I’m a PC, Do you have a problem with that?

I am a PC guy, I always was, for me PC gives more freedom, you can do whatever you like, build the craziest machine you think it is good for you, and you will never be over priced, with PC you are always in control, if you want to add more capacity, just go and buy a new hard drive, if you need more gaming capabilities upgrade your display adapter, more memory, get a new memory stick, as simple as this, you can make your machine evolves easily with your needs, if you want your pc to become a business machine you can, a gaming platform you can, a parent machine you can, you can find a pc from $100 to thousands of dollars depending on your needs, and for sure you can have fun building your own, I built a lot for me and my friends and it is always fun.

I'm PC, are you?

If you don’t like to build a pc, and prefer to buy it from a vendor, you still have a lot of choices, Dell, Toshiba, IBM, HP, Sony, Lenovo, … you name it, and every vendor has a great number of choices for you to choose from, and here are some of my favorite desktop & notebooks

First check out these fancy All-in-one PC’s from Dell,Hp and Sony

Dell - XPS One E4500 All-in-One

HP - TouchSmart All-In-One Desktop

Sony – All-in-one Desktop

VAIO JS Series Desktop PC

And check these amazing notebooks

Sony Vaio FW Series

Dell XPS M1530

HP HDX Series

Toshiba Satellite A300

And this is not the whole thing, these are just samples of the choices you have with a PC.

I’m a PC, are you?

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  1. digiprof says:

    Yeah I’m a PC user to. I would get so frustrated every time I see software that’s not compatible for Macs. As you mentioned a PC has the most software and accesories that’s availiable.

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