Now available: Device Emulator 2.0 Community Tech. Preview

The DeviceEmulator 2.0 Community Tech. Preview just went live, at

V2 has:

  • Much improved performance

  • DEComInterfaces.idl - the COM interface to the emulator, along with sample code showing how to use DMA to communicate between a Windows app and an app or driver running inside the emulator.  This is the DeviceEmulator's equivalent of the "Building DMA Drivers for the Windows CE.NET Emulator" article at

  • An eXDI driver for Windows CE Platform Builder 5.0, giving you a hardware debugger interface to the emulator.

  • TabletPC ink input support

  • Countless bug fixes

The V2 CTP installs side-by-side with the V1 CTP and Visual Studio 2005 emulators, and is backward-compatible with V1.  If you wish to use the V2 CTP from Visual Studio, the readme.rtf file explains how to do that.  The same process can be done to revert back to the original DeviceEmulator if you run into a blocking problem with the V2 CTP.


Barry (and the DeviceEmulator team)


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Новая версия эмулятора мобильных устройств. Краткое резюме изменений…

  2. apitman says:

    I talked with you at MEDC2006.

    I am excited that the new device emulator has such a high resolution touch screen. I am also think that providing support for TabletPC high resolution translated into the emulator.

    One of the projects I am working on involves Input Panel (used to be SIP) stuff. As you probably know there are a lot of devices out there that have really low resolution input from their touch screen. Since we need to support those I would like to have some kind of switch or registry settings that can turn off Tablet PC input without having to munge up the Tablet PC ink dll as you recommended. It would also be a bonus if you could actually set the resolution that you wanted to more closely emulate many of the devices that are out there.

    Thanks for all the great work. Emulator V2 looks awesome!!!!

  3. Barry Bond says:

    Thanks for the input about wanting to disable ink input, and to dial the input resolution up and down, to match actual devices.  I’ll add that to our feature-request list.

  4. Mike Dimmick says:

    It appears that you must use the register.bat batch file or Start Menu ‘Register Device Emulator’ entry to actually enable any of the new features. It would be helpful if you could clarify this. That is, if you simply install the package and use the Start Menu link to the new version of DvcEmuManager.exe, the old 1.0 components are still invoked (presumably this executable loads the other components via COM and they have the same GUIDs).

    The readme mentions using the new version of the emulator with VS2005, but does not make it clear that this step is required regardless of whether VS2005 is even installed.

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