International Software Testing Conference 2009

Last week, I had a chance to attend the 9th Annual International Testing Conference in Bangalore. Visual Studio 2010 had a booth to present the Demos and Videos on the ALM solutions provided by Microsoft in Visual Studio 2010.

It was pretty eclectic group with people from different countries involved in different levels of testing : From Test Consultants like Michael Holden to Manual testers, who were keen is getting the knowledge share about the new testing solutions in the market

Day-1 started with the keynote from Michel Holden about Exploratory Testing and the importance in sapience in testing. His insights about How testing cant be automated completely without involving sapience and analogy of How Testing and leadership requires same set of skills was an eye-opener. The keynote was followed by a interesting talk on Model-based testing by Bruno Legeard, CTO and Co-Founder, Smartesting.

Many testers were surprised to see Microsoft among the players in Testing solutions. One of the attendees had an interesting quote ”Why Microsoft is doing testing tools ? Go and develop software!“. Tanuj Vohra, Partner Director PM in Visual Studio gave a quick round of the presentation about the rich feature set in VS 2010, which made many think about the value props and the ease with which testing can be done.

We had a pretty busy booth with attendees in the following buckets.

1. Test Consultants

2. Test Managers

3. Senior Executives

4. Testers

One of the main value props that impressed many people was the Application Lifecycle Integration that breaks the walls prevailing in today’s software business. Testers seldom knew the requirement changes, Business analysts fail to understand the quality of their user stories, and of course developers are in their own world fixing bugs that is not linked to any requirements or test plan. Visual Studio 2010 in integration with Team Foundation Server 2010 addresses all these issues by providing integration between Developers and Testers, Business analysts and Developers and so on.

Testers who attended the conference were pretty much impressed with the feature set we are shipping as part of V1. There were many questions related to Migration of assets from existing tools to TFS 2010. We also received quite a bunch of requests from different organisations to have a POC / Demo in their premises for assessing the value wrt their projects.

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