javascript library) in the long term with Visual Studio as well as shipping it in the short term with the next versions of Microsoft MVC. Microsoft also is going to develop new controls on top of jQuery, not only…


I’m a PC, Do you have a problem with that?

I am a PC guy, I always was, for me PC gives more freedom, you can do whatever you like, build the craziest machine you think it is good for you, and you will never be over priced, with PC you are always in control, if you want to add more capacity, just go and…


Live Mesh, Synchronizing Life

Windows Live has some great products, and you are already using bunch of them, Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Hotmail, Windows Live Writer, Windows Live Photo Gallery, Windows Live Mail … etc, but the newest and the most interesting one is Windows Live Mesh. Windows Live Mesh is simply one of those products that after…


Hello World

Hey, this is my first blog post for my new blogs 🙂 I will copy some of my old blog posts that I personally like to this new blog, so you will find it being updated every now and then, keep in touch 😉


My longest two weeks ever

Hey, It’s been a while since my last blog post, I was somehow busy getting married, moving to another country, dealing with tons of paper work, however finally I had a weekend, and I am back to blogging, I have a lot to say, and I think it will be interesting enough for you to…