An Alternative Archives Web Part to Solve the Pre-dated Posts Provisioning in the OOTB Blog Site Archives Web Part

The OOB SharePoint 2010 site templates are very useful in different scenarios. The guys at Microsoft were very generous to spare some time and build a site template for blogs. After provisioning the site, I was so happy with it! but then stumbled on the fact that the Archives Web Part did not generate links…


Using SharePoint 2010 Management Shell to Create Web Applications and Site Collections

Power Shell is one outstanding tool for managing and configuring SharePoint 2010 without using the web GUI. A good use of Power Shell is creating CMDLets to automate the process of provisioning sites and site collections. In today’s walkthrough we will create a new web application and a site collection using Power Shell without accessing…


SharePoint Lists Conditional Formatting using SharePoint Designer 2010

I was asked on different occasions if SharePoint supports conditional formatting on Lists. The answer was yes It can be done using SharePoint Designer. Back in SharePoint 2007 (MOSS) we had to convert the List View Web Part to a XSL Data View to be able to set up conditional formatting. Gladly in SharePoint 2010…


OWSTimer EndPoint Exception Errors After SP 2010 SP1 Installation?

I started getting the OWSTimer exception errors after installing SharePoint Server 2010 Service Pack 1. Exception An unhandled exception (‘System.ServiceModel.EndpointNotFoundException’) occurred in OWSTIMER.EXE [6116]. Solution To resolve the exception, you need to start the Forefront Identity Manager service: Launch the Services Management Console from the Start menu under Administrative Tools. Look for the Forefront Identity…


Building Arabic SharePoint Site Collections

Back in previous versions of SharePoint (e.g. 2003 release) we had to have a full installation of SharePoint for a specific language, one language per installation, which meant that if we install an Arabic version of SharePoint on a specific server then we can only create Arabic sites on that installation, if we need another…


Playing with SharePoint Custom Lists Using SPList Class (SharePoint Object Model)

As a developer you can access SharePoint content using either Microsoft.SharePoint.dll (SharePoint Object Model) or web services. In this post I will be discussing the access using the object model and in the next coming posts I will explain it using web services and JavaScript as well. Let’s elaborate together more about a Site Collection…


Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007 (MOSS) Data Protection & Recovery Explained

Before diving into SharePoint data protection and recovery practices, let’s elaborate a little bit about the levels of data recovery. Logically we have 4 levels of data recovery: Content LevelContent stands for uploaded files, lists and web parts. This level is the most common and happens when users delete or update content then want to…


Using XML HTTP Request in JavaScript to parse any Text, HTML or XML files on a remote location over HTTP (MOSS Example)

We all met the "View Source" functionality in browsers. You just right click the page, and click on "View Source"; Notepad (most probably) will launch up and display the page markup. If you are using a server side technology like ASP.NET, you will only get the HTML markup that renders the page in the browser….


Configure SharePoint to Import the Entire Forest to your SSP Profile Store

By default SharePoint imports the users from the current domain (domain which the SharePoint server is joined to). But if you work for a big corporate you might need to create more domains in your forest. Most practices will answer that with an Extranet, I would answer with: Import the entire forest Extranet’s are excellent…