Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007 (MOSS) Data Protection & Recovery Explained

Before diving into SharePoint data protection and recovery practices, let’s elaborate a little bit about the levels of data recovery. Logically we have 4 levels of data recovery: Content LevelContent stands for uploaded files, lists and web parts. This level is the most common and happens when users delete or update content then want to…


Using XML HTTP Request in JavaScript to parse any Text, HTML or XML files on a remote location over HTTP (MOSS Example)

We all met the "View Source" functionality in browsers. You just right click the page, and click on "View Source"; Notepad (most probably) will launch up and display the page markup. If you are using a server side technology like ASP.NET, you will only get the HTML markup that renders the page in the browser….


Configure SharePoint to Import the Entire Forest to your SSP Profile Store

By default SharePoint imports the users from the current domain (domain which the SharePoint server is joined to). But if you work for a big corporate you might need to create more domains in your forest. Most practices will answer that with an Extranet, I would answer with: Import the entire forest Extranet’s are excellent…


SharePoint Training for End Users – Part 3

Calendars Navigation We can navigate through the calendar by days, weeks, months, and years. You can use the calendar for appointments, milestones, etc.. To open an existing event on the calendar, just click on it. Managing Items Adding New Items To add a new event to your calendar, click on the New menu and click…


SharePoint Training for End Users – Part 2

Back to you with the second part of the training. In this part I will be covering document libraries. It took me a while to just try and simplify things as much as possible from an IT perspective, or as one of my colleges used to say: "Take of the technical cap and wear the…


SharePoint Training for End Users – Part 1

One of my responsibilities is delivering SharePoint training for customers. They just need to know what they are planning to use, no more or less! You can’t blame them for the fact that everyone is trying to outperform, yields they’re totally swamped with work 🙂 I love this culture, every IT person does, after all…


Defining Volatile Function Cache Lifetime in Excel Web Services

Sometimes you might need to configure the cache lifetime of the calculated values to days, hours, or to be handled during the session. This really depends on how frequent your users update the data. Some of my users change the data weekly and some they want the data to be recalculated every time to view…


Enable Windows SharePoint Services Usage Logging

To enable usage logging we have to go over 3 sections: Enable usage logging for the farm. Launch the Central Administration site and click on "Operations". Inside "Operations" click "Usage analysis processing" under "Logging and Reporting" section. In the "Logging Settings" make sure to check "Enable logging" and specify the path of the log file….


Rendering Excel Sheets with Excel Web Services and Excel Web Access

Went through this in work, just thought I would share it 🙂 Let’s start by creating our Excel sheet. Nothing fancy, couple lf KPIs pull me back on track. Looks like I’m doing well with the games part! hehehe Now after creating the Excel sheet, we need to upload it. Let’s create a Document Library…


Conflict Between HTTP IIS Custom Errors and IE 7 Friendly Error Messages

There are times when you need to use your own custom error messages not the default IIS ones. In my case, I wanted to use it for redirection, assume that you want to tell IIS that if it gets a request like,, or to redirect to At first when I thought…