Calendar Item Aggregates with Exchange Web Services (EWS) Managed API 2.2

I love group calendars, who does not? Yet when you think about it, you would need to have dedicated calendars for specific purpose and I would imagine a nightmare afterwards to track. So, what about getting around this and instead asking people to create blockers on their calendars with specific subject format, type, or even…


Starting Windows Phone Development: Lesson 2 of n – Access to Application Isolated Local Storage

I hope you will find this lesson more interesting as most developers think about phone storage available on devices for their applications and how they can utilize it. Each application will have its own isolated local storage. It is independent from the other applications and OS files and can be only accessed by your application….


Building the Metro Flash Cards App

Flash Cards are an awesome way for learning a new language, so I went on and wrote my own simple Metro Flash Cards. It’s not complete but just exactly what I needed. The source code is available on CodePlex here. I might consider adding support for pictures and audio later. It should be fairly easy Windows…


An Alternative Archives Web Part to Solve the Pre-dated Posts Provisioning in the OOTB Blog Site Archives Web Part

The OOB SharePoint 2010 site templates are very useful in different scenarios. The guys at Microsoft were very generous to spare some time and build a site template for blogs. After provisioning the site, I was so happy with it! but then stumbled on the fact that the Archives Web Part did not generate links…


Metro Style Toggle for Windows 8 Developer Preview

UPDATE – Classic Start Menu was removed completely from Windows 8 Consumer Preview. This application will not work any more. Download link was removed. I have been running Windows 8 Developer Preview for a while now. Since my laptop does not support touch, I am using the new Metro style Start menu with Mouse and…