Another Availability Story

In our recently updated case study –, we write about our great experiences with Windows Azure deployments and how confident we are in our ability to deploy updates quickly with no impact to our customers.  Since our services are powering parts of and are receiving millions of requests per day, any downtime is highly…


Windows Azure Case Study

We just published an updated case study at: Using Windows Azure to Build and Expand Social Media Capabilities The Social eXperience Platform (SXP), which is powered by Windows Azure® and SQL Azure®, has been providing with social media features for over eighteen months. The Windows Azure platform has enabled SXP to grow…


Cloud Elasticity – A Real-World Example

Windows Azure is the cloud-based development platform that lets you build and run applications in the cloud, launch them in minutes instead of months and code in multiple languages or technologies including .NET, PHP, and Java.  One of the promises of Windows Azure and cloud computing in general is elasticity.  The ability to quickly and…


One Million Requests Today!

Today, April 11, SXP delivered 1,004,367 requests in a 24 hour period.  Our first Million Request Day!!! When we launched SXP just under a year ago, we had just under 25K requests per day.  Less than a year later, our peak load has grown by 40X.  Measured on an hourly basis, our peak load has grown 67X….


SXP – One year later

One year ago this month we launched our first Windows Azure platform-based web service, the Social eXperience Platform (SXP). The Windows Azure Platform had just launched, so we were entering uncharted territory. Looking back over the last 12 months, it has been a great experience and the Windows Azure platform has allowed us to realize…


SXP Video

Abe Ray and I filmed a video late last year and it released recently as part of the Cloud series on Microsoft IT Showcase –  Our video is here: We talk about the real-world lessons learned from running a high-volume web service on Windows Azure as part of