Configure Event Viewer for BizTalk Server Errors

It can be sometimes a drag to scroll over the Event Viewer looking for specific events, it gets even worse if you have a busy server with lots of applications running and being accessed through remote desktop! Surprised smile Yeah I know the feeling exactly..!

Step Action

Launch the BizTalk Server Administration console from the Start menu.


Right click Custom Views under Event Viewer and select Create Custom View.


Use the Filter tab to select the BizTalk Server and XLANG/S from Event Sources dropdown when filtering By Source. According to this MSDN article we should consider the XLANG Scheduler as an events source too. Its up to you to add as much related sources to your deployment.

In case Event Sources dropdown fails to render items, which happened to me couple of times when using Event Viewer with BizTalk Administration in the same console Confused smile. Either launch the Event Viewer from Administrative Tools or simply click on the XML tab and place a check on Edit query manually. You can use XPath to write the filter. If you are interested in writing XPath quries to filter events, this article will be an excellent starting point: Advanced XML filtering in the Windows Event Viewer.

Please note that you can either use XPath in the XML tab to write your filter or the GUI in the Filter tab. You can't edit your filter using both tabs.




Fill the name of the new custom view. I chose BizTalk Server.


and you’re finished Smile

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