Bill Gates, Looking Back, Moving Ahead

Billg moving ahead

 I know you are not waiting for me to know that last Full Time day for Bell Gates was yesterday, however I couldn't help it to write about this great journey that inspired everybody.

Bill Gates was always the perfect geek, and will always be, he is an inspiration for everybody, inside Microsoft, or outside, even his competitors can't deny his influence on them and how he could give the right vision and direction for the company in the last 3 decades.

 I will try to give you some goodies about Bill Gates, that I personally like

Bill Gates Harvard Speech (Believe me this one is funny 🙂 )

Bill Gates Looking Back, Moving Ahead

Bill Gates in MacWorld in 1997 (The funniest part when Microsoft was planning to help Apple in Java)

Comments (3)

  1. Neo_4583 says:

    Peace be upon you

    it is really very nice, the videos are amazing,

    There is movie called "Pirates of silicon valley", the movie talks about the start up of the legendary Microsoft and Apple.

    History is amazing, I hope that some day Arabian youth have such spirit

    Thanks Mohamed for the nice post

    By the way, Apple Address is 1 Infinite loop 😀

  2. Hey man, I have watched Pirates of Silicon valley, the movie is nice, however it is a little bit harsh on Microsoft, but at the end life is not fair 🙂

  3. Mohammed Alaa says:

    Actually i wanna know more news about you ya BMS, we miss you so much my friend…

    looking forward to see more news about you and your experience in Microsoft 🙂

    Mohammed Alaa

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