Q1 SXP Availability

We implemented the Social eXperience Platform on Windows Azure and SQL Azure in April.  We just published our Q1 (fiscal year begins July 1) availability numbers and I think they show how amazing the Azure platform is. Our application is a stateless, RESTful web service that is used by several Microsoft.com web properties.  In designing the service, we…


Azure Case Study

We recently published a Windows Azure / SQL Azure case study on Microsoft IT Showcase.  This is based on the work we have done on the Social eXperience Platform. Case study is here: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff973966.aspx  


SQL Azure Connection Retry Update

Based on several e-mail conversations, I’ve updated the retry code slightly and made a couple of improvements.  The code in the original post is updated and it’s also included in this post for RSS purposes.  We haven’t deployed this version to production yet, so I don’t have any real-world results to report. ChangesThe first change…


SQL Azure Connection Retry

This is a summary of a relatively long thread from the Microsoft internal SQL Azure discussion alias.  I basically stole some ideas and put them together in an implementation that works well for our solution. Our solutionAs I mentioned in my previous post, we released the Social eXperience Platform (SXP) in April of this year. …


We’re Live in the Cloud

I’ve been really busy this year working on the team that shipped version 1 of the Social eXperience Platform (SXP).  SXP (previously known as Project Austin) is a multi-tenant web service that enables social media capabilities across microsoft.com.  SXP v1 delivers comments and ratings services and our first customer is the Showcase site on microsoft.com.  We’re working…


Architecture Certification

The International Association of Software Architects (IASA) recently launched the Certified IT Architect (CITA) certification and training programs.  I have worked with many of the leaders of IASA for years and am very impressed with the training and certification program they are putting together. Microsoft has worked with IASA to establish a process for converting…