Configure Event Viewer for BizTalk Server Errors

It can be sometimes a drag to scroll over the Event Viewer looking for specific events, it gets even worse if you have a busy server with lots of applications running and being accessed through remote desktop! Yeah I know the feeling exactly..! Step Action 1 Launch the BizTalk Server Administration console from the Start…

Is IE10 crashing your proxy services?

Well it might if you are using a bad proxy script   Let’s assume that you use some sort of browser detection script, IE10’s Agent String might cause your script to act weird and may crash. However, if you block IE10 at the proxy and force the client to run IE10 in IE7 compatibility mode…


Building the Metro Flash Cards App

Flash Cards are an awesome way for learning a new language, so I went on and wrote my own simple Metro Flash Cards. It’s not complete but just exactly what I needed. The source code is available on CodePlex here. I might consider adding support for pictures and audio later. It should be fairly easy Windows…


Cross-Boundary Collaboration Training

One of the best training workshops I ever attended This project may look easy to you but we tackled this like a real project and the exercise was super amazing..!  


An Alternative Archives Web Part to Solve the Pre-dated Posts Provisioning in the OOTB Blog Site Archives Web Part

The OOB SharePoint 2010 site templates are very useful in different scenarios. The guys at Microsoft were very generous to spare some time and build a site template for blogs. After provisioning the site, I was so happy with it! but then stumbled on the fact that the Archives Web Part did not generate links…