Under the hood with live debugging

The team i belong to (Portugal Adcs) has a blog called Deviations (http://blogs.msdn.com/deviations) and from time to time i will post some stuff over there (when that happens i will put a link here). My latest post there was about live debugging using Windbg and you can check it out at http://blogs.msdn.com/deviations/archive/2009/03/18/under-the-hood-with-live-debugging.aspx Have fun Bruno


WCF: Getting MessageSecurityException while calling webservice

Time flies and it looked like it was yesterday that i wrote my last post. Last couple of months have been very busy, so blogging was put on hold but everytime i got a case that i believe i should talk about it, i kept it. So expect a burst on posts. Yesterday, I and…


Process Explorer to the rescue

Monday was a day to forget. I arrived at the office around 8:30 am, started my machine (like always), inserted my credentials, the desktop shows up and suddenly it gets unresponsive. First thing I do is CTRL+ALT+DEL, start Task Manager and it also gets hanged. The only commands that were responsive was log off and…


Tools @ Opening huge log files

Part of my work is looking at huge log files and this can sometimes be a big pain to open in any text editor. I was talking with a coworker about this, and he showed EditPad Lite, a free text editor (for non-commercial use, you also have the non-free version) and I was very impressed…


Debug Jscript with Internet Explorer 8

My team has started a blog. Since we all have different skills, it will be more generalist and there you can get information on MOSS, Biztalk, Troubleshooting, Dev, Silverlight and other stuff. Every time I post there I will put here a link to the post (I will talk mostly about troubleshooting). My first post…


Production Troubleshooting Flowchart

Usually (probably always I hope) when troubleshooting production environments we don´t have Visual Studio or other “nice looking” tools to help us finding problems. But we have one of my favorite tools: Windbg. The first time someone showed me Windbg and all the stuff around production debugging like memory dump, … I was a little…


Windbg: Using .shell to search text

To me one of the most useful commands when using windbg is .shell. According to Debugging Tools For Windows documentation “The .shell command launches a shell process and redirects its output to the debugger, or to a specified file.” So, why would I find that interesting and useful in my day to day work to…



From time to time i get some memory dumps related to classic ASP. Last month I got some and the symptom was slow performance or event total hang with all requests just sitting around. Typically when i´m looking at a classic ASP memory dump I like to use the extension that comes with DebugDiag called…


Windbg: Get image loaded in memory

I´m starting a new section called Tips with the goal of showing commands that are very useful when doing memory dump analysis. The first one is on how to get a image loaded into memory to file. When i´m looking at a managed memory dump almost always there is the need to look inside the…


SQL Server High CPU caused by trace filter

Consider the scenario where you take several memory dumps from SQL Server because you are getting very high CPU without apparent reason. After looking at this memory dumps you notice that almost every thread has a call stack similar to the one below then you might be facing the issue described at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/953496  (FIX: CPU…