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Calendar Item Aggregates with Exchange Web Services (EWS) Managed API 2.2

I love group calendars, who does not? Yet when you think about it, you would need to have dedicated calendars for specific purpose and I would imagine a nightmare afterwards to track. So, what about getting around this and instead asking people to create blockers on their calendars with specific subject format, type, or even…


Starting Windows Phone Development: Lesson 2 of n – Access to Application Isolated Local Storage

I hope you will find this lesson more interesting as most developers think about phone storage available on devices for their applications and how they can utilize it. Each application will have its own isolated local storage. It is independent from the other applications and OS files and can be only accessed by your application….


Configure Event Viewer for BizTalk Server Errors

It can be sometimes a drag to scroll over the Event Viewer looking for specific events, it gets even worse if you have a busy server with lots of applications running and being accessed through remote desktop! Yeah I know the feeling exactly..! Step Action 1 Launch the BizTalk Server Administration console from the Start…